the Wednesday Recommendation 02: Katamari damacy

typed for your pleasure on 30 September 2004, at 7.58 pm

(posted on Thursday, but written on Wednesday. Please direct all complaints to that brick wall over there)

WHAT D’YE CALL IT? Katamari damacy

IS IT ANIMAL, VEGETABLE, OR MINERAL? a game for the Sony PlayStation 2

WHY ARE YOU RECOMMENDING THIS TO ME, THE SUAVE AND DEBONAIR READER OF ‘SHOUTING TO HEAR THE ECHOES’? It is, in the truest possible sense, a game that can be enjoyed by everyone. It’s innovative, it’s simple, it’s highly addictive, and most importantly, it’s a pantsful ov fun.
You control the Prince of All Cosmos, a 1cm fellow with a rather wide head. One night previously, the King of All Cosmos, a similarly wide-headed individual, had a night on the tiles, and ended up smashing every single star out ov the sky, so he’s naturally delegated the responsibility ov cleaning up the mess to his son, just like a real dad. Heh.
So! The Prince has been sent down to Earth with a sticky ball called a katamari, and has to roll up as much stuff as possible to make enormous junk balls, so the King can turn said balls into stars. I am not making this up. You can pick up anything and everything in this game, and I literally mean ‘anything and everything’ — the only thing you can’t pick up is water. One ov the more delirious stages is Make a Star 6. You start out on a table in a livingroom, rolling up dice and 9-volt batteries, and by the end, you’re rolling up bulldozers and houses. And that’s nothing compared to the final stage, where you have to rebuild the Moon. Fecking ace. 🙂

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FAVOURITE BIT(S)? O, I dunno, probably the whole damn game. The soundtrack, the sound effects, the Kubrick-esque character design (that’s the Japanese figures, not the film maestro, just so we’re clear), the simplicity ov gameplay (you use both analogue sticks to manoeuvre the ball. That’s it), the replay value, the King’s lysergic/sarcastic quips (‘We hope you can visit Portugal during the day’s rolling. Like that’s possible.’), all ov it’s ace. Did I mention that this game, this slice ov joy burned onto a DVD-ROM, is only $20 USD?? You have absolutely no excuse to pick it up & give it a spin (please pardon bad pun)

WHERE IS THE LINKAGE LOVE? Right here. Here, I say!

NEXT WEEK: Another glowing but frothing review, with quite possibly more descriptive and somewhat unnecessary adjectives!

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