Synthetiks-related news (Jul 08): supplemental

typed for your pleasure on 7 July 2008, at 10.29 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Broohahja’ by The focus group

Unbelievably enough, 4woods has just now released a new make and model of Doll: the A.I.peach series, with their stunning debut model named Kaon. Seriously, 4woods — you lads need to give us time to breathe.

Dress sense inspired by Sigourney Weaver (first ‘Alien’ film only)

And what’s more, they’re also field testing a new makeup style for Kaon-chan, with what I hope will be positive results, as it’s kinda heavy on the eyeliner, which is something I lurve. Where can I cast my vote? Should I write my congressman?
Seeing the test pics, I was reminded me of an Organik lass that I’ve always found strikingly attractive:

Left, Edie Sedgwick; right, Kaon-chan

So there you have it! And in the interest of full disclosure, this most recent post was actually not going to be Doll-related. But I cannot control the news! I am just its messenger

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  1. Kat writes:

    Its funny but I have seen too many instances where that much makeup around the eyes is just too much. However some how this looks manageable both on the doll and on the actress.

  2. SafeTinspector writes:

    I’m not much for the make-up, but I must say that Kaon is the most strikingly attractive doll I’ve seen pictured at your site so far. (Well, other than that partially transparent, internally blue-lit unit you showed once-upon-a-time)

    I really like the post shown (the one in which you drew parallels to Ridley)

  3. Laura writes:

    Edie = gorgeous!
    I love heavy eyeliner but I rarely wear it like that….it’s too time consumimg. At 6am, when that bloody alarm has just went off, it’s easy to justify skipping the eyeliner….and the shower if it means 30 more minutes of sleep.

  4. Jaems writes:

    Breathe? I think the correct term is, “Save”. Then again the Japanese spare no expense when it comes to autos, designer labels, or their companions.

    Btw, quote of the day is:

    “Q: What is the difference between the all-in-one vagina and the marriage hole vagina?”

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    A: The latter includes threatened financial obligation while the former admits the possibility of hermaphroditia.

  6. Miss Hyde writes:

    Kaon-chan has The cutest eyeliner!

  7. Davecat writes:

    Kat –
    Back in the late Nineties, a Welsh alternative band called Manic street preachers hit the scene, and for their first album, all four members (who were blokes, incidentally) wore eye makeup just like that. In all honesty, that was probably the best thing about that band.

    You should save up for a Kaon-chan! She could be draped over that tabletop videogame you have, looking sexy!
    And yeah, Eternal Angel certainly stood out from the pack. That is, until her batteries inevitably ran out, and she blended in with the pack. Remind me, and I’ll send you her full-size pics…

    Laura –
    Edie = *tongue-rolling sound*
    ‘At 6am, when that bloody alarm has just went off, it’s easy to justify skipping the eyeliner [..] if it means 30 more minutes of sleep.’
    Replace ‘eyeliner’ with ‘shaving’, and that’s me to a T some days. Although I used to wear eyeliner — haven’t done so in years, though, as I don’t think management would ‘get it’…

    Jaems –
    Those damnable Japanese and their expensive quality products!! I demand satisfaction! Or at the very least, four or five of their Synthetiks. They’re for the Missus, you see. 😉

    And I’ll go with SafeT’s response for that quote. 🙂

    Hyde-chan –
    She does go out of her way to be a cutie! *applauds politely*

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