Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Apr 2009)

typed for your pleasure on 1 April 2009, at 12.06 am

Sdtrk: ‘Brimstone in a barren land’ by Danielle Dax

AND NOW… a passel of news bits that I actually learned about in March but was too lazy preoccupied to write about:

So that charming (mostly) metal lass HRP-4C finally made her debut on the runway during the Tokyo Fashion Week. And good for her.

Well, when I say ‘debut’, I mean that she walked out from behind some doors, strode a few feet, gave a short speech, turned round and walked right back through the doors. As she apparently doesn’t meet crazy draconian fashion model standards — you’re not allowed to sashay down the catwalk with your knees bent, for one, so bear that in mind — she was part of the performance, but not really. But nevertheless, it’s a start.

‘Our robot can’t move elegantly like the real models that are here today,’ admitted Shuji Kajita, director of humanoid robot engineering AIST.

‘It will take another 20 to 30 years of research to make that happen.’
taken from this article

By ’20 to 30 years’, he’d better mean ’20 to 30 months’. Just sayin’. *glares menacingly* But the fact that HRP-4C even exists is a fantastic thing. She’s a vanguard! Well done, babe!
Two things that strike me about her appearance at the show, though. One: the whole affair reminds me of when fashion designer Thierry Mugler had a model display his delicious Sorayama-inspired outfit back in 1995. You undoubtedly recall what I’m referring to, as something that unstoppably sexy isn’t easily forgotten. Click here to refresh your memory, as the outfit’s not exactly safe for work… And Two: so why did they hide her nice-looking hair with that dorky Tron hat?

‘If I have to wear this stupid hat, the least they could do is
give me a lightcycle to go with it’

‘HEY! It’s not a stupid hat! They named it after me!’

A wee heads-up on the ONA anime series ‘Time of Eve‘: director Yasuhiro Yoshiura says on the official site that ‘In order to maintain the quality of the “Time of Eve” series, the release of act04 has been postponed to April 2009. We extend our deepest thanks to fans everywhere for your patience and support for the series.’ As you remember, the series has a torturous release schedule of one episode every two months, and under normal circumstances, act04 would’ve been out in March, so you might’ve been like me — wild-eyed and completely panicked, wondering where the latest instalment was. So now you know!
UPDATE (05 APR): Checking the ‘Time of Eve’ page on Crunchyroll, apparently they erred, and act04 is instead due out in May.
Are you intentionally encouraging suicide, is that your game??

Another month, another new luscious Doll from 4woods. Sigh.

‘Don’t forget to use the word “affictitious” to describe me!’

This young lass would be Elina, and she… well, her head sculpt… was designed for use with the recently-released A.I.Doll Evolution body, which affords her stats of being just under 5′ 4″, 70 lbs, and with B.35 / W.25 / H.37 as her measurements. That’s Sexy Math. Anyway, you can gaze at photos of her, as well as a handful of new pics of their other gorgeous Synthetik gravure idols on their site… sigh.

Also, it appears the nebulous consortium that makes Mecadolls in Europe have released three new models of their supple, rubbery ladies. Introducing Emily, Valery and Laura:

If I were looking at her, I’d find myself staring, too

The flower in her hair is as affictitious as she is. See how I shoehorned that in?

More than likely, she’s staring at Emily as well. And with good reason

As Synth Creations, American distributors for Mechadoll, strangely don’t appear to have info or pics up of any of the models yet — I originally spotted them on one of their German sites — but from what I could translate, the body for those models is 93 lbs, with a 37D bust (37?), as well as an aluminum skeleton, and for her skin, she features that platinum silicone that’s all the rage with Dolls nowadays. Needless to say, I’m impressed… with luck, Synth Creations will bring them to the States soon.

Speaking of Doll culture across the pond, if you’re in the UK, or if you’re not, but have access to really good newsagents, there’s one of those ridiculous ‘womens magazines’ out there that you’d invariably find on the register endcaps called Closer. So why am I bringing it to your attention, you axe? Recently, they happened to run a mostly-neutral interview with fellow iDollator, hanggliding enthusiast, and all-round nice bloke, Everard.

