Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (May 2013): Part II

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Sdtrk: ‘Frostbite’ by Three to forgotten

Told you there was more to come, didn’t I?

+ I’ve known about this for quite a while, and fired off several frantic Emails to the uploaders, with no responses to speak of as of yet. But it seems someone in Japan has made a full-length video combining two of my favourite things: Dolls, stop-motion footage, and Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’. Err, that’s three things. Here’s the trailer for ‘Alicematonika’, starring a CandyGirl from Orient industry as Alicematonika:

Directed by Ryosuke Handa back in 2010, it seems the film was screened at a gallery in Japan, along with some of the film’s props and Alicematonika herself. And since that’s all I’ve been able to glean from the Interwubs about the film, I leave you with a photo of the wee missy in question having her eyes adjusted.

‘Still cheaper than a new pair of glasses,’ she sighed

+ Although they’re still working on updating their website galleries, you’ll be pleased to know that Abyss creations have just recently released both a new face and a new body for their RealDoll 2 line. This slinky rubber lass would be Renee, sporting a Body C. As Doll photographer Stacy Leigh herself amusingly remarked, ‘Bitch is TALL’.

photo © by Stacy Leigh

With stats of B:34 / W:24 / H:34, a shoe size of 8 – 9 US, and coming in at 90 lbs and a towering height of 5’10”, which would explain her large but sexy feet. It’s advised that should prospective buyers want a Renee-type RealDoll in their homes, they should also have cathedral ceilings. Mind the ceiling fan, sexpot!

+ Speaking of RealDolls, this one from the ‘this does not compute’ department: alert reader cw sent me a link a while ago to an article on Huffington Post, which links to a Gawker article that tells of… look, here you are:

Brazilians Bidding Thousands of Dollars to Deflower the Country’s First ‘Real Doll
by Neetzan Zimmerman | Published 07 March 2013

Ahead of an international convention of Real Doll fans set to take place in Brazil, the country’s leading sex toy retailer Sexônico is offering inanimate women enthusiasts the chance to be the first to sleep with the country’s first Real Doll, Valentina (NSFW).

The bidding for “Valentina’s virginity” currently stands at over $100,000, which sounds like a lot for a one night stand with a sex doll, and it is.

But Sexônico insists Valentina is no ordinary doll: Her state-of-the-art skin has the same texture as human skin, and can be soaked in water without being damaged, if that’s your concern.

The winner of the auction will also receive all-expenses-paid travel to and from São Paulo, a free night’s stay in the Presidential Suite of a fancy hotel, and a complimentary candlelight dinner with French Champagne to share with Valentina.

They’ll even throw in some sexy lingerie as Valentina’s gift to you, and a digital camera “to shoot and then show your friends.”
the entire article is here

I have no idea where to begin with that information. Does Brazil not have Internet access? Do they not know of Abyss creations? Or any of the roughly twenty other Doll manufacturers worldwide? Cos y’know, people of Brazil, all-expense travel, accomodations, and bottle of overpriced plonk aside, $100,000 could buy you around thirteen or fourteen Dolls. In fact, from a cursory glance at her photos, Valentina looks to be a Body A RealDoll 2, with either a Michelle or a Victoria face, so should Sexônico want to give that sort of Barnum-esque stunt a second go, save that $100k and buy your own army of personal Valentinas with those exact stats direct from the source. A wee bit of homework goes a long way.
As the deadline of 31 March has passed, the bidding is closed, but they haven’t divulged what the winning bid was. Which is a shame, as Shi-chan wanted to put a bid in herself. I reminded her that Monopoly money isn’t legal tender, not even in Brazil, and she went off in a sulk.

+ Stateside Doll-making juggernauts Sinthetics and Private Island Beauties have both recently released a new head each, if the rubber women in your life don’t think they have enough head options. From Sinthetics comes Eliza, which fits all their available bodies, and PIB offer the Luna (with open mouth) head, which would go nicely with their Girl Next Door body type.

Left: Eliza by Sinthetics; right: Luna by Private Island Beauties

As I’m sure you’ll agree, both heads are pretty damned appealing! It’s a shame you can’t just purchase a head without first having bought a body, though, as I’m sure that would lead to interesting home decor.

