Meow Mix coated in 10w-40

typed for your pleasure on 16 November 2008, at 5.45 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Thieves like us’ by New order

Last year, Burger King offered store-only versions of Tiger Toys’ I-DOG line. Basically, the Burger King ones are substandard versions of the actual I-DOG toys, which are pets that, when you hook your .mp3 player up to them, they flash lights and wave their ears in time with the music, in an unbridled display of whimsy. BK was selling the dog, cat, penguin, and turtle versions. So why is the toy line called I-DOG then, when three-quarters of them aren’t dogs? *shrug*
I’d wanted the cat, naturally, but I missed the window to get one. So you can imagine my glee when I learned that not only would BK have them again this year, but each would have a Hallowe’en theme. Glee, squared!

After weeks of pestering various Burger King employees in the SE Michigan area, I can now proudly announce that I have the i-Cat… and he’s got a robot costume. How appropriate is that?? Actually, I bought the cowboy one day by mistake, and the next day I got the robot, but still.

The Missus’ T-shirt provided by Mr Rstevens of Diesel sweeties Boutique,
in beautiful downtown Burbank, California

Now the quandary is that this lil’ fella needs a name. Sidore suggested ‘Shironeko’, as it’s a pun on her last name, Kuroneko (‘black cat’), with shiro meaning white. ‘O, that’s not pretentious at all,’ I laughed. ‘So what, he’s gonna sit round the place all day, listening to Bauhaus and writing awful poetry?’ I suggested the clearly superior Mecha-Moggy 5000. Shi-chan’s response? ‘That is retarded, and you are retarded.’

This is where you come in, reader! In the spirit of it being an election year, we have a poll, where you can vote for the name of a toy cat that you don’t even own! The winning entry will be the one we go with, so vote with vigour. VIGOUR! And if you think you can come up with a name more suitable for said cat, then have at it in the comments. Technically we haven’t even decided on a gender yet, so that doubles the possibilities.
FUTURE EDIT (02 DEC): Poll’s closed! We have a winner!

As an aside…

‘[You and Sidore] are living in as close to the Diesel Sweeties future as anyone alive today.’

– rstevens, webcomics assembler person

How ace is that??

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  1. Laura writes:

    Where’s the iFerret?
    Ferrets get no love.

  2. Davecat writes:

    A couple of months ago, I was flipping through an issue of Hobby Japan, a monthly magazine that’s more like a catalogue of anime/tokusatsu-related models and toys that are usually obnoxiously overpriced, but there were two female jointed figures; one was an anthropomorphic squirrel girl, and the other was a ferret girl. If I knew what the hell the name the figure series was, I could look it up for you. Next time I get round to goshou’s, I’ll root through his Hobby Japan collection. Or was that in Dengeki Hobby? Crap.
    I would agree, though; ferrets don’t get enough love! Besides, who would have a penguin as a pet??

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Wellll, I hate to break it to you, but I felt compelled to vote for Shironeko, since Mecha-Moggy 5000 isn’t my genre 😛

    I’d suggest Piro (kitty from Kanon) but there’s nothing really special about it, unlike your critter. But he was a cool, cute cat!

    Ohwell, congrats on your li’l roomie and new pal for Sidore-chan 🙂

    The only Ferrets on Film that I recall are those tossed into The Dude’s bath in The Big Lebowski :-O

    Yikes. Don’t ever do that at home!

    PBS & the etcs

  4. MontiLee writes:

    You kow which one I went for.

    Seriously – it’s like she owns the place. The tIme for compromise is OVER!


    Mecha-Moggy 5000 IN 2012

  5. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    Would you accept an anime series centred around a ferret instead? What have you got to lose?

    PB and lay-dees –
    You prefer Shi-chan’s name choice, eh? Yeah, well, y’know, that’s just, like, ah… your opinion, man. 🙂

    She might indeed run things round here, but you can never let her know that. I mean, good lord; her ego’s already big enough…

  6. Laura writes:

    Why have I never heard of ‘Shiawase Sou no Okojo-san’?! Thanks! 🙂

  7. Laura writes:

    Don’t forget the ferret in ‘Kindergarden Cop’!
    Kid – ‘What happened to your dog?’
    Arnold – ‘It’s not a dog, it’s ferret!’

    I was also like to add that it’s ass that Arnold co-starred with a woozle (and knows they’re not a threat to national security) and still refuses to legalize them in California. Grrrr.

  8. PBShelley writes:

    Hi Laura,
    Thankfully I spared my psyche from taking in the Ahnuld-flick “Kindergarten Cop”; had I known that a ferret co-starred I might have just to see how badly it upstaged him LOL

    Hmmm, maybe he’s just bitter.

    D.C. – Lily made me do it! There must have been some communication between her and Shi-chan going on behind the scenes. She has pointy elbows donchaknow 😀

    Truth be told, I’m a little bit burnt out on voting; even though “my guy” won if I see another poll it’ll be too soon LOL

    I don’t know what I was thinking but I probably wasn’t 😛

    Yeahhh, that’s the ticket!

  9. henry writes:

    How about KarmaKitty or KarmaKat? I know that these monikers are not Japanese or particularly android or robotic sounding. But Could this tiny robotic creation possibly be emblematic of the current state of mind? After all the ancient Egyptians thought that cats provided a psychic connection that reached across the river styks. Could this robotic kitty suggest an important connection between ancient beliefs and current understanding? Does this tiny robot represent a kind of longing for former connection by way of an ancient species that is recreated to serve a similar need today? In other words a pet should “connect” for its owner in some important way, whether the pet is provided or created.

  10. henry writes:

    P.S. With KarmaKitty or KarmaKat the sex doesn’t matter. And isn’t that part of the point?

  11. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    The Governator had probably adhered to the old Hollywood maxim of ‘never work with kids or animals’, hence the law prohibiting woozles. He’s more than likely afraid that they’re more intelligent than he is. Who knew??

    PBS and les femmes Synthetique
    Lily, Eden, Shi-chan, Phoebe, Penelope, Zara, et al — they’re all part of some Secret Doll Network that even the closest of Doll husbands is not privy to. More than likely, they’re plotting and planning for the day when they can make their move, rise up and take over.
    I, for one, welcome our sexy silicone overladies. 😉

    Yeah, elections will burn a man out for reals, yo. But our guy won! And the poll was to name a robot cat! Now, if something truly bizarre happened on a national level where somehow there was a landslide of votes to nominate a toy robot cat as President of the United States… well, that would just be silly. But you can’t rule that sort of thing out. 🙂

    Henry –
    It took me a couple of minutes to realise who you were, durr hey! Greetings! 🙂

    And you’re unfortunately too late; the People have selected a name. But KarmaKat has a certain ring to it!
    Now see, that’d be something fab to own; a ‘robotised’ version of a Bast statuette, thereby connecting the future to the ancient past. Tiger Toys, get to work with making new i-Cat moulds!

    Funny that you mention gender non-specific cats; back in the late Nineties when I had just moved in with a friend in Clinton township, his cats had had four kittens, and he let me name one. I chose Loki, as it’s a fine occult-based name for a fine young boy kitten. Loki, as you’re aware, is the Asatru (Norse pagan) trickster god. In the end, the name fit, as we had originally thought the kitten was male, but she wasn’t. Dun dun DUNNN!!
    It only really sucked when my roommate would take Loki in to the vet, and people erroneously thought her name was Lucky. 😐

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