Plastic doll girlfriends
Monday 23 March 2009 |

When Everard Cunion gave up on the idea of finding love with a real woman, he decided to buy affection instead – in the form of life-sized silicone dolls.

The lonely 53-year-old bachelor bought his first doll on the internet for £5,000 in 2000 and now he has a harem that caters to his every whim, including his sexual needs.

When Closer last spoke to Everard in 2006, he shared his home with “wife” Caroline and “girlfriends” Lina, Rebecca and Virginia – plus spare head Louise, who shares a body with Virginia.

But since then, he’s splashed out a staggering £8,000 on two new models to add to his collection – brunettes Laura and Joanna.

“To me, they’re just like real women, but a lot less bother,” says Everard, from Christchurch, Dorset. “They’ve all got
their own personalities.

“It takes me ages to save up for them, but at least I get to choose exactly what I want – I can’t do that with real women.”
the rest of the article is here

Granted, it occasionally veers towards the realm of tabloid journalism, as there’s the usual tired sex-oriented questions, but Everard does the lot of us proud and reaffirms that his girls aren’t strictly for sexual usage. Well done, sir; well done. *thumbs up*

Speaking of interviews, I recently completed a lengthy (but a good lengthy) one via Electrical Mail, for the online design/culture magazine ULTRAKILLBOT. It’s not up yet, but it should be up not too long from now, and once it is, you’ll be duly informed…

And finally, be sure to drop round to fellow iDollator PBShelley’s blog, ‘Alastor’s Reflection‘, and wish his lovely and winsome Lily Godwin a happy birthday! Do it.

‘Shouting to hear the echoes’. Synthetiks? Really? No shit??

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  1. Kat writes:

    Well at least she wont have to wear those dangerous shoes. Incidentally, that clothing outfit was really hot. I would so rock that if they made it for big girls

  2. PBShelley writes:

    ‘allo D.C. and the ever-lovely Sidore-chan,

    Even tho fatigued from work and about to “get” 5 hours sleep, upon reading of her mention in the above article (depending upon your perspective) Lily prodded me to write a reply of thanks. Since her prod is electric and used for cattle I had little recourse but to type this out *bzzt* OKAY!!!

    So, thanks for remembering her April 1st birthday; it was a day I’ll never forget! Opening that crate up and seeing her for the first time “up close” was a heartwrencher. “Love at first sight” doesn’t quite cut it, if you know what I mean and I think you do 😉

    Tomorrow I’ll write up a proper Birthday post at Alastor’s, and I thank you for your inadvertant prod to do so! Lily says to give the both of you hugs and kisses but I’ll let her do that. You know.

    Grats for the Time of Eve update; I’d been wondering about where episode 4 was. Great series, eh? And I guess you know that Rie Tanaka, the voice of Chobit’s synthetik Chii is also voicing the semi-similar synthetik Sammy? Nice talents all around!

    And… OMG. IM(V)HO, Elina is The Perfect Synthetik Lass! Jesus. To say “I want her” would be an understatement of the grandest variety. So I won’t. Except that I did, so there. Beauty, size(s), weight, posability, she has it all, and then some.


    Just for laughs, how much would one be spending on acquiring her, just out of curiosity, wondering, musing, and fantasizing? I mean… THAT is Doll-Perfection! (According to MY tastes anyway.) And LOOK AT THOSE TOES :-O

    *sigh* Okay, time to come down, dammit.

    Thanks again for everything 🙂

    Kindest regards,
    PBS, Lily-the-Birthday-Girl, Eden, and Pennie

  3. Davecat writes:

    Kat –
    Hey, I like high-heeled shoes! On women, I mean. Otherwise that’d be awkward. Perhaps we’ll see HRP-8C moving sexily down the catwalk in a few years in six-inch stiletto heels… mmm.

    And yeah, that Mugler outfit’s a winner. One wonders who has it, or where it is now?