+ Of course you recall how winsome Gynoid Actroid-F (aka Geminoid-F) put in an appearance at a branch of the Japanese department store chain Takashimaya last February? ‘Who wouldn’t?’ I hear you respond, and rightfully so. She’s now known as Minami, and she proved popular enough to be asked back a second time this month, and not only does she have a cute new bobbed hairstyle to show off, but lucky patrons can actually speak directly with her in a sound-cancelling booth, and have their photos taken with her.
No, I’m not vibrating with jealousy right now; why do you ask?

Asked “Do you have a boyfriend?” Minami answers, “No, I don’t because I’m a pop icon and am not allowed to have any.”
taken from this article

Hiroshi Ishiguro, creator of the Repliee/Actroid/Geminoid series of artificial humans, says that he hopes Minami can put in regular showings at Takashimaya, as he’d like to develop future displays for her there. I posit that he’s thinking small: instead of bringing her round to the store’s location every couple of months, why not just make more Actroids? Also, why just remain in Japan? Come to the States! Come to Michigan. The more the merrier, I say!

+ Finally, were you aware that I’d done another online interview? Well, you’re certainly more aware than you were five seconds ago. Journalist Britta Bowles had spotted the Missus and I on our first appearance on ‘My Strange Addiction’, and, like many people, had some hard-hitting questions she wanted to ask me. A two-hour chat over Skype last month had me divulging many untold secrets, the most shocking one being that Shi-chan writes all my lines; she’s created a personality for me, as I’m actually just a Doll. O, wait.

The one relationship he did attempt (if it can even be described as such) ended disastrously. Davecat befriended a woman just out of a bad relationship, and they eventually bought a house together. It seems like a story of unrequited love, with Davecat hoping the relationship would progress into something more than friendship over time. According to Davecat, he eventually discovered that this woman was a compulsive liar, a thief and a coke addict with a history of rehab stints. After the purchase of the house, arguments arose.

“We were getting into…debates, let’s say, once a week. I think this is partially because of the coke that she had coursing through her system,” Davecat tells me rather sardonically.

“I can’t imagine that arguments with cokeheads are very fun,” I reply.

“If you have the means, avoid them at all costs,” he tells me. I make a mental note never to interview a cokehead.

You can read the article in its entirety at Britta’s blog, ‘Selected writings’, here. Hopefully you’ll have as much fun reading it as we had conducting it…

And that’s it for May! Happy 23rd, and let’s see what we can discover next month, shall we?
‘Shouting to hear the echoes’: More Information About Synthetiks Than You Ever Though Possible. Believe it

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Now that it’s right to decide
In his time he was a total man
Taken from Caesar’s side
Kept in silence just to prove who’s wrong
He no longer denies
All the failures of the modern man
No, no, no, he can’t pick sides
Sees the failures of the modern man
All the failures of the modern man

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Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (May 2013): Part I

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Sdtrk: ‘Poptones’ by PiL

Can you believe we’re already into May? Soon it’ll be June, then July, then some other months, then Hallowe’en, then my birthday, and then Boxing Day! Can you believe that 2014’s almost over already? Utterly incredible. Let’s look back, then, on some of the points of interest in the Synthetik world that took place during 2016:

+ One of the triggers for me having become a technosexual and iDollator was that, when I was but a wee lad, I decided to strike up a conversation with a mannequin. (It’s entry No.74 here.) Had my single-digit-age-range self seen MarionetteBot back then, it would’ve blown my tiny mind.

Appearing in the window of United Arrows, a clothing store chain in — where else? — Japan, both the male and female MarionetteBots use the XBOX Kinect, a specially-developed motor, sixteen wires apiece, and some proprietary programming to allow them to mimic the movements of passersby. Hands down, this is the best application of the Kinect ever made, ever. I predict that window display will be a breeding ground for future iDollators and technosexuals! Although it’s all fun and games until an overambitious windowgazer inevitably starts dancing Gangnam style.

+ You always hear the general populace going on about ‘do we need robots?’ or ‘do we really need humanoid robots?’ or ‘we shouldn’t make robots that look and think like people because OMG SKYNET’, all of which are (trying to be nice, here) pathetically backwards concerns. Obviously I’m keen on the implementation of robots everywhere in society, as they’ll improve the quality of Organik lives on a day-to-day basis (Roombas, the sushi-making robot), and on an emotional basis (Paro, lifelike artificial people) etc. Now the robots that aren’t built to resemble anything Organik can get away with not having personalities, although quite a few people tend to anthropomorphise them, especially Roombas. However, most people’s unease around artificial humans will decrease if roboticists design them with programming simulating emotions as well. As most people are still preferential towards ‘feeling’ over ‘thinking’, if they encounter an artificial person who presents simulated emotions, fake as they may be, that’s still perceived as better than having no emotions whatsoever. Dig it:

Robots Need Emotions to Be Accepted by Humans
The Wall Street Journal | Published March 15, 2012

If robots are to be accepted by humans, they must be capable of generating real emotions says the president of France’s service robot federation. We in turn must get over our fears that somehow we are losing control and creating a super race.

