Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Jul 2008)

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Sdtrk: ‘Do it! (live)’ by Death from above 1979

Noteworthy: it appears that the staffers at 4woods have announced the release of ‘Natural’ skintones for their Natsuki, Yu-ki, Kunika Reloaded and Sleeping Kunika models. I dunno; the previous versions looked pretty natural to me! In an unnatural way, naturally.
Not only that, but they now offer ‘nail chips’ for their lasses, which is just an awkward way of saying that you can now order your potential A.I.Doll with fake nails.

Combining two wonderful things. Well, three, if you’re observant

I miss the days when Abyss Creations made their RealDolls with hard nails. Everyone but me seemed to think they were a bad idea! I just thought they were easier to paint, for one…

In other news, Ms Banina tipped me off to this article: Is Having Sex with a Robot Hooker Cheating?

It’s not cheating: A robot hooker is just a machine, so having sex with one is like using a vibrator for women. Purchasing a little robot companionship is perfect because there’s no chance of STDs or emotional attachments. My girlfriend should be happy I’m just down at the robot brothel instead of hooking up with flesh-and-blood women at the bar.

It is cheating: With advanced technology, having sex with a robot hooker is too much like really cheating. For all intents and purposes, you’re having sex with another woman. Plus, what if you want to buy your own robot hooker and keep her in the closet at home? It’s a thin line between robot hooker and robot girlfriend.

Readers who have been paying attention should be able to suss what side of the fence I stand on this issue, but in case you’ve not been previously scarred by reading this blog, I’d say that yes, it would be cheating. Part of the reason that I constantly make reference to ‘Synthetiks’ is that I believe that when we have Androids and Gynoids that are advanced enough to be integrated in society, we should make a distinction between them and us Organiks, but one that still recognises them as people. I mean, you could also look at it this way — both Organiks and Synthetiks are machines; we’re just meat-based machines. I don’t romanticise in that aspect.
But yeah, I’d go with cheating, as I would view a Synthetik as a person, and not as an appliance or a toy, especially due to their humanoid appearance. Should the whole concept of robot escorts and prossies start up — which I’m sure it will — there will be people that employ their services that might possibly fall in love with them, and I’m referring to individuals that weren’t previously attracted to Synthetiks. And the more complex the AI becomes for artificial humans, the lines between ‘us’ and ‘them’ will get blurrier and blurrier. Apart from the whole meat thing, that is.

Also of note, this past Sunday I had a lengthy interview with the admin of His Little Slut, detailing my life with Sidore-chan — be ye warned, it veers into TMI-territory at times — but you can look at it right here. You’d think I would’ve kept my rambling down to a minimum! *shakes head ‘no’*

And it must be July. Like I said, you don’t need a calendar any more!

Clearly beats Abbie Hoffman’s take on wearing the flag

Thanks, Phoenix Studios, for providing me with at least one Doll-related thing to write about per month!

And finally, I can’t imagine why I find this recent instalment of Diesel Sweeties as high-larious as I do! R. Stevens, you so crazy

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  1. Laura writes:

    I would agree with you that it is, indeed, cheating. My boyfriend often (jokingly) threatens to replace me with a Real Doll, because a Real Doll wouldn’t ‘sass’ him. haha.
    I didn’t see where the blog went into TMI territory, however, I’m not really the best judge in that area.

  2. Kat writes:

    Lots of stuff I have learned about you. I honestly thought you were still living with the parents.

    Thanks for speaking so honestly. While I dont believe that media is bad, I do agree that you have to be careful. In the case of me being a furry, we too get lecherous press people just hoping to hear the scoop on “the freaks sick fetishes”, but usually I can smell them a mile away.

    I still have to say it again but I honestly cant understand how no one finds you attractive. You have brains to dye for and (at least I) think you are fetching.


    PS: Have you ever heard of gravatar? It is a site where people can register the email address they will use on blogs like yours, and they have an icon that will port to any blog they comment on which imlplores the Gravatar site

  3. Miss Hyde writes:

    I’ma not happy!

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    A sentient robot is a person. (I tend to agree)
    But if a sentient robot is programmed to love (physically or emotionally) a specific person regardless of his or her personal merits does that sentient robot then constitute a slave?

    If not, how would such a relationship differ from stockholm syndrome?

  5. His Little Slut writes:

    Kat – I would love to interview you about being a furry! Davecat can give you my HLS e-mail address if you’re interested. 🙂

  6. Mahtek writes:

    Great interview, Davecat! Once again, you do we Idollators proud!

    You would have enjoyed the meeting at the B&B. Not only to meet great people, but to meet famous dolls! Bianca from “Lars” was there, as was Tabitha, formerly Stacy’s doll and artistic model, Melanie, Aurora Darkwinter and Teddy Babes too numerous to remember.

