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typed for your pleasure on 20 July 2004, at 4.39 pm

A signed & numbered Trevor Brown silkscreen for only $100 USD?? EGAD!!

crash babies silkscreen
an extra print not included in the crash babies portfolio above – six colours – 28 x 36cm – 160 signed and numbered copies

price includes postage!

I am so buying this with my next paycheque. Or maybe the cheque after that

EDIT (2.11 pm): Okay, so I just bought one. I’m so weak.
In my eyes, this kinda makes up for the fact that I wasn’t around in the Sixties, and therefore unable to buy art from another fave artist, such as Andy Warhol. Whenever I read about how back then, he was selling original pieces for like $75 or $100, it’s like a punch in the bollocks. But NOW! Now I have a really cool piece by the notorious Trevor Brown, for an entirely reasonable price. To give you an example, I have one ov his books; ‘Forbidden fruit’. 80 pages, $50. A lot ov his books are kinda up there in price, and most are limited edition. But I’ll be looking forward to prominently displaying my silkscreen up on a wall! Once I move into my own place, that is

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