It’s a shame Stanley Kubrick won’t be directing this

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Sdtrk: ‘Away from the city’ by The Summer Hits

Lately performance artist/jet-setter/iDollator Amber Hawk Swanson has had many irons (meaning ‘projects’) in the fire (meaning ‘fire’), and my wife Sidore and I are pleased to mention that we’re involved in one of them! Well, in part. In parts, actually.
During DolLApalooza 2013, Amber had developed the idea of taking Dolls who their owners had deemed irreparable, and transforming them into replicas of other killer whales being held in captivity, much as she’d done when her own Synthetik lover/mirror Amber Doll fell into disrepair. As fellow iDollator Jesse1965 had donated his previous RealDoll companion Heather, Shi-chan was also kind enough to give Amber her previous body, aka Sidore Mk II, and viewers of the performance will witness both Doll bodies being combined and fashioned into Lolita, an orca held in captivity at Miami Seaquarium. Hence the performance title: Sidore Mark II / Heather > LOLITA.
My role will be to read aloud Vladimir Nabokov’s novel Lolita, in its entirety, for two hours each day over the course of the seven days of the performance. For the first two days of the performance, I’ll be doing so on location, and when I return home, I’ll be reading the rest of it via Skype. I’ll be seated!

Come 10 December, why not pull up a seat of your own, and watch us on Amber’s Livestream channel? It starts at 10am EST, and ends when it’s finished! Snacks and bevvies are not only welcome, but undoubtedly a good idea

EDIT (27 DEC 2012): In the unfortunate event you’d missed all or part of the performance, you can catch yourself up by watching the various days on Amber’s Vimeo channel. As of this writing, there are still a few days yet to be uploaded, but you can go ahead and just bookmark that bad boy, for future reference

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  1. bbbjjjttt writes:

    Ohhhh….so jesse1965 gave up on Heather. I feared he would have to. Best possible outcome is for these girls to become some other piece of art, as they themselves were back in the day….

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yeah; even with his valiant repair efforts, he could only do so much, as she was tin-sil. He’d make a repair, the sil-poxy wouldn’t hold, he’d try it again, repeat until fade. It was a mess. At least this way, Heather, much like Amber Doll and Sidore Mk II, will contribute to a more useful, aesthetic purpose…

  3. Quin writes:

    How amazing!
    I’m glad I happened to peek your blog (it’s a few months, work keeps me busy) to see this.

  4. Davecat writes:

    It’s okay! Sometimes I go quite a few months without looking at my blog, either. 😉

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