Hey! Questions are up

typed for your pleasure on 12 June 2005, at 6.15 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Shout’ by Depeche mode

Since HaloScan and/or Blogger is being a stubborn shit, and won’t let me access the comments for the ‘You’ve got questions, we’ve got.. I dunno‘ posting, I’ve posted the questions for Penda and SafeTInspector right here.

for Joe:
1. So, SafeTInspector, what’s with the name ‘SafeTInspector’?

2. It’s probably too early to tell in your illustrious AuctionItTODAY career, but barring the NASCAR edition GigantiGrill, what’s the oddest thing you’ve shipped out?

3. In reading your comedy sketches, I notice that they’re quite funny, yet unrepentently insane. Who or what would you say inspires you when you start a-typin’ out a sketch?

4. If you could design a whimsical corporate mascot for any fast food place (either still in existence, or now-defunct), what would it be, and for what food chain would this mascot shill for?

5. If a maniacal ex-Nazi doctor had you strapped in a chair, all the while closing in on your unanesthetised mouth with a gleaming array of dental tools asking ‘Is it safe?’ over and over, what would your answer be? Keep in mind that he’s read your blog, and knows that you’re the SafeTInspector.

for Monti:
1. If you were able to, say, ‘get rid of’ someone without having any awful legal consequences heaped upon you, but you had to do it in a clandestne manner, how would you go about it? Hypothetically, of course, heh heh.

2. Think of a film that you otherwise like, yet it contains a glaring error or something that prevents it from being TEH BEST MOVIE OF ALL TIME. What film would that be, what would you improve, and how would you make it all better? (Alternatively, you can replace ‘film’ with ‘book’.)

3. Your wish has come true, and you’re finally Supreme Dictator of the World. What are your three unbreakable and most sovereign edicts?

4. What one piece of advice would you give to Monti circa 1995?

5. In your completely unbiased opinion, who would win in a bare-knuckle brawl between Stephen King and Clive Barker?

Don’t forget, fill in your answers on your Blog using a No.2 pencil. Ready GO

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4 have spoken to “Hey! Questions are up”

  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    Answers are up.
    On behalf of the band and myself, I hope we passed the audition.

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    I read them by the light of day and edited them heavily. My apologies to anyone who looked at them last night. Sorry, really.

  3. Penda writes:

    I want new questions.


    Fine – I’m working on them now.

  4. Penda writes:

    Answers are finally up. I’ve been busy.

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