typed for your pleasure on 3 November 2004, at 9.08 pm

Four more years of a hillbilly despot. That’s fucking fantastic.

I have to say that at this point, I’ve completely lost faith in the general American populace. Obviously I’m not the only one disappointed, but I was hoping against hope that enough voters, even republicans, would recognise what a mindless rolling twat Dubya is. Heh, I really should’ve lowered my expectations.

O well. I suppose there’s nothing left to do now but hope Dubya doesn’t suddenly instate a retroactive draft, or alienate any more allied countries, or sodomise the economy even further, or get us all nuked into oblivion, or etc etc

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Speaking of Hallowe’en..

typed for your pleasure on 1 November 2004, at 2.58 am

I went in costume for the so-called Hallowe’en party at work on Friday. Now, for those of you unfamiliar with my appearance, here’s a semi-recent picture:

The author, in repose

Now, you see that pic? I dress like that all of the time. It’s an extraordinarily rare occasion when I’m not wearing black, white and grey, and I’m usually in either green or purple. No exceptions whatsoever.
So this year, for shits and giggles, I decided that I would dress up for the party. And seeing as that the entire point of dressing up for Hallowe’en is to go as something you’re not, I decided to dress as some preppy tosser. Between scouring two Value Worlds and buying clothes that I wouldn’t be caught dead in, deliberately choosing colours that I despise, I came up with something quite nice on a limited budget. I obtained a blue sweatshirt, a pair of bluejeans, some brown & blue Timberland-like shoes, and borrowed a blue-and-white checked shirt from my father, so my costume expenditure total came to about $13. I combed back my bangs, removed my chrome-and-black leather wrist belts, scraped off my black nailvarnish, and removed five of my six earrings for better assimilation, and, combined with the dodgy clothes I was wearing, I pulled off something fairly hideous.

Most of my coworkers didn’t get it, but the few that did found it pretty funny. I suppose it was really more to amuse myself than anyone else.. I’ll tell you this, though; I could not wait to get home and change

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