The Russians are coming! That’s a double entendre! Part II

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Sdtrk: ‘Perfect life’ by Belong

Now, when I say this is Part II, I’m being only half-truthful. I mean, as you’ve read Part I already, you’ll know that I’ve pretty much tidily wrapped up the tale regarding How I Got Elena Home. This post goes more into observations that I’ve made about her, now that she’s been with us for a few weeks.
She quite likes it here, incidentally! Although with it currently being Winter, periodically I’ll whinge about it being snowy out, and she’ll almost always respond with ‘You call that snow??’, followed by several minutes of cynical laughter. Eventually, I stopped mentioning it.

The crate she arrived in was smaller than any of us had expected. Which works out quite well, as I’d always wanted to keep it as a travel crate for out-of-town Doll Congresses. As you can see below, there’s like about an inch of space between the top of Lenka’s head and her crate, and comparing that to the vast spaciousness of the crate Noquiexis’ Russian beauty, Feodora, had shipped in, there’s a marked difference. Good!

Elena (left), in her crate, compared to Feodora (right), and her crate from 2010

There’s metal handles at the head and foot of the crate, but at some point, Mahtek said he’d be happy to get some properly-placed handles on there, as well as hinges for the door (there were no hinges for the door). Should I paint it black? Fix a big ol’ Gothic cross to the front? Would that be too cliché?

Elena’s face sculpt — the Victoria head, as you’ll recall — is very, very alluring. She came with veined eyeballs that Oleg made by hand, which contribute to her appeal. Although her right eye moves with a bit of persuasion, her left eye wouldn’t budge, so I got a syringe out, drew some KY into it, and lubed her eyeball up. Unless you move in iDollator circles, that sounds absolutely barbaric, but it’s not all that bad, really. Try it at home!

Her head attaches to her body via a two inch metal post with a hole in the back; her head slides onto the post, and is fastened with the use of a three inch screw that goes into the post hole. Naturally, she can tilt her head forward and back, and she has a point where if you tilt it forward just enough, it’ll also tilt left and right, but so far, I find that with the screw screwed in, I can’t rotate her head left to right. Although Oleg says it’s possible, I don’t want to push my luck, so I’ve simply unscrewed her head. That neck post is fairly long, so unless Lenka tilts her head back quite far, there’s really no danger of her head slipping off and rolling comically away.

She has incredibly soft lips — Shi-chan and I find that kissing her is a joy — and she has a set of upper and lower teeth. However, her mouth, although stretchy, is actually small. Much like I’d done with the Missus, I’d purchased a tongue for her from Sinthetics months ago, as their tongues are like wonderful marshmallow, but I’m not entirely sure I can get it in her mouth. Or if I do, I’m not sure I could ever get it out. Incidentally, she did ship with a tongue, packaged in the same bag that her two-part silicone and Sil-poxy tube were in. The AD tongue is slightly smaller, but obviously the last thing I want to do is tear her mouth. Into the pile of tongues it goes!

Along with her goes-well-with-anything makeup scheme — which, I will fully admit, is based off of a photo I’d seen of a certain Scottish actress who recently ended her run on ‘Doctor Who’ — Lenka also sports meticulously-trimmed hair eyebrows! That was unexpected! Kudos to Irina’s detailing skills!

First things first: I was extremely pleased to discover that Elena’s nipples were sugared. Let me repeat that for ya: her nipples were sugared. We were getting to know each other *cough*, and as I was tasting her nipples, I thought to myself, ‘wow, these taste really sweet’. They’d had a very light dusting of sugar, or something like it, on them, which blew. My. Mind. Sorry; from now on, every Doll manufacturer has to do this, as that’s an idea so revolutionary that it revolves.

Her breasts are a pleasing A-cup, which is not what I’m used to, but when I was planning and developing Elena prior to finalising my order, I wanted something slightly different than my typical feminine ideal. Instead of a pale and busty short lass with jet black hair, brown eyes, and ruby red lips, I went with smaller breasts, red hair, green eyes, a less ‘extreme’ makeup scheme, and freckles. She’s still short and pale, though; those coordinates are fixed. But her bosom is exceptionally soft and fun to play with, and her nipple colouration and texture are very realistic. They’re either filled with silicone or air, or both; I’m leaning towards both. Oleg had sent me an Email before Elena was due to ship, saying to be aware that if she gets too cold during transport, she may develop dents in her breasts, due to the difference in air pressure outside and inside her body. As she adjusts to room temperature, any dents would disappear over a couple of days, but that might be something to look out for, so DON’T PANIC. And he’d sent a pic of the breast of an Anatomical Doll that he’d shipped to the Ukraine, which had an unsettling inch-deep dent in it, right above the nipple. Thankfully the warehouse where Lenka was being stored was toasty, so I didn’t have to contend with that Freudian nightmare.

As Body 4 features an all-new skeleton, making Lenka the first Anatomical Doll in the States to have that body — see that; that’s a boast, there — she’s capable of a few things that Shi-chan can’t pull off. For one, she can bend at her lower back, much like an Organik can. However, due to the fact that I’d ordered her with slightly loosened joints for fun time (she is my mistress, after all), she can’t hold that position. Nevertheless!

