The mouth: Gateway to the head

typed for your pleasure on 23 June 2007, at 8.04 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Great destroyers’ by NON

Little sociological experiment: What you’re reading now was written Friday evening whilst at work. I wrote this to distract myself from the nigh-biblical amount of pain situated in the right side of my mouth. You see, *cue flashback dissolve* this past Wednesday, I had root canals done on two of my front teeth. The process itself, I have to say, was remarkably swift: at first, I wasn’t sure if I wanted both done at once, as I really didn’t relish the idea of being sat in the dentist’s chair for an interminable period of time, whilst they got to work with their rusty saws and blood-caked chisels, but after he painlessly finished one in under ten minutes, I relented, and he did the other just as quickly. Apparently, the nerves in both teeth were dead. Which is alright, really, as we weren’t all that close. So after scheduling to get the core fills for both teeth done next week, and despite the localised anaesthetic making me sound like Sean Connery, I jauntily walked out of there to attend to the rest of the day’s errands.
Two hours later, however, was a different story, as the blessing of the anaesthetic wore off, and I was feeling like someone had popped me in the mouth with a claw hammer. I ended my errand run early, drove home, and immediately tumbled headlong into bed, not waking up until my friend Tsukihime phoned me three hours later.

Now, here’s the funny (ha ha ow) bit: as I’d mentioned, during the drilling itself, I didn’t feel anything averse. In fact, I gave several enthusiastic thumbs-up whenever he asked me how I was. Then, while out and about a few hours later, my body suddenly realised that hey, someone had just been excavating in your feckin’ mouth, and the appropriate reaction was one of a heady and persistent ache. But! My pain level the day of the actual visit wasn’t nearly as bad as it was like two days later, which brings us to this eve. *flashback dissolve*

So! During the final leg of my wonderful amazing fantastical 5.30 – midnight Friday eve shift — yes, I’m aware it’s nonsensical and sucks cock, don’t remind me — that throbbing feeling above the teeth that had been worked on came back with a roaring vengeance, and I’d taken my last ibuprofen about four hours ago. I actually had to stand up and ask one of the managers if the office had a secret cache of IB I could possibly dip into, but alas, no. Hardly a surprise, cos they’re barely equipped with what they’re supposed to be stocked with half the time, at any rate. Luckily, a coworker had some 600mg prescription IB, which just managed to do the business. Lesson learned: Please pass the horse tranquilisers!

It’s been several days since my adventures in modern (pronounced ‘modren’) dentistry, and I have to say that my mouth still hurts. If I’m not careful when I eat or speak, I’ll nick the tip of one of those teeth with one of my lower ones, and everything goes red for a blinding moment, and every other word is preceded by an expletive for a minute or so. I mean, moreso than usual. For a couple of dead nerves, they certainly still hurt like blazing fuck. Knowing my luck, they’re probably undead. We weren’t all that close, y’know.

Originally, I think I had a point when I started writing this, but it’s long since fled; the pain undoubtedly drove it away.
Wow. I think this is the reason I don’t write too often about my personal experiences. Seven shades of uninteresting

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Ugh! You have my complete and utter sympathy, if sympathy can possibly be “utter”. Especially when “complete”. Not that I’m fearless or anything, but for me the only thing to fear (besides fear itself), is The Dentist. Ask W. C. Fields if you don’t believe me 😛

    I’ve had practically NO good experiences with them, EVAR. The one time I thought I did, I didn’t. Two days later I had an earache so piercing that I thought it would fall off. Yes, he’d drilled THAT deep! (It lasted a month!) My thumbs up weren’t so filled with confidence as yours, I’m sure, because I trust none o’ them feckers. But I thought it was going Okay. It was, for him. He was emboldened by my silly gesture, no doubt.

    Anyway, flash forward to last year, when I finally encountered a dentist who uses some kind of amnesiac type drugs along with other goodies. Problem is, I have no one to ferry me to and fro, because I don’t know anyone I can trust out here yet. Apparently, the zombie-state requires some attendance by another who must sit with you whilst you recover to ensure that you don’t, I dunno, bite off your own tongue, swallow your vomit, or start wandering the mountains on your own.

    Fun times!

    But that day will come, I’m sure…

    Meanwhile, all I can think of is… “Iss it SAFE?”

