Eventually, you’ll have to deal with the Blinovitch Limitation Effect

typed for your pleasure on 24 February 2012, at 1.46 am

Sdtrk: ‘Cre spoda’ by Klaus Nomi

Passed a delivery van on the way to work today, bearing a sticker which read, ‘FOR SAFETY REASONS THIS VEHICLE DOES NOT DRIVE FASTER THAN 65 MPH’. Of course, until I was close enough to actually read what it genuinely said, I thought it was 88 mph. Grew up in the Eighties; I have no regrets.

This led me to thinking: well, that’s counter-productive. If you were in a delivery van that could go 88 mph, with the proper equipment you could go back in time, and transport whatever shipment to the recipient before they’d even requested it, thereby eliminating the need to go back in time.

So why’d you go back in time in the first place?

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  1. M writes:

    The husband has never seen ‘Back to the Future’, half of my jokes are wasted on him. Nor has he seen Doctor Who. HOW did we even get together??

  2. PBShelley writes:

    For some reason I gather this is associated with The Butterfly Effect but my brain broke trying to figure your scenario out o.O

    OH. Steins;Gate = excellent anime about time-travel, one of my favorites of 2011. “Realistic” settings, very clever dialogue and acting (and hilarious at times), workmanlike but well-directed animation; great characters; very gripping story, esp nearing the end. Plus, Butterfly Effect & etc
    Good stuff!

    Oh, and I went back in time to remind myself to take my place in the future. Sent the Past me to the Future and the Future guy back to the Past. This created the void I now find myself in, Here and Now. I think. Er, thought. Or is it something I will think in the future about what went wrong in the past…


    Ah, and I couldn’t fail to note that we both posted practically simultaneously! Great minds think alike, eh?

    Or yours does anyway xD

    Nothing much of import in my Post (aside from the bitter fruit @ ABNA), but there are a few pics of my girls signed below 😉

    PBShelley with Lily, Soony, and Pennie <3

  3. Davecat writes:

    M —
    Never seen Doctor Who?? Wh… what… I gotta sit down for a bit. HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE. It’s your duty as Wife to make sure he’s watching good television! Feed him some classic and modern Doctor Who! Pour it directly into his head.
    In the interest of full disclosure, although I’ve seen the first BTTF (I had it on tape), I’ve yet to see the other two. I just hadn’t gotten round to it yet! I think I wasted my time watching ‘Ghostbusters 2’. Definitely not as good as the first one. *shaking head*

    PBS & lasses —
    No no; the Blinovitch Limitation Effect is much better than the Butterfly effect. In short, it deals with why, if you go back in time to do something and make a mistake, why you can’t just return to your timeline and simply try again. It gets messy, needless to say.

    I’d heard of Steins;gate, but never seen it; as it deals with time travel, reading about it on Wiki has piqued my interest. Upon your sage recommendation, I’ll have to give it a look-in!

    And if you do too much time-travelling, you might accidentally meet yourself! That could get messy, too. Just stay where you are; there’s enough snacks in this timeline to satisfy you. 🙂

  4. PBShelley writes:

    Good then, I like snacks!

    Yes, messing with time can definitely be messy. Ironically, regarding Steins;Gate, time-travelling and getting messy, the self-proclaimed mad scientist does have a concern about bumping into himself; one test subject returned from a temporal trip as a mass of greenish jelly-fied bananas. At least that’s what I *think* they were *shudders* :-O

    So there’s that. And I *just* got an additional 25th episode tonight; haven’t seen it yet. Seek and ye shall find 😉

    By the way, Steins;Gate is THIRD on the Top 10 Anime list at Anime News network, scoring a 9.3., and is NOT on the Top 10 Most Popular! So you KNOW it’s gotta be good 😀

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