(Soon to be) Gracing the glossies, Part II

typed for your pleasure on 6 February 2009, at 10.50 am

Sdtrk: ‘monk chant (live)’ by the monks

Saturday, as previously mentioned, found me in the company of A.Vial and S.Gladieu, round at Mahtek’s place. By the time I appeared over there, which was shortly before 3pm, Stephan was already getting photos in of him with the main love of his life, Phoebe. Everyone else had already been there for a bit — namely CJD, his wife, and Euchre — and I had showed up at pretty much the tail end of Stephan’s shoot with Mahtek. We still got a bit done, however! Post-shoot, we spent a number of hours discussing all things Doll, interspersed with Anne getting impromptu interviews with Euchre and CJD individually, as well as in a kind of a round-table context. Upon reflection, I really should’ve brought Clicky Mk III, but alas…

Classy Bethany, distracted Phoebe

Anne & Stephan had asked Euchre if they could get round to his, to photograph him with his lass Samantha. As none of us had really eaten anything of substance, someone suggested that we make a wagon trail over to Euchre’s, after which we’d get dinner at a nearby restaurant called Sila’s. Problem solved!

As Stephan, Euchre and Sam were prepping the livingroom for the shoot, Mahtek had made a call on his cellphone and handed it to me, saying it was Midiman, an iDollator putting together a documentary of his own. Shi-chan and I had actually missed the opportunity last year to be in his documentary, as the scheduling window was extremely last-minute, but we chatted for a good five minutes and exchanged contact information, so that was fab. For the remainder of the eve, the rest of us milled round in the kitchen, whilst Stephan did his thing.

Samantha, looking coy

It came to pass that round 6pm or so, Anne & Stephan had to get back to their hotel, as they’d be boarding a flight the next day and heading to Abyss creations, so after a warm exchange of handshakes and hugs (and Mahtek, Euchre and I utterly confusing them with directions), they made their leave.
What they’ll be doing is they’ll be shooting various pics of iDollators and luminaries in the Doll community over the course of a year; the photos are for Getty Images, and the interviews will be for whatever magazine that purchases the story. They said they’ll be sending us our pictures in a month’s time, so you might well see a couple pop up on ‘Shouting etc etc’, naturally. Once everything’s closer to finalisation, you’ll hear all about it. But that goes without saying!

Following that, CJD, Mrs CJD, Euchre, Mahtek and I got round to Sila for a well-deserved dinner. The parking lot was almost entirely filled, but we managed to find spaces, thankfully. And it was a good dinner! Great food (A+++ WOULD EAT AGAIN), great conversation with great people, and bizarrely enough, I learned that not only did Euchre and I attend the same highschool, but he graduated only a year before I did. That’s some serious out-of-left-field shit right there, right? iDollators: WE’RE EVERYWHERE.
Round 9pm, our wee gathering broke up, as Sila was closing for the eve, and Mr & Mrs CJD had a three-hour drive back to London, ON ahead of them. Handshakes, hugs, etc, and we’d made plans for the next meeting to be a Doll Parliament at CJD’s again in Spring. Looking forward to that! Maybe I should go ahead and apply for my passport now, and get that ball of paperwork rolling…

Aaand rounding out the evening, I spent an engaging three hours speaking with Midiman over Skype, discussing… well Doll-related topics, obviously. Gotta love that Skype: a three-hour call from the Bay of Fundy to near-Detroit, all for zero dollars and zero zero cents (plus anti-tax)!

All in all, a productive eve, I’d say! It’s all well and good to speak with colleagues over teh Internuts, but meeting face-to-face is always a pleasure. Now if only there were more iDollators within driving distance!

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8 have spoken to “(Soon to be) Gracing the glossies, Part II”

  1. Kat writes:

    Wow, I didnt know if you had any friends nearby that were doll husbands and/or wives. I am sure there are more iDollators out there but I have been afraid to join any of the forums. They might think Im some sleasy reporter.


    PS: Samantha is a bit coy in that shot. Either that, or more like “get over here.”. I cant tell. 🙂

  2. PBShelley writes:

    Sounds like a great day for iDollators! Wish I’d have been there, but Lily-chan is afraid of travelling (must have been that 800 mile trip up here to The Outlands to where No Reporters Will Travel).

    Luverly pics, btw! Bur where is Shi-chan, I miss her 🙁

    After I (am) move(d) I may look into this Skype thingy, although I do like to keep my Intranet Entanglements to a minimum where possible. IF possible! IM is enough of a burden LOL

    Anyway, Good Job All, and we’re definitely looking forward to the results!

