This was the Future, Vol.03

typed for your pleasure on 2 February 2005, at 12.57 am

Sdtrk: ‘The click and the fizz’ by the High Llamas

This post was going to be about another one of those crazy examples of Sixties architecture that make my pants a couple of sizes too small, and I managed to stumble across a site dealing with The Osaka World Expo 1970, where I was basically overwhelmed by too many examples of fab architecture. So, rather than attempt to pick one, I’ll just provide the link here.

the Toshiba IHI Pavilion

The unique building was designed to convey a poetic image on the theme “hope” giving the future the look of a forest.A 55 meter-tall symbol tower made of the same tetra-units was erected in front of the Pavilion. [..]

The Global Vision Theater seemed to tee breathing, with 369 lamps fixed to the tetra-units. The lighting display was repeated at intervals of 20 minutes.
taken from this site

Pretty much all of them are remarkable, but the ones sponsored by Japanese corporations are my favourites. You get all these lysergic structures that look like they belong on the set of Ultraman. Fecking wonderful.
This is what I’d be doing if I had a TARDIS — visiting all of the old World’s Fair Expositions. Yep, visiting expos, and hitting on Edie Sedgwick

(EDIT: since I just decided on the above title being a cohesive name for this topic series, if you somehow missed the other two, they’re right here)

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