    Regards, & tea and sympathy,
    PBS, Lily, & Eden (oh yeah, ANOTHER two reasons why I need someone to trust LOL)

  2. Mahtek writes:

    My sympathies Davecat.

    As a veteran of four root canals I understand what you’re going through. On a positive note, this pain should only last a couple days. Two that I had done had no after-pain, so it’s hit or miss as to whether or not you’ll hurt afterwards. Bad luck this time I guess, having two done at once. I hope things settle down fast for you.

    Next time, go to my dentist. She’s skilled, gentle, generous with the pain killers and novacaine, and SMOKING HOT! An Italian body 4 in her mid 20’s with gorgeous brown eyes. Having her fingers in my mouth is worth any pain.

    Keep your chin up! You’ll survive this ordeal!

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Exquisite! I look forward to a time when I need major dental work.
    My closest experience was getting my wisdom teeth out, two of which they had to snap off of my jawbone. This was years ago and the heavy drugs they used robbed me of most recollection of what the recovery was like.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Now I can add your tale to those of people I know who have some horror story about their wisdom teeth. Steve (aka zszsz — where are you these days?), who happens to be my ex-roomie, once told me that the roots of his mum’s wisdom teeth were wrapped round the nerve, so they had to go in and bust ’em up. *shudders violently*

    Mahtek –
    Your dentist is sounding real good at this point. Mine knows what he’s doing and isn’t stingy with the drugs, but, well… he’s not a Body 4. Rrrowr. Sexiness is a proven factor in lessening pain. As a matter of fact, it’s Scientifically Proven!
    The pain was actually beginning to subside; that is, until I had to go back

    PBS and your teeth –
    Good lord, he drilled so much, he caused a month-long earache?? Dude probably would’ve gone through the top of your head if you’d have let him. Interior-style trepanning as well as dentistry? That’s One-stop Shopping!

    And heh, ‘Marathon man’. It’s been a while since I saw that fillum. In fact, I don’t ever think that I’ve seen it in its entirety, but what I saw, I liked. Apart from the Nazi dentistry, of course.
    Lesson learned: if a ex-Nazi shows up in your home wielding dental tools asking you if it’s sssafe, you immediately tell him that not only is it safe, it’s been approved by OSHA, the USDA, the FDA, and MTV. Leave no base uncovered! 🙂

  5. PBShelley writes:

    You know what’s funny (in a hmmm way not a haha way) is that my easiest trip to a dental type person was when I had all 4 wisdom teeth extracted at 18! Just a tiny pinprick; lights out; wake up; throw up; ride home; sleepies; wake up w/o any (serious) pain!
    Weird, I tell you! Give me enough drugs and they can do whatever they want LOL Too bad they’re so damn stingy these days. It must be the Lawyers GRR…

    Regards to you and the Missus,
    PBS and dental-free Lily & Eden (lucky girls!)

  6. ButtonJessie writes:

    Urgh, dentistry is rancid – I had 5 teeth taken out in November, luckily under genral. *shudder* The whole thing was very traumatic though. On the plus side they gave me wicked pain relief – a packet of those 600mg IBs you mentioned and some lovely Cocodamol 30mg/500mg to go with. I am now, at the tender age of 23, a toothless crone. *le sigh* Luckily its my back teeth which are gone, so I can still flash a winning smile *grin* See?
    Unfortunatley this mean I have to eat everything at the front, chipmunk style.

  7. Davecat writes:

    So you wouldn’t be altogether offended if I got you some woodchips to gnaw on for Crimbo, then? 🙂 I kid, I kid…

    Wow, five teeth extracted! Please please PLEASE tell me you saved them, and had them made into a ghoulish-yet-striking necklace.

  8. ButtonJessie writes:

    How disgusting! I would never do such a thing!!! What kind of person do you think I am??

    I have made them into a set of drop earrings, a solitaire ring and a handsome set of cuff-links for my beau. Now THATS class.

    Psssst…Actually, I was too off my face on drugs to ask them to keep them for me 🙁 They must have chucked them, the swines.

    JzzBt 😛

  9. Laura writes:

    So basically you’re saying you have zombie nerves?

  10. Davecat writes:

    You say that like it’s a bad thing! Wait — I’m defending that like it’s a good thing. Hm.

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