Let’s meet some of California’s Synthetik residents, Part II

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Sdtrk: ‘Река’ by Утро

I take it you lot have read the first part of the narrative? Gooooood!

8.30am found our crowd consuming another hearty breakfast at Foxy’s, but this time, Amber Hawk Swanson joined our table! She basically filled in everyone who hadn’t gotten a chance to follow up with what she’s been up to since Amber Doll’s demise and subsequent transformation, as well as ask some of us present as to how our Synthetik partners are, and what we’ve been up to. (Not me; she already knows what I’ve been up to.)
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How about the New Yorker next?

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As I type this up, I can imagine regular readers of this godforsaken blog — all nine of you — seeing the title of this post, indignantly flinging their mug of coffee through the nearest window, and bellowing at their computer screen, ‘Oi Davecat! This isn’t “Let’s meet some of California’s Synthetik residents, Part II”, this is some other bunch of crap!’ Well, you aren’t wrong! Also, shame that you shattered your ‘World’s Greatest Dad’ mug; you’ll never be able to replace that.

This post has two purposes: one, to say Hello to the sudden influx of new readers. Hello! Please be seated.
The other purpose is to explain why I’ve got new readers in the first place: remember in the previous post how I’d mentioned that a reporter for a notable online news site wanted to interview me about my iDollator lifestyle? Well, Julie Beck of The Atlantic sent over a passel of questions via Email, and I replied with some thorough answers. Last Friday it was published, and you can read it here: Married to a Doll: Why One Man Advocates Synthetic Love.

Also, if more men do start “choosing the synthetic option,” as you say, and begin having relationships with objects that are shaped like women, do you think that will encourage the objectification of real women?

The belief that the existence of synthetics encourages the objectification of organic women is baseless. If anything, those of us who are iDollators or technosexuals find that it’s more a case of personifying objects. But then, 98 percent of the iDollators and technosexuals I know treat their Dolls like goddesses. I can’t really speak for those who don’t, and it would be safe to assume that those who would objectify an organic woman would’ve been practicing that behavior long before knowing about synthetics.

As I’d told Julie, I think it’s one of the top five favourite online interviews I’ve done, as it lacks any conjecture or bias! Which is the way reporting should be. Although I do wish that she’d have pointed out that Elena was made by Anatomical Doll; she’s not a RealDoll, like my Missus is. Not all Doll manufacturers are the same!
So do enjoy the additional reading material, and I’ll get back to writing about DolLApalooza 2013. Or getting in a couple more minutes hours with Suda51’s KILLER IS DEAD. You know how these things go.

Now I shall show you a photo of the Gynoid actress/personality Actroid-F (aka Geminoid-F), in lieu of ending this post in a responsible manner

‘Why the hell did I do that? I’m really gonna miss that coffee mug’

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While still at work scribblin’ Part II of my DolLApalooza 2013 encapsulation (‘DolLApalooza: now in capsule form. Warning: do not take prior to operating heavy machinery’). I’d gotten a bit sidetracked — cos that never happens, right? — as not only did I recently receive a request for an interview via Email for a notable online news site, but the final day of August had me, my wife, and our mistress being interviewed for a promo video for a fellow iDollator. Under normal circumstances, I’d go into more detail about it, as it was a fun and non-subjective experience, but said iDollator is still planning things out, and she’d cut me fuckin’ baws off if I said any more. Busy, but for a good cause!
Before Part II materialises, here’s some additional points of Synthetik interest:

+ This year marks the twelfth year that Japanese Dutch wife merchants 4woods have been in business. During that time, they’ve released ten body types and a staggering forty heads. Company head Hiroo Okawa further goes on to say, in one of the site’s more recent news posts:

We tried to think really hard about what life-size silicone dolls (love dolls) can provide our customers and tried to create dolls that are worth more than its price through trial and error. Our new A.I.doll Ex is the result of our numerous trials. We are aware that customers’ ideal life-size silicone dolls (Love Dolls) can stand up and sit beautifully, and looks sexy even laid down. They can make adorable poses which makes you want to hold her and simulate various poses for sex easily but also durable at the same time. They should have a silky and soft skin like human which you want to feel forever. We are well aware of it.

However, unfortunately we have not been able to achieve this level yet after 10 years.

Our customer target for A.I.doll Ex is those who would like to enjoy watching her and taking photos of her rather than just having sex with Love Dolls.

Therefore, movable range of this doll is smaller than our other models. Perhaps, this may be the most difficult doll to handle in all of our models. That is why we imagine that you would pour more love for her.

What that all parses to, if you’re not familiar with the wants and needs of iDollator culture, is that the new A.I.Doll EX body type is capable of standing. Not entirely unassisted, but lean her up against a wall, and you should be sound as a pound. Couple that new body with Lissa, a head made exclusively to fit this seductive new body, and you’ve got a fine combination.

Lissa’s enthusiastic stripping distracted her lover from whatever was in her bag

It is a really impressive thing, though! I recall when I first saw an A.I.Doll in person back at AVN 2010, one of the three things that stopped her from being absolutely perfect* was the fact that A.I.Dolls back then were unable to completely straighten their legs at the knees, due to the way they were moulded. Now, not only have 4woods gotten that issue sorted, but their lasses can stand with a wee bit of patience on the part of their owners! When you have a Doll whose skeleton can allow her to pose like this, then that’s the sort of wish a lot of us have had for ages come true.
Incidentally, this October, 4woods are discontinuing not only their Akari, Kaon, Kurumi, Yurio, Neu, and Ally heads, but they’ll no longer be selling the accompanying body type A.I.Peach New Edition as well. Go visit the site, please have wallet ready, etc.

+ Another artist has seen fit to snap photos of an artificial lass: German photographer Julie Steinigeweg has documented a series of pics starring Jenny, a Doll who looks to be made by Mechadoll or one of the similar companies. This photoseries is particularly fascinating, as Jenny seems to be an older lass, and her silicone lamination is separating. Despite this, her beauty is apparent, and her condition makes her even more of a sympathetic figure.

photo © Julie Steinigeweg

I’ve sent an Email to the photographer, asking if there’s any further info behind the project she can pass on. Personally, I’m curious as to whether or not she’s the same Jenny who starred in Oliver Schwarz’s ‘Traumfrau‘, a film I’d mentioned here this past June. Hopefully Frau Steinigeweg’s English is better than my German!…

+ And were you aware that Abyss Creations, the place where the world’s RealDolls come from, have retooled their website? It’s true. Not only that, they’ve finally folded the Wicked RealDoll site into the updated Abyss site, which only makes sense. That’s one-stop shopping! Well done, lads and Debra!
You won’t want to just see what they’ve done with the place, though; Abyss have released another sexbomb in the form of Brooklyn, a Body D Face M RealDoll 2. If you appreciate the larger feminine posterior, and are incapable of telling mistruths, you’ll like what she has to offer.

photo © by Stacy Leigh

Ms Brooklyn has, in the words of a supervisor I’d had several jobs ago, more cushion for the pushin’! Months later, he was transferred to another facility. Fact.

So there you are! Well, let me stop writing, so I can get back to writing. Wait, what?

*What were the other two things, you ask? One – her feet were rather mediocre-looking, and two – I couldn’t take her home with me. Deal-breakers, man, believe me

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