I can see by the clock on the wall that it’s time for another meme

typed for your pleasure on 1 August 2005, at 10.49 pm

Sdtrk: ‘La fille à la moto’ by Dani

Courtesy of Mr Veach, who was be-poxed by someone else..

What were three of the stupidest things you’ve done?
1. Getting wrapped up in the life and stupidity of She Who Must Not Be Named (that’ll be at the top of the list for a very long time)
2. Missing whitehouse’s performance in Cleveland back in 1995, as they’ll probably never visit Detroit, and they haven’t played east of California in several years
3. Not continuing to study French

Who has the most influence in your life?
Yeah, I’d have to go with Veach’s answer: I do. I’m 95% responsible for my own stupidity (see above), and for my own handful of successes..

Who would you pick up for ‘Dinner For Six’ with your time machine?
Right off the bat: Ian Curtis, Oscar Wilde, Andy Warhol (circa the 60s, cos when the 70s started, he became rather boring), Anthony Burgess, and Hans Bellmer and his Doll. (She doesn’t eat, therefore she’s not really a ‘dinner’ guest.) Burgess would speak at great length about language and its perversities, while Wilde would add various bon mots, and eventually take the verbal stage with a distinctive flourish. Ian could mention the various japes that he and the rest of Joy division have pulled on people, which would probably have everyone laughing, and Warhol would get photos of me alternately asking Bellmer a passel of questions, and hitting on his Doll. Finally, Warhol would undoubtedly pick up the tab. A winning evening!

If granted three non-supernatural wishes, what would they be?
1. For Man to have a better understanding and greater tolerance of his fellow man
2. All those things that we were supposed to have in the Future according to Sixties thinking, i.e, flying cars, daily flights to the Moon, and yes, Synthetiks, etc, would be a reality
3. And for $100,000 USD to be Magickally deposited into my bank account every five days. My needs are simple!

Name two things you regret your city not having and two things people should avoid.
1. A subway/streetcar system. It being the former Motor City, everyone is contractually obligated to use motor vehicles, so we’re lucky to even have a bus service, and that’s a joke in and of itself. God forbid we actually attract people to the city, let alone bring employment into the city, with functional mass transportation!
2. A local footie club (that’s ‘soccer team’, by the way). We used to have them; the Detroit Express in the 80s, and the Rockers in the late 90s, but since soccer isn’t held in very high regard in the States unless you’re under 15 years of age, the Detroit teams withered and died away. Whatever third club Detroit would have probably won’t be good as international teams, but if they do well enough, managers could start looking into buying decent players from other places. *coughManUtdandJuvecough* Even a Championship-level player would be good, really..

People should avoid presumption in their interaction with other humans, as well as driving sport utility vehicles.

Name an event that changed your life.
Round 1989 – 1994, I used to listen to this radio programme on a nearby Windsor station called ‘Brave new Waves’, then hosted by Brent Bambry. During each show’s running time (midnight – 4am), I learned about so many bands and new styles of music that I’d never heard of before. Not only that, but midway through the show, Brent would profile a different artist, relating their history and playing several tracks as well. And of course, since I was learning all about shoegazer, and Plus 8, and 4AD, and Factory, and Rough trade, and etc, I sought out magazines that dealt with the kind of music that was now becoming a large part of my life, and from those magazines, I’d read reviews and interviews citing influences and similar bands that I’d also never before encountered. It was literally as if someone had said, ‘Davecat, here’s a whole new culture — check it out,’ cos much like anime, I didn’t just stick to loving the music, I wanted to learn more about the cultures and movements that started that music. That is, apart from the whole ‘Madchester‘ era. Some good bands, mostly crap lifestyle.

Tag five people.

What, out loud? No, people seem to despise that. If anyone wants to be picked though, leave us a comment, won’t you?

NEXT UP: A report and summation of the whole Synthetiks documentary shoot experience

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    What does tag mean in this context? How is “alright” taggage?

  2. Davecat writes:

    Normally when a meme asks that you tag someone, that means you choose someone or several someones to pass the meme along to. But for some reason, a lot of people don’t want to be tagged. So I pretty much leave it up to readers to do the meme of their own accord if they want to; that way I don’t tag them and they end up bitching about having to do it when they don’t want to. So there you go..

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    Oh! OK. I understand.

    Why bitch? Just don’t do it if you don’t wanna.

  4. PBShelley writes:

    Is a meme like a mime? :-O

    What’s it like, being memed? Would I like it? Can Lily play? 😀
    Inquiring minds …oh, never mind!

    Seriously man, what’s it all about, Alfie?

    PBS & Lily

  5. Davecat writes:

    Hey PBS (pronounced ‘pibus’) and Lily-chan –

    A meme is.. gods, what does Wiki say about memes? *looks it up* They say it’s ‘any piece of information passed from one mind to another’ much like ‘Whatchu talkin’ ’bout, Willis?’ or the ‘All your base’ thing, or 90% of the written material on 4chan. They’re concepts of phrases that get passed around a culture, usually through the Interbutt. Like ‘Interbutt’, that’s another one, I dinnae come up with that. 🙂

    I think that you and Lily would probably get a kick out of them. They’re a great way to fill up a blog post, that’s for certain. 😉

    You can answer here if you wish, but due to space limitations, your answers are probably gonna have to be shortened.. *whispers* That’s why you and Lily should start your own blog, damnit! 🙂

  6. PBShelley writes:

    Ohhhh… Thanks DC! That explains why I don’t know, I am so isolated from “culture” LOL… It’s pretty much all violence and avariciousness; boring and lame as culture goes, except when I want the violence of course (*cough* Unreal Tournament 2004 *cough*)

    When I re-open Unbound.org (hadda be different LOL), I will also open a blog attached to it. I thought of adding a Forum to it, but editing out doll-bashing twits would become too tedious. I rather like Neil Gaiman’s Blog; he edits out the ones that are worthless; I love it LOL…
    Not that he deals with D.B.T.’s, but you know, yeah… There is always some jerk who wants to do his verbal masturbation LOL
    Should just buy a doll and get it over with 😉

    BTW, loved your inclusion of the VU’s “The Black Angel’s Death Song” – Never saw that one referenced anywhere!

    Regards and all, 2 U n Sidore-chan,
    PBS & Lily

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