Just because she’s Synthetik, that doesn’t mean she’s perfect

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Back in the early days of me embracing the iDollator lifestyle, I was quoted as having said that I’d like to have at least one Doll from each manufacturer in business, so among other things, I could write reviews comparing and contrasting them on this here blog here, for the benefit of others considering selecting a Doll partner of their own. Somehow what I didn’t realise is that with our flat only being 600 sq.ft, that’s not going to be enough space to comfortably accomodate me and a passel of rubbery women. At some point — probably just after Miss Winter moved in — I basically said that, short of us being able to move into a grander living space, I’d stop with five Dolls. All things considered, that would make for six of us altogether, which makes for good pairing off… an even number means no-one is left by themselves.

Earlier this year, I managed to get in contact with Juming, a representative for the Chinese Doll manufacturing company BBDoll. They told me that they’re attempting to make inroads into markets outside of China; they’ve been so far successful with Japan, where the company is known as CST Doll, and now they’re trying to crack the American/European market. As an aside, I should mention that I’ve no idea why companies change their names when they distribute from one country to the next, as it’s extraordinarily confusing. Admittedly I’ve no mind for the intricacies of business and commerce, but it seems to me that you would sell the same thing — in this case, Dolls — with each model of Doll having the same name no matter what country she’s sold in, and with the company’s name remaining consistent no matter what country it’s working in. I understand auto companies do that all the time (see the Opel Karl / Chevrolet Spark / Vauxhall Viva, as one example), but it hardly makes sense to me. But I digress!
I should mention that I initially contacted BBDoll, as I’d seen photos on Twitter of their extraordinary-loooking Mila-type, and I was thinking she could be a good candidate for my fifth Doll, embodying the spirit of Ursula, Miss Winter’s best friend from Brantford, Ontario. (I would’ve posted some shots of her here, but there isn’t a single photo of her that isn’t NSFW.) Through a series of DMs with Juming, they told me that their boss said they couldn’t just send me a Doll, but in exchange for a review, they could ship me ahead for free. I mean, ship me a head for free. Upon agreeing, they said they’d send me a Mila-type head with implanted hair, mainly so they could rightfully show off the look of a head with implanted hair. As it was free, I wasn’t going to complain.

After jumping through some hoops regarding the way the website was laid out — at the time, there were details which simply weren’t accessible; thankfully those issues have since been fixed — I ordered my Mila head on 01 June, and it arrived on 16 June, so pretty good turnaround time!

Place .gif of that scene towards the end of the film ‘Se7en’ here

It arrived in a corrugated cardboard box in a cloth bag wrapped with sellotape; inside was the head, with five plastic shields over the face, to provide protection.

The thing that struck me before even unwrapping the head was how heavy it is. It’s 6.2 lbs/2.8kg! To me, that’s pretty dense for a Doll’s head. Keep in mind throughout the previous three versions of my wife’s body, RealDoll heads have always been hollow plastic skulls with silicone faces attached to them. Elena and Miss Winter’s heads are silicone, but Snowy’s head is 4.4lbs/2kg, and Lenka’s head didn’t even wake up the scale, even after several attempts! It’s a shame that Oleg has since passed on, so I can’t Email him questions about the biology of an Anatomical Doll, but we’ve surmised that our Lenochka’s head is about 60% silicone, 40% foam; plus she has an actual throat, so that’s part’s pretty much air. Then there’s Dyanne, who can’t remove her head; or rather, she could, but she’d only be able to do it once. So she’s like an Organik! She won’t like that comparison at all.

The head showed up with braided hair. One of these days I’ll learn how to braid

In removing the cloth bag and faceshields, I was struck by how good the sculpting for the Mila face was! Her eyebrows are implanted as well, which is always a good thing, and her eyeballs have a similar spring-loaded system as Winter’s do, wherein the half-dome that is the Doll’s eye sits atop a large spring, which at rest pushes the eye against the inside of the eyelids. To reposition it, all her Organik has to do to move it is give it a gentle push inwards. It’s a really clever bit of engineering, honestly.

