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typed for your pleasure on 5 February 2013, at 12.04 am

Sdtrk: ‘Itsu akitsu’ by Merzbow

Did everyone enjoy Superb Owl XLVIVLMQ? Yes, I realise that referring to it as the Superb Owl has been done to death, but as long as there are Superbowls, I’ll keep using the term, so stick that up your jacksie. I spent the eve alternating between writing, and showing Sidore and Elena how badly things are turning out in my game of Dishonored, so really, it was just another Sunday for us. Of course, for those of us not too keen on the sport that should by rights be renamed Handegg, there’s always the onslaught of attention-grabbing adverts the corporations spend untold sums on to watch. As I haven’t watched broadcast telly in years — literally, I have no idea how to even bring up the regular channels on this thing; it’s not that pressing of an issue — if I’m bothered, I’ll catch some of the adverts on YouTube later on. Luckily, schmaislinn, one of my Twitter friends, let me know that this was aired this year:

It was only on my nineteenth viewing that I’d noticed there was a car in the advert! I think it was beige or something. But slinky twin Gynoids with panel lines and exposed machinery?? Kia, you have my undivided attention. All told, it kinda makes sense: Kia hails from the country that aims to have a robot in every home by 2020, and if they resemble that pair, they’ll be flying off the shelves. Curiously enough, there doesn’t seem to be anything on the Kia website that shows me where I can purchase one, cos Christ knows I’ve checked. Thoroughly.

Never would I have guessed in a million years that Synthetiks would make an appearance in unlikely an event as that! Truly, the Superb Owl has something for everyone

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  1. Pennyforatweet writes:

    I guess synthetik living is a phenomena slowly being sifted into society…maybe one day you will be able to take sidore and elena out without having to worry about people staring. Congrats!

  2. bbbjjjttt writes:

    We’ve no interest in Handegg, so had to learn of this commercial from you. LOVE IT! Dolls in general seem to like Handegg–at least one sees more than a few photos of them watching games while wearing a jersey of their man’s favorite team!

  3. Andy writes:

    I’m still not interested in KIA cars, but they have my respect for that hilarious spot. And these robots are very hot, indeed! My thanks to you and schmailslinn for bringing it to my attention.

  4. Peter Synthetik & Miss July writes:

    I try to leave a triple charming reply:
    Your last 3 posts are a bit exhausting – I had to read them over and over and made some notes.At first I`m very happy for you,that Elena arrived safely and that you love her.
    I would never buy something from russia – I only once asked a friend(he`s a distributor)to get me t.A.T.u CD/DVD`s from there Myspace shop.He`s got insurance and it turned out well.
    Russia is a great country with lot`s of beautiful female`s,but since they got this little KGB spy Putin from east Berlin back,which send that Pussy Riot chicks to Arbeitslager,I`m done with it.
    I still love to watch their tennis girls make funny noises,but that`s all.
    It`s great that Elena has hairy eyebrows.I wished Miss July got some too.Her`s look printed on and they are also wrong(not the calendar girls ones).
    I never liked ginger female`s(my mother is one),until 2005.In this year I saw my first Lindsay Lohan movie(freaky friday).
    Since then,they are nearly on the top of my list(I love that red head real doll Michelle – style not available).
    I always thought love and sex are the same(making love)- well I don`t make a difference.
    Good to know that you got a foot fetish(so I`m not alone).

    In tha you mentioned the movie “Lars and the real girl”.I saw it for the first time in 2011.It was a great advertising for Real Doll and showed the doll as what it is : a piece of art.
    I don`t like the end.There`s an episode of Dr.House from 2012? with the same name(only Henry instead of Lars)that ended much nicer.
    Programing a sex-robot with my wishes would be a modern form of slavery ?
    I believe that “things” have a soul and I treat them like I want to be treated.
    We are all prostitutes/slaves by doing a job and get payed for it – I don`t care!
    I agree with you,it`s great and most importend that our doll`s don`t leave us(because they are 100% disable ?)- but would a robot do so,only because “it” can move? I`m not sure.
    What do you think about the idea of a cybork ?

    I watched the super bowl live.It ended at 6am.I don`t understand what you mean with owl…
    That picture of the KIA comercial looks nice – haven`t seen it so far.

