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typed for your pleasure on 20 July 2004, at 4.06 am

Just got an Email from a ‘Bart Short’, which is a rather normal name, unlike his Eddress (, who is offering me a copy ov ‘Windqws 2O0O Advanced zokrv Serwer’. Which is really ace, cos I’ve been waiting for those zokrv Serwers to go on sale!
The very first thing at the head ov the Email is

That pressing always to do work better and faster solves nearly every
no company can be said to be stable which is not so well managed that it

which leaves me utterly speechless, but then at the bottom, we’ve got 21 lines ov ‘text’, the best ov which begins

French Department of Commerce and Industry took one of our steeringLwiks spcx lfcm udndmhtbo mztjvfg mplhgvazzpb lqptb nfhvbkofos jqyptwp huspevrax slwp ozlsnmriex jam yrclajawb

It’s starting to come together now! The French Department of Commerce and Industry took one of their steeringLwiks spcx! That’s why they can offer such low prices on copies ov Windqws 2O0O Advanced zokrv Serwer. They’re missing an important steeringLwiks spcx, so you could say that the loss they experienced due to the French is my gain! WOOO HOOO

*clicks ‘Report as Spam’*

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