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typed for your pleasure on 12 December 2004, at 11.34 pm

A couple of days ago, I finally got round to installing Firefox, and let me tell you, it’s very much a ‘why the hell didn’t I do this sooner?’ kind of thing. One of the coolest features it.. features.. would be the Extensions, which are applications you can download for the browser. My favourite? The on-the-fly translator. Highlight some Japanese text, right-click on it, and a translation pops up nearly instantly onscreen! It’s a literal translation — if you’ve ever used BabelFish you’ll know what I mean — but it’s still feckin’ impressive. *geek mode OFF*
Remember those microbuttons I mentioned two posts ago? Do yourself a favour and click the ‘Get Firefox’ one. Go on, I’ll wait.

Last night, Derek & I got round to Jeff’s digs for our usual week-end chicanery, and viewed Samurai fiction, which was a neat little fillum. Nothing I’d buy (well, I say that now), but definitely worth seeing. The thing that puzzled me was that it was listed as ‘Samurai Fiction: Episode One’, yet no-one’s heard hide nor hair of there being any additional films.. After Derek took off, Jeff & I watched Georges Franju’s Eyes without a face, which was rather messed-up, especially considering that it was released in the early Sixties. It’s your typical ‘scientist’s daughter gets involved in a horrible disfiguring accident, so he has his assistant abduct young women to take back to his mansion/lab, whereupon he surgically removes their faces so he can graft them onto his daughter’s skull’ film. I know, I know, that genre’s overdone, but Monsieur Franju makes a pretty good stab at it, ho ho ho. And upon coming home, I sat down and watched episodes six and seven of Mezzo. Have I mentioned that Yasuomi Umetsu is all kinds of ace? Not in the past five minutes, you say? Well, then.

The Mysterious Wallpapers of Davecat, Set Four, was available
right here, but alas, no longer. (2.92 MB)

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