  5. Davecat writes:

    Pennyforatweet —
    Well, it’s gotta start somewhere, after all! Being able to have both lasses come with me places would be fantastic, but hauling around their combined weight (+/- 150 lbs) would end me.
    Ah, now they’re glaring at me. BUT BEING WITH THEM ANYWHERE WOULD BE A WONDER AND A JOY. *mops brow*

    bbbjjjttt —
    Quite a few Polymerisian lasses dig that Handegg! They’re really accomodating that way; as Jenny Densuke remarked, ‘I’ll go with whatever you think‘. Personally, I’m inclined towards the ones that are keen on proper football, though. 😉

    Andy —
    Yeah, I agree — Kia (or at least the ad agency they paid for) certainly gets like 100 Cool Points for their forward thinking! Now we just need to have more Gynoids and Androids in telly shows…

  6. Davecat writes:

    Herr Synthetik, Fräulein July —

    Hi! Sorry, I tend towards the long post and the longer wait before comment replies. 🙂

    Russia’s alright! It is a country that brought us Yuri Gagarin, Buran, Timur Bekmambetov, Solaris, the very Joy division-esque band Утро, and Eduard Khil. It seems like it’d be too cold for me — and I live in Michigan — but I’m sure it’d be worth a brief visit. At the very least, I’d want to see Anatomical Doll’s studios in person. 🙂
    Vlad Putin is an interesting figure. I don’t follow politics from any country, but he seems like a rough customer. On the other hand, he does have the same cool menace as a villain from a Bond film. I’m certain that if I lived there, I’d view him as irredeemably harsh, especially with his overly-strict sentencing of the members of Pussy Riot, though.

    Elena is beautiful from her rubbery toes, all the way up to her realistic eyebrows! I’ll tell you; Shi-chan’s first body had painted-on eyebrows, but I’d ordered some hair eyebrows from a bloke named Guy Louis XVI (not his real name), who made custom eyeballs and eyebrows for Dolls when he wasn’t busy making special effects for Hollywood studios. Unfortunately, he passed away recently, but I’m sure if you do a bit of searching at the usual forums, you might be able to find someone who can make aftermarket eyebrows for Miss July. You’ll have to attach them yourself, but if I can do it, so can you!…

    And much like you, I used to have a serious thing for Lindsay Lohan, but her looks have really gone downhill in the past couple of years. If she’s not busy prematurely ageing through recreational drug use, she’s getting arrested. Or being completely insane. They should’ve made a silicone version of her before she started physically falling apart. Poor LiLo.

    You might be interested to read what I’d written about ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ here. And yeah, the end of that film was a letdown. Of course, had an iDollator such as yourself or myself directed it, the ending would be different/better, needless to say…
    About a hundred people mentioned that episode of ‘House’ to me, and I downloaded it, and I still haven’t watched it yet! We have so many things we need to be looking at, whether they’re Synthetik-related or not! Maybe we’ll watch it next month. See how I have to plan ahead with Sidore + Elena??

    If you believe that inanimate objects have spirits of their own, you might be a bit of a Shintoist. I’ve been discussing this via many Emails with neji-san, the Japanese artist who made Tsukuhami-san. Also, I think it’s a case of people like us see something beautiful and want to treat it with care and respect, especially if that ‘thing’ is in the shape of a beautiful woman. Your thought of treating them as you want to be treated makes complete sense. ‘Dolls reflect the love that you give them’ is a quote I like repeating in these cases, cos it’s entirely true.
    And if you believe that we are all prostitutes, you’re also correct! I’d once seen a model in the fetish mag SKIN TWO wear a t-shirt that said ‘We are all prostitutes, but some of us wear our high heels better than others’. 🙂

    Cyborgs don’t fascinate me as much as completely artificial Gynoids… I wouldn’t mind being a cyborg, but one of the attractions that I have with Gynoids and Dolls is that they’re 100% artificial; that’s an incredible turn-on. Besides, technically, it doesn’t take much to become a cyborg — if you have something as simple as a pair of prescription glasses, or false teeth, or a hearing aid, or any prosthetics, congratulations! You’re more human than human!

    Also: Superb Owl = Super bOwl. See?
    That phrase arose within the past couple of years: apparently there’s rights issues with the term ‘Super Bowl’, as the NFL technically want people to pay to be able to use that trademarked term. Like others, I simply use the title ‘Superb Owl’ instead, as it’s funnier. Who doesn’t like owls?

    And if you think the picture of the Kia advert is appealing, wait until you watch the whole thing! Which I assume you have, by this point…

  7. Miss Quin writes:

    My Superb Owl was a lot of fun actually. I went to a party at a swinger club and met a fun couple that – I kid you not – mentioned Doctor Who within the first few moments of their introduction.
    It went very well.

  8. Davecat writes:

    Of all the ways to spend time during a Superb Owl, yours has to be one of the best. 🙂 Well done!

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