Bruno Bonnell, 53, compares the state of robotics today with the state of computing in the early 1980s. Back then, Mr. Bonnell was working for microcomputer firm Thomson, trying to get the French public to embrace home computers. The product, the T07, was not selling. “We had to print a booklet called ‘The computer at home: what for?’

“It makes me smile because now people say to me ‘Robots at home: what for?’”

Mr. Bonnell says robots will be part of our daily lives within a decade. “People do not realize it, in the same way they did not see the growth of the Internet. This is the disruption that people do not see.”
the rest of the article is here

+ It’s almost difficult to keep up with the numerous faces and bodies that 4woods release on a regular basis, but it’s certainly a good way to pass the time! Please welcome their latest heads, Yurica and Hitomi:

Left: in stylishly fashionable clothes; right: in stylishly fashionable body oil

Our new face “Yurica” will make her debut. She is compatible with AIdoll S+ body, and there are three make-up styles,No. 1 to No. 3, available for her. […]
Addition to AIdoll S+ body, “Yurica” is compatible with AINEOim, NEO-J/im and AIpeach Edition. Please welcome “Yurica”, our addition to the current 4woods lineup.

Hitomi doesn’t know the meaning of the phrase ‘not enough pink’

The Hitomi head is also compatible with their AINEOim and AIdoll S+ bodies, in case you were on the fence about saving up. 4woods now also offer the ability to have your lass made with ‘Sexy makeup‘, which brings out the blushing tones in her face and her body that you’d see during lovemaking, or ‘Glitter makeup‘, which makes her look ready for a night out at the clubs, where you’ll buy her flute after flute of overpriced champagne while the volume of the DJ’s music makes it impossible to hold a conversation without shouting directly into each others’ heads. But that is an option, if you’re keen on it.
I’ve just flipped through my notes here: 4woods have released thirty heads and nine different bodies! A few of each have been retired, but still. That’s mental! Not even Orient ‘We’ve Been In The Dutch Wife-Making Business Since The Late Seventies’ industry has that many heads on offer! Well done, 4woods. *nods*

+ Referring a bit back to my earlier mention of emotions, one of the characteristics of being Organik humans is that it’s not entirely impossible for any of us to develop feelings of empathy for other beings. Babies and animals, even ones not necessarily our own, often stir protective feelings, or at the very least, warm fuzzies, within us. Roboticists still need to cultivate the coming generations of Gynoids and Androids with (programming resembling) feelings, but this article by Tim Hornyak, author of ‘Loving the Machine‘, details how our natural tendency towards empathy will meet Synthetik beings halfway:

Robot abuse is a bummer for the human brain
by Tim Hornyak | Published April 23, 2013

When they take over, robots will surely take advantage of studies suggesting we pathetic meatsacks are hardwired to sympathize with them.

Watching a robot being cuddled or abused produces similar reactions in humans to watching people undergo the same treatment, according to two new studies to be presented at the International Communication Association Conference in London in June.

In one, subjects were shown videos in which popular dino-bot Pleo was either hugged or treated violently. Perhaps not surprisingly, the subjects’ skin conductance levels rose when Pleo suffered, suggesting they were distressed.
the rest of the article is here

In this instance, I suppose our primate brains work to the advantage of both Synthetiks and Organiks!…

+ And d’ye recall that Kia Motors advert with the Gynoids from February? Well, their ad department’s only just gone and made another one, Odhinn bless ’em.

Once again, it seems that the company aren’t offering affictitious ladies anywhere on their site. So Kia, I’ll make you a deal: either I sue your business for false advertising, or you could simply take the money you would’ve spent in legal fees, put it to work on making your Hotbots, and make more money from the technosexual community in a week than you have in your entire automotive-making history. Food for thought, Kia.

Right, more bits and bobs later! Between the time I’d initially started writing this entry and now, it’s been a month, and I’ve got to draw a bold line under that sort of nonsense. As I’d finished Bioshock Infinite almost two weeks ago — which, upon reflection, kinda turns it into Bioshock Finite — there’s really no excuse

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