Machines 4, Fleshlings 0

typed for your pleasure on 23 February 2008, at 12.30 am

Sdtrk: ‘We are coming back to dance with you’ by The focus group

Fuck me rigid. I have been asleep for literally twelve hours straight. Why? I’ve got another flu! FUCKING AWESOME.

I swear to christ, I am sick of being sick. As I’ve been lamenting to my friends anyone who will listen, I’ve been ill off and on with supercolds and the occasional flu consistently since late last September. If the climate isn’t bitterly cold, I’m either getting it from friends, or from my godforsaken coworkers. Remember how I mentioned how Tsukihime had it? I managed to either avoid it directly, or it was just building up inside me, as while I was at work last night, I was getting the occasional shiver. When I woke up Friday morning, I felt as if someone had taken me by the shoulders and shaken me for an hour. Needless to say, I called in.
It’s definitely a flu, as I’ve got the symptoms: the slow-motion walk, muscle fatigue, being simultaneously too cold and too hot, dizziness, everything tasting like iron filings. But y’know the thing about this timing that really gets on my wick? A cluster of us Michigan-area iDollators are supposed to have another Congress this week-end! Goddamnit.

If you want me, I’ll be in my coffin. This is ridiculous

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6 have spoken to “Machines 4, Fleshlings 0”

  1. Miss Hyde writes:

    I gots flu too 🙁 I’ve moved back in my mum as i do everytime i get sick. The best thing is to take vitimin c shiz and get shi-chan to make you some dry rice 🙂 it helps your white blood cells fight back! Get better soon! Hyde x

  2. Miss Hyde writes:

    In with my mum that is, damn flu making me type wrong! Sorry for the double post, but look, i gots a new gravatar! 🙂

  3. Mahtek writes:

    Looks like this will be a rather small group this time. With Amber, Euchre, Litlluvr and yourself indisposed or out of the state, that leaves only four! 🙁 Tend first to your health, and we will plan another meeting for when the weather is warmer.

  4. PBShelley writes:

    Ugh, flu. Blame it on your co-workers; that’s what I would do. Ever since I stopped working I haven’t been sick once. Been broke, but reasonably well enough (physically LOL) There’s something to be said about having money. Being too sick to spend it sucks though 🙁

    Sorry to hear about missing your confab, but trust that with Sidore-chan’s loving and careful care you’ll be back on both feet in no time. Assuming you usually are on them. The Doll Collectiv sounds like too much fun to miss, hope you’ll all get together again soon!

    Here’s something that may be funny: Downloading Fate/Stay Night files via MegaUpload at the moment and you know those Google-like ads that pop up on their linked pages? Well, now you do; they do. Try this on for size; it just popped up:

    “AIR. Browse a huge selection now. Find exactly what you want today.” (followed by a link to eBay)

    No thankyew, eBay. The air I have is fine. Assuming you haven’t infected it with your hideously addictive and money-sucking ubiquitous presence.

    Now I AM feeling sick. Stepping out for some air.

    Regards to you and the Missus and get well soon 🙂
    PBS & the etcs

  5. Davecat writes:

    Hyde-chan –
    Dry rice, eh? I’ll have to give that a go! Sweetie’s too busy being my snuggle partner/heat mirror to prepare some, though, and that’s fine. Having to put out a kitchen fire while looped out on cough medicine isn’t my ideal way to spend a week-end. I like to save that sort of thing for the holidays! 😉

    And it is a fine Gravatar you have! Did you take that in the bog? It looks like you took that in the bog.

    Mahtek –
    Don’t worry; when this weather levels off (meaning, when SE Michigan gets its three weeks of Spring before launching headlong into Summer), we’ll be back in business. Let me know how the proceedings went, and if you see a particularly unappetising and slimy food, think of me at home, ejecting some more lung butter.

    On second thought, maybe not.

    PBS and wee lasses –
    O, don’t worry; I’m fairly sure my workplace shoulders a lot of the blame. Thirty minutes can’t go by at that place without someone in the cube farm hacking up something. Ugh. I need to become independently wealthy, so I don’t have to mingle amongst walking germ factories. Failing that, I’ll settle for a flu shot…

    And a huge selection of Air? You’re missing out! O eBaaah, what won’t you sell?

  6. Miss Hyde writes:

    Lol, It was taken in a bathroom, just a room with a bath in, no toilet. Its the only room with desent lighting in my whoooooolllleeeee house O.o

    But I have a new one now – The sign said Hyde!!

    *goes off to watch the Labyrinth*