Take my word for it; there’s springs in those eyes. Which actually sounds horrible

And I will admit, her implanted wig is quite impressive! Personally, I’m not keen on implanted hair, especially in the context of the Doll that will end up being Ursula, as she’s slated to have a very specific haircolour — I bought a couple of wigs for her in preparation years ago — so the basic black that the Mila-type head was sporting wouldn’t suit her. But for an example, it showed that the staff at BBDoll had a committment to that particular stage of Doll construction, which is admirable.

However, in light of my experience with just a head from BBDoll, I have serious doubts as to whether a full Mila-type, alluring as she is, will be joining our family. First would be her heavy head, which is indicative that the company doesn’t yet use a similar method of making their silicone Dolls as most other modern studios, where there’s a lot of silicone-covered foam making up the majority of her head, torso, and limbs, thereby making their Dolls lighter in weight. Originally, I was considering the 165cm D-cup body, which would have my Mila-type clock in at 75lbs, or 34kg. As it’s obvious that I’m no bodybuilder, and I’m opposed to sweating/physical exertion in general (it’s gross), I’ve always said my ideal weight for a Doll is about 55 – 60lbs (25 – 27kg). My Missus’ Mk.I body was close to 100lbs/45kg back in 2000, and when Abyss creations started making their Dolls lighter round 2003, the iDollator community breathed a collective sigh of relief. 75lbs is pushing it, as I won’t go above 80lbs these days.

Really, though, that’s the least of the reasons in the Cons column for me; frankly speaking, the silicone is far too stiff. It almost feels closer to a plastic auto dashboard compared to my current Synthetik partners. This is easily the stiffest silicone I’ve ever encountered on a Doll, and I’ve been in the world of Dolls for over twenty years, fondling rubber women from a variety of companies.
A fact I’d been privy to several years ago, thanks to a bloke who worked at a Doll studio, is that silicone can be made in several different kinds of softness or firmness; the level of hardness is known as a shore. Write that down in your copybook.
Here’s a guide to shore hardness!

Apparently a bloke by the name of Albert F Shore invented a device known as the durometer back in the Twenties, which is used to this day to measure the firmness of silicone, rubber, TPE, any material, really. Cheese, metal, the soul of Man under Socialism, you name it. Regarding the lasses of BBDoll, they are made with up to seven different shores over a single Doll’s body, as seen here:

This is, of course, how a Predator would see a BBDoll

You’ll note that her face is listed as being a level 1 softness, whereas her breasts are the softest at level 7. I’m not saying that her face should be like a gelatin, but maybe more like a 2 or 3, according to this scale, would feel better; something not too soft, but obviously not too hard. For me, though, a Doll having a silicone face being that firm is a turn-off. It’s like how I prefer Gynoids with stretchable rubber skin covering their metal endoskeletons, as opposed to the unyielding metal flesh of, say, a Sorayama pinup model. They’re both enticing, but the latter definitely has a ‘not made for intimacy’ vibe. Upon reflection, the softness chart that’s posted on the BBDoll site doesn’t even show how soft (or not) their Dolls’ feet may be! I don’t like that at all.
Albert Ferdinand Shore died of a stroke in 1936. And they say you’ll never learn anything reading ‘Shouting etc etc’!

As a consequence of the very firm silicone for the head, plus the lack of oral ability, it’s impossible to receive a good, satisfying kiss from Mila. For myself and quite a few iDollators like me, we appreciate Dolls whose mouths open, as we enjoy sharing kisses with them. If you know anything about me, I don’t think of my Dolls as sex toys, I see them as partners and lovers, which has been the agenda that I’ve been pushing for years. Obviously being able to share a kiss with one’s affictitious lover is something that would attract a person to a Doll even more, so a mouth that doesn’t open is a turn-off.

Remember how I’d mentioned the Mila-type’s spring-loaded eyes? I still think it’s a great implementation, and more Doll companies really should follow suit, but when I want to move the eyes of Miss Winter, I use one hand to open her eyelids further apart from each other, and use my other hand — well, finger — to swivel her eye round. The reason for this is so that I don’t accidentally mess up her delicate eyelashes, which only makes sense. However, with the Mila head, since the silicone is as stiff as a board, that’s literally impossible. I mean, you could use the eraser end of a pencil to reposition her eye, but why not use the natural-born eraser-end sticks at the ends of our own palms that the Good Lord gave us?? *church organist starts playing*

