typed for your pleasure on 3 November 2004, at 9.08 pm

Four more years of a hillbilly despot. That’s fucking fantastic.

I have to say that at this point, I’ve completely lost faith in the general American populace. Obviously I’m not the only one disappointed, but I was hoping against hope that enough voters, even republicans, would recognise what a mindless rolling twat Dubya is. Heh, I really should’ve lowered my expectations.

O well. I suppose there’s nothing left to do now but hope Dubya doesn’t suddenly instate a retroactive draft, or alienate any more allied countries, or sodomise the economy even further, or get us all nuked into oblivion, or etc etc

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  1. Patrick writes:

    Oh..there’s worse things he can do than that, esp. if he gets his way and can replace a couple key Supreme Courts seats (granted, we’re only losing one now and that’s not enough to sway the majority vote in the Courts).
    Think about the overturn of Rowe v. Wade.
    Or about the dissolving of the seperation of Church and State.
    Slap those 10 commandments back up in the front of that Government building and open the doors to prayer at school.

    Yea, it’ll be a fucking great old time 😛

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yeah, I know. I can’t wait. Won’t it be TOTALLY AWESOME????

    So when we see a sharp rise in expatriation and/or suicides, we’ll know the reason behind it. 😛

  3. yer ol' pal Phyl writes:

    Oh, quit your whinging! 🙂

    It’s a good thing that the tax-o-crats lost. Those tired old neo-Trotsky-ite leftists haven’t had an original idea since the thirties! Bigger Government! More Bureaucracy! Higher Taxes! Rah! Rah! Rah!

    The losin’ ain’t over yet, either! Brace yourself for more Republican gains in the House and Senate at the next mid-term two years from now. Don’t forget that you heard it here first!

    As for all that nonsense about a military draft and the “alienation” of “allies” [The Russians? The French? HAR!], all I can suppose is that you’ve been watching too much CiNaNe.

    For a little fairness and balance, why not try the Fox News Channel?

    It’s nice typing with you again. Give Sidore a pat on the fanny for me.

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