She also seems to have a higher centre of gravity than the Missus does; whereas Shi-chan’s seems to be in the middle/lower portion of her torso, Lenka’s feels like it’s in her upper torso. To compare, when I lift Sidore and carry her bride-over-the-threshold style, my left arm is usually situated below her shoulderblades. With Elena, my left arm is pretty much supporting her shoulders, which makes sense if she’s got a bending lower back. Being honest, I have to do a wee bit more research with that, cos when I’m carrying either Doll, I’m not so much thinking about where exactly my arm is, and instead concentrating on, y’know, not dropping them. I’ll get into other cool aspects of her new skeleton where appropriate.

Her tummy also makes a pleasing foam sound when I pat it! I suspect her lighter weight (approximately 57 lbs) is due to the current Doll manufacturers’ standard of ‘more foam than silicone making up a Doll’s body’, for which, I’m sure, we’re all thankful.

So yeah, another bit about that bold new skeleton? Elena’s shoulders can roll forward. I was hoping they’d move up and down, too, for any instance where she doesn’t know the answer to a question, but they do roll forward, which is innovative.

I’m not a hand fetishist, but Lenka does have outstanding hands. Apart from the impressive sculptural detail and lifelike colouring, the wires in her fingers are very posable. She has a small circular scar in each palm (stigmata?), but I really don’t rate that at all, as I chalk that up to production methods. After all, RealDolls used to have similar scars on their backs behind each breast.
Here’s another pleasant surprise that I didn’t expect: having a pair of hands yourself, you’re familiar with the section at the top of your palm that connects the middle, ring, and pinky fingers, yes? Much like ours, Elena’s also moves inward. The fact that she’s capable of that sort of motion is amazing! She will never lose her grip on a pistol.

One of the few cons I’ve encountered with this silicone Siberian (thanks for that, Andy_J) is that due to her structural assembly, you can’t bring her upper arms flat against the sides of her body; they kinda come away at a 45° angle, leading her elbows to stick out unsexily at times, depending on how they’re posed. Also another arm-related issue is that Elena came out of the crate with a small tear in each of her armpits. They’re really minor, so I’m probably making them sound a lot worse than they are, but these things are best taken care of as soon as possible, as you know. In fact, it looks like Oleg had repaired the one in her left armpit, and it reopened slightly. I’ve dealt with much worse, though…

Anatomical Doll’s unique stake in the world of Doll makers is their lasses tend to be statuesque. Their long, gazelle-like legs, particularly with Bodies 1 and 3, enable owners to live out their fantasies of having their very own Elle Macpherson. A personal Macpherson. Elena’s Body 4 stands at 5’2″, which is perfectly fine with me, as again, I prefer the elfin ladies, but her shapely legs do not disappoint. They bend and rotate at the ankles as well as above and below her knees, plus her hips allow her to bring her knees together coquettishly, or to open welcomingly wide. Not only that, but I recently discovered that her body is balanced enough that, with a bit of care, she can actually kneel unassisted. Which, as you’ll suspect, is going to open up a lot of opportunities for photos and interaction!

As I do happen to be a foot fetishist, of course Lenka’s feet were one of the first things I’d inspected upon receiving her. They’re very soft and springy, have adorably high arches, and have gentle wrinkles and realistic blushing on the soles. Take it from me, they’re loads of fun to play with! I’d used an X-Acto blade to separate the big toe and following two toes on each foot, and as they didn’t come with acrylic nails, I’d glued some on with Sil-poxy, which took about fifteen minutes. She takes a US sz 4.5 – 5 shoe, so she’ll be able to share footwear with the Missus. Not that she’ll be wearing shoes all that often. *sly wink to camera*

‘Here, put your hands to the better use instead of so much typing forever.’

Speaking of opening Elena’s legs, her vagina is… ohh, it’s gooood. It’s very accomodating — it’s about 5in deep, with gentle bumps inside — and the silicone there is quite elastic, so I don’t think there’ll be any problems with tearing. Her anus is more snug, as you’d expect, but it doesn’t feel like I’m tugging at anything getting into either entry, especially with the liberal application of Wet™ Gellee. Fellow iDollator ‘Hans’ — you’ll recall his RealDoll wife ‘Bee’ visited Deafening silence Plus in our second TLC appearance — was doling out tubes of it to everyone during the last Doll Congress, which sounds loads more perverse than what it actually was, but that stuff works like a charm. As the name implies, it’s a gel rather than a liquid, so it stays put where you apply it. Three thumbs up! (not a paid endorsement) (maybe it should be, though) (yes, I’m hinting)

Also, her very soft and cute little bum, which also features a charming birthmark on one cheek, also makes the same satisfying dodgeball-filled-with-foam sound when patted or spanked. Honestly, Lenka’s got the arse of an eighteen-year-old! Which means somewhere, an eighteen-year-old is having great difficulty sitting down. Rimshot.