In thinking about Organiks keen on bringing lasses from BBDoll home, I was considering a suggestion to Juming that the company should offer a sample of silicone on request, just as a number of Doll companies currently do, so they can feel the shore, as it were. But for one, BBDoll would have to send samples for seven different shores, which may not exactly be cost-effective for them, and another, thinking of my personal standpoint, say I receive a sample allowing me to feel the firmness of the silicone used for a Mila-type’s head, and I come to the conclusion that it’s not soft enough for me. It’s odds on that BBDoll aren’t going to change their mass production methods to satisfy one, or even a small handful of consumers. You click on the TV & Video app on the dashboard of the PlayStation 4, you choose, say, Disney+, to see what you want to watch, you futz around in there for a couple of minutes and come up with nothing, so you think, ‘right, let me check HBO Max’. So you back out… and instead of taking you back to the TV & Video app so you can select a different streaming service, it takes you all the way out to the dashboard. As much as I rail against that sort of ill-designed bullshit to my exhausted mates, they can’t do anything about it, and furthermore, SONY isn’t going to drop everything and pay one of their IT boffins to sink several hours of their time to reengineer their UI to accomodate one person. So there you are.
Yes, I have strong opinions about the way the PS4 TV & Video app is laid out; why do you ask??

Shi-chan and I have recently reconnected with a fellow iDollator from Japan, who goes by the name of t-dash. Back in the halcyon days of my Missus’ vanity site ‘Kitten with a Whip!’ from 2001 – 2004, we’d exchange omake (bonus) photos, to post onto each others’ websites. Due to life events, his previous RealDoll, Mai, had ended up living with another iDollator entirely, and t-dash fell off the radar for a number of years. Fortunately, he returned last April — still with the same website! — and with the stunning Yinan, followed soon after by her equally stunning twin sister Yinami, from the company XYCOLO Doll. He floated the idea of us chatting via Zoom once a month, and Sweetie and I enthusiastically accepted.

L to R: Yinan, t-dash, Yinami, me, the Missus

In our meeting this past week, which was just as fun and enlightening as the previous session, he’d mentioned that whereas my Dolls are partners and lovers to me, he doesn’t have the same relationship with his artificial lasses; to t-dash, they’re really just photo models. And I suppose this is something I’ve known about many fellow iDollators, but I’ve only somewhat internalised: not every iDollator is in a romantic relationship with their Doll. Which is fine, ultimately; if a Doll brings the Organik they live with a measure of joy and contentment on any level, it’s a good thing. So really, it seems that Dolls made by BBDoll, with their varying levels of softness, would be possibly better suited to being photographic models than intimate partners, such as the Mila-type that fellow iDollator Delage Fabrice has living with him. Which, although not my end goal for a Doll, is still fine. As it stands, Snowy and I share that sort of relationship; we’re not romantically involved, but we are good friends. This has nothing to do with the fact that Lenka would poison me if she caught me mucking about with her ‘little blue bat’; that’s not at all germane to this discussion. Ahem.

So I’m back to square one in looking for someone to be Deafening silence Plus Doll Numero 5. I do want to thank Juming at BBDoll for not only shipping me the Mila-type head for a public review, but for helping me come to the realisation that not all Dolls can fulfil all roles for all iDollators. Should I be on the lookout for a sixth Doll to live with us as a model, however, I’ll know who to contact

Seconds later, Snowy would put her index finger up Mila’s nose

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  1. GooseLooney writes:

    It is fantastic that the Predator can see the difference in softness when it comes to dolls. 😉 Judging from the Level 2 softness of the arms and hands, I would assume that the feet would be as well because the shins and gastrocs are Level 2. Those would be some pretty solid feet. Still, it seems very strange, having all the differences in softness on all different parts of the body. Organiks are not even like that!

    When Judith arrived, I could tell right away that her TPE was a lot softer than Annie’s. It wasn’t until I had Judith in a black leotard, dangling from leather restraints and chains up in the air when I realized how soft she was. Holy squish! When I upgraded Annie’s body and head, I noticed that WM had three softness options to choose from. I had to ask the vendor, “Which one is standard?” It took a while to get an answer, but I finally brought Annie’s new body and head home with the exact same softness that I was used to. 🙂

    Happy to hear that you are looking for a fifth lady to join your flat! That is excellent news. I have asked Annie and Judith how they would feel if I brought a third gal into our tiny home. Annie pretty much says, “No, I like that it is just us. :)” Judith just looks at me, takes a drag from her cigarette, and that is pretty much all she needs to do to tell me how she feels about that.