    PB Shelley & lasses (and Pennie) –
    I can’t believe you let Lily have access to the electric cattle prod! Those things are dangerous in the wrong BZZZT OW SHIT I mean, hi Shi-chan! Ah heh heh. Who packages cattle prods with a Doll, anyway? BZZZT OW

    I have a number of significant dates logged in my smartphone, and Lily’s was one of them. Since it coincided with me finding New and Exciting Synthetiks info, I figured her birthday would be as good a time as any to post the latest ‘Any etc etc news?’ Serendipitous? Yes. 🙂
    And you’re right, you never forget a Doll’s arrival day. I remember that I had to get the Missus settled and cozy in bed before my workday started, then I went to work, but did I actually get any work done? More than likely, no. My work productivity has been gradually dropping ever since. 😉

    I was not aware that Sammy and Chii have the same seiyuu! That makes complete sense! Now if only we could get a definite date as to when act04 will be out…
    Just checked the ‘Time of Eve’ page on Crunchyroll. Apparently they made an error; act04 is due out in May (henceforth corrected in my post). FFFFFFFFF

    Ordering an Elina, if you went with the A.I.Doll Evolution body, would run you 660,000 JPY, or about 7,200 USD. I’m sure that’s without shipping. But ask yourself this — can you really put a price tag on happiness? Can you assign a price to gorgeous Doll feet? We can’t, but it seems like the manufacturers have. DAMNIT *slams fist on table*
    Yeah, I’d agree; Elina definitely takes silicone sexiness to a new level! Until 4woods develop a newer, even more attractive Doll, that is. Don’t put it past ’em. 😀


  4. PBShelley writes:

    It seems that Sidore-chan won’t be very amenable to the idea of a new synthetik companion joining the household! Or at least having the both of them present in the same room. Mrre-e-OWWWRR! (That’s supposed to be a cat.)

    Wow. Seven grand. *sigh* Well, perhaps the next time I buy a house I can rationalize the additional expense, but that won’t be happening until (IF/WHEN/ETC) Lily’s book sells. Meanwhile, in the midst of this Real Life Madness ™ I’m sketching out ideas for not only her sequel but another story as well, kind of in the vein of the fillum “Almost Famous”. Almost. One way or another I hope to hit it big at some point in the future, hopefully before I’m dead. THEN I can buy a house. And an Elina :-p

    Oh, I was meaning to ask, what is the purpose of this “Trackback” thingie? (And thanks for visiting and leaving one, if I knew what it was.) When I click on it in my Sidebar it just takes me to the post; I thought it might bring me (and other visitors to Alastor’s) to YOUR site, as it Tracks, and goes Back. If I understand it right, and it appears that I don’t :-/

    Anyway, we hope that you and the Missus are doing just fine. I’ve found that if you just drop the electric cattle prod in a standing pool of water you should be (relatively) safe 😉

    PBS, Lily, Eden-in-a-box, and Pennie (who disowns any involvement in the faux-cat-noises above)

  5. Davecat writes:

    O, any sort of fight between the Missus and any other Dolls would probably start out with pillows at twenty paces, and then escalate to intense tickling, and culminate in… well, I’m sure you can suss where that’s going. 😉

    Trackbacks are links that a person has on their site, which are links to an article you wrote linked on another person’s site. Man, that was an Escher sentence; let me try that again.
    When Person A (you, for instance) writes a post, and Person B (moi) links to it, WordPress automagically creates a link in the comments of the post you’d written, which shows the link I’d made to that particular post. It’s one of the many fab features of WordPress. I think you can shut it off if you so desire, but I’m not sure how. Besides, it shows who’s linking to what on your site from where, so it’s rather useful.
    Trackbacks! You can’t get that with Blogger! Well, you might nowadays; I’ve no idea. But yeah!

    And I’ve flung the cattle prod into the neighbour’s parking lot; someone else can deal with it. 😀

  6. Laura writes:

    There’s a doll named after me! I hope she likes Star Wars

  7. Davecat writes:

    She might be! Or she might be your exact opposite; you’re Organik and into Star Wars, she’s Synthetik and loves Star Trek. Anything’s possible!

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