Uh, hi there?

typed for your pleasure on 2 February 2005, at 2.15 am

Sdtrk: ‘Meta abuse’ by Venetian snares with Speedranch

Having checked the stats out for ‘Shouting etc etc’ just a few minutes ago, I notice there’s a lot of people hitting this site. And most of them are either from foreign lands, or they’re catholics, or they’re conservatives. Not that there’s anything wrong from being from a foreign land, might I add. WTF, as the kids say??
I thought maybe these were all directed from BlogExplosion or Blog Catalog, but apparently not. According to BlogExplosion, I’ve had only eight visits via their directory, while Blog Catalog has garnered me four. And these people are just piling thru my door, without stopping to say Hi there, and idly grabbing fistfuls of snacks and just leaving. My car park off to the side of the InfoBahn has apparently become some sort of service drive.

That’s too many damn metaphors in a single paragraph. I think I’ll just stop here

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  1. Penda writes:

    It’s like window shopping, people stop by, browse, and the rude ones never stop to say, “thanks” or “hi” or “sod off, you tosser”.

    People stop by mine to see dead bodies, tighty-whities, and nudes of Jolene Ballock(?). Or maybe it’s a dead, nude, Jolene Ballock in tighty-whities – I forget.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Hm. Maybe I need a dead, nude Jolene Ballock in tighty-whities on my site, then, so that there’s something for everyone.

    Who the hell is Jolene Ballock, anyway??

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Hmm… I think some of those hits are mine. So excuse me a mo’…
    *holding breath* Oooookaaayyy.
    Much better.
    Now: How did you find out I am Catholic? Or was… I think when my book comes out I’ll probably be excommunicated LOL…
    I should have known in the 2nd grade at the Catholic Boys’ School I attended that when I told the nun that I was Doubting Thomas in an earlier life it would lead to trouble… First time I ever got scolded. Man, that penguin was pissed.
    Oh well, they’ll just have to get over it LOL
    Anyway, thanks for the hospitality and snacks 😀
    (Before the book is out I’m planning to ressurrect my old website and do a blog of my own (forum, what, are you kidding?) and so you may feel free to drop in and out at your leisure and help yourself to snacks and Lilypix.
    Speaking of Miss Innocent, she sends love and kisses to you and the Missus!
    Keep up the keepin’ up 🙂

  4. Davecat writes:

    Resurrect your website? Start up a Blog?? More pics of Lily??? WOO HOOOO
    Here; sit down *pushes you forcibly into a comfortable seat* and have some snacks *piles several party-size bags onto your lap*

    I, too, was brought up catholic. But I don’t really regret it, cos I’ve found that catholic schools produce the best deviants. I’m sure you know what I mean. 😉 Penda & I attended the same silly catholic highschool, and we could tell you some stories. Well, her stories would be more interesting than mine, but still. Heady days, indeed!

    As John Waters once brilliantly put it, ‘I thank god I was raised catholic, so sex will always be dirty.’ 🙂

  5. PBShelley writes:

    I am not ambitious at all 😛 So I really don’t know what I’m getting into with Lily, but it is going to be big (methinks).
    I had a site constructed with a $9.95 program (ca 1997). It looked appropriately shoddy, but I wanted to make it easy to load. I found to my dismay that the promised “free” website size could only hold about 25 pages… during the 2 weeks to design the site, I had about 100 pages planned!
    I was considering having a Forum (for when the book is out), but decided that in light of all the twit drooling doll-bashers loving to sabotage our stuff, I’d rather deny them the opportunity. I know little about blogs, but I think you can collect the snippets and edit them before reposting? Neil Gaiman does this on his…

    In other news: I don’t regret the Catholic school days; I learned more than if I had gone elsewhere. Plus, it made the discovery of GIRLS much more… interesting 😀
    In 1967, Summer of Love and etc, I had to go to summer school. Never had been in mixed public-school classes before (this was my first “D”) and my first glimpse of bare legs very close-up :-O
    Girls everywhere, in skirts up to HERE!
    It was lovely 😀
    During this time there were free concerts in Golden Gate Park with the S.F. bands rotating weekly… Lots of “firsts” that summer!
    Suffice to say that I “accidentally” missed my final test, flunked the class, and ended up going to public school where I dropped out in the 11th grade.
    John Waters was right 😀

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