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typed for your pleasure on 7 January 2005, at 7.10 pm

I bring you: The Nakagin Capsule Tower in Ginza, Tokyo.

Built from 1970 and opened in 1972 the Nakagin Capsule Tower was a innovative masterpiece by architect Kisho Kurokawa. Kurokawa developed the technology to install the 2.3m x 3.8m x 2.1m sized capsule units into a concrete core with only 4 high-tension bolts, making the units detachable and replaceable. The capsules were designed to accommodate the individual as either an apartment or studio space, and by connecting units they could also accommodate a family. Complete with appliances and furniture, from audio system to telephone, the capsule interior was pre-assembled in a factory off-site and then hoisted by crane and fastened to the concrete core shaft. Today the Nakagin Capsule Tower is in rather bad condition and most capsules are rented out as mini-offices for a monthly fee of about 70,000yen each.

20th century Modern apartment complex? In Japan?? With spaces still more or less available??? SIGN ME UP!!1!

That’s what I think I’ll do; whenever I run across some really fab 20th Century architecture, I’ll post a blurb about it in mine Blog. Can’t go wrong with Modular Living

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