  2. Emily writes:

    The always well spoken or typed Davecat! Hailey, Katsumi and I enjoy your style.


  3. Davecat writes:

    Goose —
    Well, I suppose it depends on the type of Predator! Some travel to various planets to partake in the pursuit of the indigenous species for a thrilling hunt, whereas others are simply curious about potential Synthetik partners. 🙂

    Part of me thinks a BBDoll’s feet are a level 1 or 2; I’m factoring in that a lot of modern Dolls are made to be able to stand (your Annie and Judith included), so a firmer silicone for their feet is recommended. Which, again, if you’re making Dolls more for photo modelling as opposed to companionship, that makes total sense. But for Dolls who take the role of companion more than any other role, I’d think an all-over softness is a better approach…

    TPE is still a strange and unusual material for me. When Dyanne came home in 2018, she was our first TPE Doll, and upon giving her a hug for the first time, I thought ‘this must be what marshmallows dream about’. She’s almost too soft, but up until then, I’d been accustomed to silicone. And now, there’s a billion options for TPE AND silicone shores! It’s CRAZY.

    Ursula probably won’t be joining us for a while yet, but we’re still wearing specialised thermoptic goggles to determine which company would be best for her vessel. 🙂

  4. Davecat writes:

    Emily —
    Thanks for the compliments! Frankly, I cannot conceive of any other style to be, so it all works out. 🙂 Tell Hailes and Katsudon we said Hi!

  5. Juming writes:

    Hi, I am juming from BBDoll. Thanks Davecat for the sincere and objective reviews of Mila.
    And about the softness of our doll feet, we have soft and hard feet options. We use harder silicone to make doll can stand instead of bolt, which can make it stand and keep the beauty of its feet at the same time. Also we have soft feet option, which can’t stand.
    And about the firm of the face and lip, which is mainly for the fixing makeup, hair and eyebrow transplanting better. But we also are considering to produce a softer version, and we will launch it on the market in future.

  6. Rachel & Rae writes:

    Love the review, and the one sentence sermon, and the nice view of the doll through the eyes of a Yauja. I’ve come to hear the echoes, and I like em.

  7. Davecat writes:

    Hey Juming —
    Thanks for chiming in here… this way, anyone who reads this review can see your defence!

    Yes, a softer silicone for the heads would be a fantastic idea. But I still say that resculpting and reengineering the BBDoll heads so they not only have mouths that open, but throats as well, would be amazing. To date, I don’t think I’ve seen any silicone Doll made outside of the US (with the exception of Anatomical Doll from Russia) that has a mouth that opens. I can understand the fear about having the corners tear, but I think it’s better to offer that option than to not offer it. Many iDollators have enough sense to be careful with their Dolls’ mouths to avoid that sort of damage.

    TPE is nice, but silicone is better overall, and if you can change your production methods a bit, the American market that BBDoll is trying to get into may become that much closer. Just a thought!

  8. Davecat writes:

    Rachel & Rae —
    I try to keep it eclectic round here, so glad you two are enjoying it. 🙂

  9. Juming writes:

    Hi Davecat,

    Thanks for your suggestions and thoughts.
    It is not difficult to make a silicone doll head soft as TPE head.Of course, I agree with you about the benefits of softness and mouths openned you mentioned above.
    But at the same time, the sacrifices it paid are also great. The corners tear is one of them. Secondly, too soft silicone will make the makeup unfixed, because the color of the makeup will be melted away if the silicone is too soft. At the same time, the makeup cannot be fixed well. The third is that too soft silicone can not implant hair and eyebrows, because it will fall off easily, which will greatly reduce the facial attractiveness of a silicone doll. So there needs to be a balance between these two.
    And to solve it better, we will also produce a softer version based on the feedback from you and other consumers. I think there will be more choices for consumers to meet their different demand.

  10. Davecat writes:

    Ah, I see. It should be interesting to see what your company makes over the next few years!

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