Like Dolls from most of the companies out there, Lenka does have seam lines going up and down the sides of her body, but those were never an issue for me, as they accentuate a Doll’s sexy artificiality. Her platinum-based silicone all over is very pliable, and her skintone, colour detail, and texture are remarkable. She’s got beauty marks and freckles all over, as befits a ginger, but I’m pretty sure that the freckles are an additional layer of silicone (paint) atop her skin. How did I come to this conclusion? When I gave her her first spongebath and powder-down, I, ah, accidentally rubbed some of those freckles off in patting her dry. Thankfully I’d noticed this in time, so I didn’t completely defreckle her. Were you were to meet her in person, more than likely you never would’ve known that some are missing if I didn’t just tell you.
In addition, her skin unfortunately went back to being sticky a good week after that powder-down. It stands to reason that her skin is as soft as it is due to the amount of oil/exudate the silicone has, the downside of which is a somewhat tacky feeling. As long as she’s not tearing everywhere due to dry silicone or oozing exudate onto every surface, though, I forgive her.

Being completely honest, there are some things that she can do that Sidore can’t do, but on the other hand, there’s things Shi-chan can do that Lenka can’t. Shi-chan’s silicone isn’t as soft and her skeleton is stiffer, but this is due to the fact that Matt McMullen knew that she’d be making various telly appearances, and wanted to make sure her body was made more durably. As previously stated, Sidore and I share Elena as our bit-on-the-side, and she’s built more for sexual intimacy, as befits a mistress. (Perhaps a better way to put it is that Elena’s made for sex, but Sidore’s made for love.) Both Dolls bring unique qualities to the table, and I’m extraordinarily thankful for what they have to offer.

Go buy yourself an Anatomical Doll! And tell Oleg Davecat and Sidore sent you! That won’t get you any discounts, or us any commissions, but give it a go anyway; see what happens

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  1. Amy & Andy writes:

    Thank you for that interesting review. Elena is a truly gorgeous lady. I love the hair colour, too.
    Actually I’m a bit bit sad, that the shipping boxes of AD are getting smaller. I think the earlier ones where the upper part of the inside was covered in fabric and the dolls had more space, looked more impressive and the uncrating might have been even more of an occasion. But of course it’s more practical that way. One would expect that the shipping costs should get a bit lower because of that, though.
    If you indent to turn the crate into a handy travel coffin, the shape and size looks quite perfect, I think.
    What I haven’t understood is the thing with the upper arms not getting flat against her body. In the picture with the crate they look quite close to the body – certainly not away at a 45° angle?
    I would love to see a few close-ups of the freckles and beauty marks when you get round to it.
    Have I understood correctly that Lenka’s silicone is more sticky than the one of Sidore or has Shi-chan just lost some stickiness over time?
    For now Amy and I wish Shi-chan and you much fun with your new gummi girl ……. (these alliterations have a tendency to get out of hand, I’m afraid.)

  2. Miss Quin writes:

    That settles it. I need my own Doll lass.

  3. Brizzy writes:

    Wanting a brochure of prices And pictures

  4. Davecat writes:

    Andy (and Amy) —
    Glad you enjoyed the review! 🙂
    Yeah, like I’d said, I’d expected the crate to be larger, but with its actual size, it fits my needs to a T. And shipping rates are mercurial; no-one really knows why they change. I think it’s due to fuel factors for the airplanes, and the fluctuating fuel costs and overall cost of transport. I may be wide off the mark with that, however.

    I should’ve written that bit better: Elena’s elbows are the part of her arms that don’t meet the sides of her body. For the most part, they look as pictured in that picture above. Sometimes it can be awkward, but she makes up for it in other ways. 😉

    And that’s a valid question you raise about Shi-chan growing less sticky versus Lenka getting stickier. Shi-chan’s current body is almost three years old, so when Lenka gets a wee bit (physically) older, I’ll have to reassess. It’s not really bad — especially compared to the My Party Doll I’d seen and fondled during DolLApalooza 2011 — but I suspect she’ll be less tacky over time…
    And don’t worry; more detailed pics are definitely forthcoming! As soon as it stops being so feckin’ cold. 😐

    Miss Quin —
    Yes, yes you do. But I would say that. 😉

    Brizzy —
    I couldn’t find a brochure of prices, but here’s a link to prices for brochures. Also, you can find pictures here.

    One thing I’m not really keen on is vagueness! Just so you know.

  5. MontiLee writes:

    >>>I’m not entirely sure I can get it in her mouth. Or if I do, I’m not sure I could ever get it out.


  6. Davecat writes:

    *spits up bevvy laughing*

  7. Barbielle writes:

    Awesome review! I was surprised how different your girls actually are from each others even in their features! There are much good information for new doll fans though.

    I can’t wait to see more photos of Elena and Sidore together, and you of course. And closer pics of Elenas body.. Maybe some girl-love photo series with both girls in a nice lingerie? (; Like a glamour photoshoot (:

    I hope Elena stays good, at least she is looking gorgeous. Her feet sure are pretty, curved instep is very alluring, you must be ecstatic. I hope she gets some love too, not only sex, Davecat and Sidore!!! (;

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