Please pass the suicide

typed for your pleasure on 3 January 2005, at 5.18 pm

My brakes are going tits up! Also, today I was fired!

I’m going to bed, before anything else fucked-up happens. Wake me up when my classes start next Wednesday

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Hi Davecat,

    Sorry to hear about that; being fired on a Sunday, no less! Lily sends a big consolatary (huh?) hug. I’m going to make a hot toddy to drink to your better fortunes. What that has to do with fortune, I have no idea, but it’ll be tasty and warm, and that’s always good 😉

    Bosses are assholes anyway, that’s what Lily says; at least hers is (for the time being, heheh)…

    Hope it all turns out for you, DC… I’d say Happy New Year, but um… feh. You know? “Room for Improvement” comes to mind.

    Best wishes anyway to you and Sidore,
    from PBShelley & Lily

  2. Patrick writes:

    Sorry to hear about losing your job
    What happened?

    Hey, at least now, if you’re breaks last thing to worry about as you’re hurtling towards oblivion.

  3. Davecat writes:

    Patrick –
    Why was I given the bum’s rush? Well, basically, I wasn’t ‘showing enough enthusiasm for my job’. Do you suppose that hearing ‘no’ on the phone, 37 hours a week, from people across the nation, would raise one’s enthusiasm level? 😛

    The main reason was that my sales were down, i.e, I hadn’t been making my quota for the past three months. Wait a minute – ‘sales’? Bu.. but I thought we were fundraisers, not telemarketers?! HOLY CRAP, MY LIFE IS A LIE?!? Hey, d’ya think that maybe it was the fact that I was getting a little *burnt-out* after being there for NINETY WEEKS, and having a constant series of rejections fired at me? WHO KNOWS?!?!?!!?!?!!?

    So yeah, I don’t miss the job, but I do miss the money. Put it this way; there were days where I was like, ‘Wow – Quest diagnostics wasn’t this bad’..

  4. Davecat writes:

    PBShelley –
    Tell your lovely luscious Lily that if she thinks her boss is an asshole, there’s a brand-new opening over at my old place of employment. That’ll certainly give her perspective.. 😛
    On the upside, now I have more time to write the pair of you back!

    Hey, have another hot toddy for me, and some eggnog (200% alcohol by volume) for the Missus, eh? 😉

    And Thanx for the condolences, from all of you. 🙂 (I actually had to edit this and break it up into two posts, cos I overshot my chara limit. D’oh!)

  5. Penda writes:

    See – I was so absorbed in my own holiday craptacular, I totally missed this.

    Sorry to hear about the job front.

    I’m always suprised that there aren’t more telemarketers stepping in front of trains, what with the constant rejection.

    Now what will yo do with your days?

  6. Davecat writes:

    I’m taking advantage of my ‘time between jobs’; apart from looking for a new gig, of course, I’m gonna try to get some photoshoots in, as well as catch up on all those DVDs that I own but haven’t yet watched. And who knows – if I manage to get a grant or two for the Spring/Summer semester, I might take on a couple more classes and get that shite out of the way. I’m viewing this as ‘catch-up time’, really.

    Or I might spend my days fully clothed, sitting in an empty bathtub, munching on paint chips. Who can say?

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