Rather like detailing a car / Stop, chapters

typed for your pleasure on 30 December 2004, at 1.33 am

Well, it should be plainly obvious when you scroll down this page and your eyes rest on that newly-filled conspicuous space between the Archives and my microbanners, that I’m digging adding apps and devices and other assorted crap to this Blog. Thanx to Rikai.com, now YOU can learn a new kanji per day! Or, at the very least, attempt to learn. Be sure to write them down, as there’s 1,850 of them to memorise!

Also, my non-Criterion copy of the Sid & Nancy DVD arrived today! Y’know how DVDs come with inserts indicating chapter stops or whatnot? My copy came with six. *blank stare*
Guess a few of my mates are gonna be getting some inserts for New years!

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