Excuses, excuses

typed for your pleasure on 28 November 2007, at 8.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Three-way’ by Magnetic fields

Apart from the previous post, which is again due to an inside tip from the Inspector of Safe Tea, I do believe I’m in another writing slump! Let’s analyse the possible reasons:

+ Found a new copy of Half-life 2 for the XBLOX at a Kmart for $5 USD. I’d always wanted to play it before, but the computer I owned at the time was woefully inadequate for running it. But now, I can catch up on all the fun that my mates were having back in 2004! So for Xmas 2007, I would like a gravity gun

+ When I’m not busy playing that, I’m logging far too many hours in on Warriors Orochi, as previously mentioned in this post. Short of unlocking four or five of the seventy-odd characters, finishing about eight stages, and grinding various characters’ levels, I’m all done! In short, I have much work to do

+ Getting Deafening silence Plus in some semblance of order. Yes, still. It’s actually 98% done — the dining area is now home to IKEA’s priced-to-move LAVER table and four chairs set — but the only major task that still needs to be done is to move my loveseat in. Which I could do myself if I had a gravity gun. Honestly, the most time-consuming thing, though, was setting up my vast collection of figures and toys collectibles into a stunning tableau, which I think I’ve finally accomplished, praise “Bob”.

Click here for full-sized version; opens in new window

Not pictured: the other third of my collection, either up against the adjoining wall, or in boxes about to be deployed, once I get more rack shelving.

+ And Reason Number the First: I’ve been feeling under the weather again. Yes, again. Monday I awakened with a dull ache in my guts, which intensified and moved upwards from my stomach into my chest whenever I belched or breathed too deeply. I mentioned this to Steph when she and I were buying sushi from our usual place with her hubby Derek Tuesday night, and she said my symptoms sounded quite a lot like when she was getting pneumonia. Heh, check that off of my List of Things to Do! Thankfully, upon seeing my GP this morn, he diagnosed it was heartburn. Heartburn! Exacerbated by post-nasal drip, as the weather’s been bitterly cold lately, but heartburn! He gave me prescriptions for Prilosec and Flonase, and kicked me unceremoniously out of his office for wasting his precious time.
In my defence, I’ve never had heartburn this bad before. That shit hurts when it migrates up my torso. Lesson learned? Don’t eat an hour before bedtime. in fact, just don’t eat, to be absolutely certain.

So yeah! I’ll be in Writing Form again soon, I’m sure. Or something?

O, and speaking of Xmas, my friends (you know who you are) would do well to update their Amazon wish lists. Just sayin’. Here’s mine! Also just sayin’.
Remember, my rules for Xmas apply just like they have for the past couple of years: everyone gets a Xmas prezzie, just not necessarily at Xmas

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Greetings DC and the ever-lovely Sidore-chan!
    Bummer about the severe heartburn and we hope you get back on your feet soonest. Probably pushing too many things into a small amount of time! I’d just kick back and play through HL2, but I’m irresponsible that way 😛
    And your collectables collection truly IS stunning :O At least, *I* am stunned! I complain about not having enough space to fit 20 or so figures; after seeing your partial display of crammed together characters… you seem to be managing quite well LOL
    I’d beware the Domino Effect though, especially if a nosy cat tips one over! Oh, wouldn’t that be fun!
    I just got Death Note DVD # 1 with a Ryuk figure that turned out much better-looking than I expected. And if you’ve seen Ryuk you know that that is a high compliment indeed, being that he’s a Shinigami (Death God, but you knew that). I’ve had to resume rewatching it again ‘cos I just couldn’t stop with the four episodes on the DVD and in two days am already up to episode 31 :O
    Brilliant anime chess-game with a lot of cat-and-mousing.
    Anyway, get well soon, and Lily and Eden send kindest regards along with mine 🙂

  2. Miss Hyde writes:


  3. MontiLee writes:

    I keep forgetting about that blasted thing.

    And we owe each other dinner. Still.

  4. Davecat writes:

    Babe, we owe each other so many dinners that they cancel each other out. Therefore technically, we should be able to walk into Nippon kai and have at least two dinners for free.

    Miss Hyde –
    Shi-chan’s the Hello Kitty fan, not me. 🙂

    PBS and sexpots –
    I still have to watch more than the first episode of Death note. I mean, I know how it ends, but the television ending is slightly different, in that time-honoured anime/manga same/different fashion. Now that I think about it, a Ryuk figure woudn’t go amiss amongst the myriad figures on my shelves — gotta break up all those Mobile suits and Ultraman figures!

    And I’m better now! ‘Better than what?’ is of course the only appropriate response. 🙂

  5. Miss Hyde writes:

    Oh, i see, does shi-chan like power puff girls? 🙂 hyde x

  6. ButtonJessie writes:

    If you’d like to kill more time and your not too fussy about graphics try RuneScape. Its a British MMORPG, and I believe your something of an Anglophile 😉 Also, we Brits NEVER say belch, always burp 😛 Just thought I’d drop you a line!

  7. Davecat writes:

    Jessiebutton –
    You say RuneScape is worth a look-in? Hrrm. Perhaps I’ll try that, if only to get myself (temporarily) away from my new PS2 crack, Yakuza. Damn this glorified entertainment technology!

    And Brits don’t belch, they burp? This is news to me! The air in your country is slightly different, and thus makes similar sounds sound dissimilar.* Noted!

    Also, thanks for dropping your line! Feel free to drop more!

    *N.B.: not even close to actual science

  8. ButtonJessie writes:

    Eeeep! I thought I crashed your server with my burp! Thankfully the air seems to have cleared *wipes brow*

    I like how you’ve inverted my name for your own pleasure – are you a poet?

    Jessie’s BritWord of the day – Crimbo. 13 days, not only until the new Dr. Who (have you heard that Rose is coming back!!), but also, until Christmas which is very commonly called Crimbo in England. Here end my daily BritWord, and also my good tidings.


  9. ButtonJessie writes:

    Grrr, I can’t edit my notes after I’ve safed, i wanted to go back and correct ‘end’ to ‘endeth’. i say again – grrrr!

  10. Davecat writes:

    BttnJss –
    Crimbo! Now there’s a word. I’m just gonna have to shoehorn that one into conversations from now until early January. Knowledge is POWAH!

    And Rose is coming back?? I… I don’t know what to make of that. I say bring back Zoe Herriot. 🙂

  11. ButtonJessie writes:

    I see, you’re kicking it old school…I like how you roll *purses lips and nods head*

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