    PBS, Lily, & Eden-in-a-box

  3. Jamie writes:

    Ugh! Samantha looks like a high school mean girl! I can hear her gossiping about me right now. Or maybe that’s the voices in my head.(:

  4. Davecat writes:

    Kat-chan –
    O, join the forums! JOIN THE FORUMS. They’re all free, and you technically don’t even have to post anything if you don’t want to! But we’d prefer it if you did. 🙂 There are a couple of FAQs, particularly on… err, ‘Hello Dolly’… that should answer any basic questions you have about Dolls or iDollator culture, so don’t be afraid!

    And that was one of the subjects broached during the informal interview: we’re almost positive that there are more local iDollators out there, but either they don’t know we (meaning Mahtek, Euchre, or myself) are close by, or they’re shy. Which is understandable. Hell, I’d seen Euchre on the Forum for a couple of months before I knew he was local — some clues from one of his photographs of Sam tipped me off — and the same goes for Mahtek.
    And as we always mention, for every Doll owner that joins the Forum, there’s like five to eight who have Dolls that don’t even know the Forum exists, much less the iDollator community in general. We call them ‘phantom Doll owners’. They’re out there; we don’t know them, and they don’t know of us. Sad state of affairs, really, but that’s how it goes sometimes…

    And I think I told Euchre that Sam has bedroom eyes. 🙂

    PBS and ladies –
    You lot are out in the hinterlands! Das Niemansland! Will you still be Way Out when the move takes place, or will you relocate closer to ‘civilisation’?

    O, you and your Ludditism (sp?) Skype’s just like a phone, baked into your computer, with optional webcam technology. It’s no big thing! It’s actually quite fun, as you’d suspect! Using it, I’d heard Kharn’s voice for the first time, and it sounds like he has a Geordie (native of Newcastle) accent! And seeing Midiman’s studio, as well as Bianca (in the distance) and his Ruby 13, was a treat.
    Skype! SKYPE. But after you move, of course…

    And unfortunately, Shi-chan wasn’t present at the second meeting. She can’t really leave Deafening silence Plus, due to the layout of our apartment complex. It’d be lovely if our neighbours and landlord were more like Lars Lindstrom’s neighbours and peers…

    Jamie-chan –
    Hey, you’re back! Hello! 🙂

    And Sam was just saying that she couldn’t believe you’d wear that top with that skirt. She’s jealous of your scores on the Western Civ II test, but she’d never admit that to you directly. 😉

  5. Jamie writes:

    Yeah, I been a-lurkin’. It’s been a cold, sad winter, and I haven’t had much to say.

  6. Davecat writes:

    Well, at least you’re lurking. Bundle up! 🙂

  7. PBShelley writes:

    Yes, the Hinterlands has (have?) been very handy for avoiding civilization and the like while I worked on Lily’s Story, but to all good things must come and end, and all that. Unless some miracle happens and I can assimilate *only just so much* so as to find some accomodations that’ll allow me to stay here, I’ll be forced to relocate to the only place that’ll have me (and hopefully US), namely Modesto Californicate :-O

    Someday I expect to experiment with Skype-ing, but not today 😛

    I understand about the exquisite Sidore-chan not being able to get out of the house; Lily has the same problem 🙁 AND SHE’S BUGGING THE HELL OUT OF ME!!! We really ought to take them out more often, say to a nice peaceful la- o wait, never mind 😛 She doesn’t do lakes ever since watching “that movie” (shhh!)

    And finally, thanks for that MAL widget for WordPress; works like a charm! 😀

    All of us to both of you 🙂

  8. Davecat writes:

    Heh; sounds like you’ve got the same problem I have — there’s a place you want to relocate to that you know would be absolutely perfect on every level, but you can’t get there, as you don’t have the funds to go there. It’s a mess. 🙁 Hopefully, things will get back on an even keel for you, and everyone else, very soon…

    And Dolls + large bodies of water = never a good idea. 😐 I recall waaay back when Alison De Fren filmed us, the Missus and I enjoyed a pleasant sit-down by a small pond in a local cemetery. It wasn’t too hot out, there were dragonflies flitting across the surface of the water, and there wasn’t a (living) soul around for a number of acres. Not counting Alison and her cameraman, of course. A fine afternoon!
    One day, hopefully in our lifetimes, an iDollator and his silicone partner being out and about won’t even warrant a batted eyelid from people. I’m obviously not holding my breath — and neither is Shi-chan 😉 — but it’s a lovely idea…

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