Awkward, but fascinating! But awkward

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Sdtrk: ‘Kangaroo’ by This mortal coil

It’s long been a goal of mine to learn multiple languages, as obviously it can open up several new venues for a person. In order, I’d love to master Japanese, German, French, and Gaelic (both Scottish and Irish). Hell, why not throw in Lapine, the language the rabbits spoke in ‘Watership down’, as well, cos if I somehow manage to free up enough time in my life to learn five additional languages, I might as well make it six. But it’d be fantastic: Japanese would enable me to understand all that Japanimation that I watch; German would let me translate Laibach lyrics; French, so I could watch unadulterated episodes of ‘Belle et Sébastien’, and Gaelic, so I could ken what the living hell’s being said on this webpage.

Arbh fhearr leat bábóg nó bean?!
Le Ciara Nic Gabhann

Is ait an mac an saol, rud a fhíoraíonn lucht ceannaithe Real Dolls go paiteanta. Tugann Ciara Nic Gabhann léargas ar na fir arbh fhearr leo caidreamh a bheith acu le bábóg ná le fíorbhean.

Tagann an ráiteas “there’s nowt as queer as folk” chun cuimhne agus mé ag meabhrú ar an scannán Lars and the Real Girl, a bhí le feiceáil i bpictiúrlanna le gairid.

Sa scannán seo insítear scéal fir óig, Lars (Ryan Gosling), a bhfuil cónaí air i mbaile beag. Is duine é Lars a mbíonn faitíos uafásach air agus é i gcomhluadar – comhluadar ban ach go háirithe – agus mar gheall air seo, seachnaíonn sé gach saghas caidrimh. Labhraíonn comhghleacaí dá chuid leis lá amháin faoi mhainicíní sileacóin, ar a dtugtar Real Dolls, atá múnlaithe i bhfíorchruth mná. I ngan fhios d’aon duine, ordaíonn Lars ceann de na bábóga ar an idirlíon.
the rest of the article is here

It’s about Dolls and iDollators, and mentions me and the Missus in extant (looks like it quotes that pack of lies known as the Marie Claire UK article) as well as ‘Lars etc etc’, and the language burns my brain.
Would any of you lovely readers out there happen to know Gaelic, by any chance? I’d use Babelfish, but as you know, that’s sometimes akin to putting a language in a blender, and drinking the results. Any takers? I’ll name a kitten after you!*

*note: the kitten won’t actually be mine, as our apartment doesn’t allow pets

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5 have spoken to “Awkward, but fascinating! But awkward”

  1. Kat writes:

    Oh wow…. Umm…

    Me speak English perfectly. LOL

    And yes, Babelfish sometimes is no help.

  2. Desiree writes:

    I used to study Gaelic (and French and Japanese) and started translating the part about you, but really it’s just straight off that article. It uses most of the same quotes in the same order and just simplifies the other text, more like a bad translation than a separate article.

    Dare I ask why you subject yourself to those sorts of interrogations?

  3. Laura writes:

    I was learing French when I was in high school. But now I’m a working stiff, and can’t quite find the time.
    Good luck on your quest. However, when you do find out what it says, it’s proabably some bullshit anyways.
    I’d say, just let it go.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Kat –
    Babelfish is kind of a 50/50 thing — sometimes it’s genuinely helpful, and other times, it’s good for its comedic value. Unfortunately, I’m not a gambling man, and as Babelfish is free, it offers no guarantees. I need the truth. The TRUTH! *slams fist on table*

    Desiree –
    The site looks like it’s kinda designed as a ‘workbook’ of sorts for those who are just learning Gaelic — as you’ll note, there’s a glossary at the bottom for some of the more difficult words and phrases. Hey, I’m part of a workbook!

    And they’re not all interrogations, you know! Most of the interviews I take part in are enjoyable; with the exception of the cavalcade Shi-chan and I went through with the Swedes, and even that had its perverse moments of fun. But I do what I do because I genuinely want to open people’s eyes up to new and unique things, things they themselves might be keen on if they knew more about them. Besides, I’d rather speak about being an iDollator than have the media or the Great Unwashed form their own erroneous opinions…

    Laura –
    I took three years of French in gradeschool, and one year in highschool, meself. You know what they say — learning French in gradeschool is like not learning French at all! Heh. 😐

    Yeah, there’s always the chance that what the article says isn’t entirely charitable, but I’d like to know anyway. I’ll probably lose interest in a week, though, so no worries…

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    Doc M might know Gaelic. I’ll inquire gently…

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