    As for cheating, as a Doll Husband myself I’d have to say yes, it is. This from a man who’s Doll Queen is accompanied by Doll Ladies-in-Waiting! 😉

    We still need to make a trip up to Canada for the 2nd Doll Parliment. Let me know which weekend in July or August would be good for you!

    Ahh, Miss July. A blue eyed blonde! Temptations, temptations….

  7. Mahtek writes:

    BTW, a fellow Idollator informed me of a simple method of attaching hard nails to a newer doll. Let me know if you’re interested. I’ll make you a set for Sidore.

  8. Davecat writes:

    Laura –
    Don’t go sassin’! Alternatively, you could go the Amber Hawk Swanson route, and have a RealDoll made to look like you, thereby pleasing all parties involved. 🙂

    Kat –
    You can’t see me from here, but I’m blushing. 😉

    Yeah, dealing with the media is a double-edged sword, but like it was said (implied) in the HLS interview, if more people who are into alternative lifestyles are willing to speak publically about it, then those who aren’t might stand a chance of learning the truth, rather than media-propogated lies. Someone’s gotta do it, y’know…

    And you should contact HLS for an interview opportunity! As I’ve known the admin, I can say that an interview with her would be drama-free. 🙂

    Hyde-chan –
    Aww! Well, you could always buy a Miss July and swap out her hair with that of Miss June. There’s an idea!

    Mahtek –
    I’ll have to give the calen-dar a good looking over for the date, but I’m thinking August for the Second Doll Parliament? I have to ask Mari when she’s free as well. She’s looking even more forward to the whole thing than I am, if that’s to be believed. 🙂

    Also, I didn’t know that Tabitha was Tabitha Leone Tabitha! Huh! I’m going to have to figure out some logistics for getting the Missus out of Deafening silence Plus, without freaking out the neighbours…

    And your hard nails idea intrigues me, and I wish to know more. *nods vigourously* Email me the particulars, when you get a chance…

  9. Davecat writes:

    Funny that you ask that, cos not only has another bloke asked something like that, but late-lamented veach asked about that as well. And I still haven’t answered either one of them! 😐

    The way I look at it is this: I can’t view that as slavery, as slavery is basically a miserable state of existence, due to forcible removal from a previously content state of existence. You’re happy that you have complete freedom, then all of that is taken away from you. In the case of a Synthetik, if they’re programmed to love — which in and of itself is a happy state of existence — and that’s all they’ve ever known, as they didn’t exist prior to being activated, then I don’t think that’s slavery, as they didn’t go from a good life to a horrible life.

    The same can be said for Stockholm syndrome. A person living a carefree life gets captured and held hostage for days, weeks, months on end. Eventually they go through some twisted brain alchemy where they empathise with their captor, and even in some cases, grow to love them. Again, with a Synthetik programmed to be a loving partner, there’s not a case where they were living in awful conditions, and then suddenly decided they weren’t so awful — it’s been smooth sailing from day one with them and their mate.

    Granted, there are going to be unpleasant instances where the Organik half decides to abuse their privilege over the Synthetik, but you get that in Organik/Organik relationships, really… As an idealist when it comes to this field — which would be the only time I’m an idealist — I’d like to believe that the majority of Organiks who choose a Synthetik partner do so because they would like a loving and non-judgemental partner, in a relationship without conflict. You take out the conflict, and you have a happy Organik, being made happy by the Synthetik. Get adaptive technology that’s good enough, and the Synthetik will be genuinely happy, too.

  10. SafeTinspector writes:

    OK, here’s another on the same vein, then.
    If a human baby is raised specifically to be a concubine (something not unheard of in human history) then they, likewise, only know of that existence. What then?

    But… I kinda agree with you that a designed purpose is better than a subverted purpose.
    To that extent–bear me out on this one–what if you designed a child-sized synthetik for p***philes which reacted with the expected fear, revulsion and evident pain as a real child? If the reactions were merely programmed responses that didn’t reflect the synthetik’s actual feelings (perhaps he/she/it would actually be designed to enjoy or feel satisfaction in their work) then this could serve as a valuable safety valve for a sick human who might find it helpful in fighting their inner demons.

    Or a doll for serial killers which they can slaughter over and over?

    Or for sadists that can be tortured as harshly as they want?

  11. Mahtek writes:


    An interesting thought, which shows the potential dark side of any new technology. If nuclear reactions were only ever used in power generation, everyone would be all for it. But since it is associated with “The Bomb”, there is a knee jerk negative reaction.

    Also, if you’ve ever read any comments by anyone who is anti-synthetic, those are exactly the scenarios that they imagine. It’s something new, they don’t understand it, so fear of the unknown takes over and their imaginations work to justify that fear.

    In the end, someone will be producing a consumer product. I don’t think that any government would allow those types of dolls to be made. Just as there would be regulations governing the ownership of Killbots. If they did, any buyer would surely go on a list. Sure, there may be chop shops where you could customize your synthetic for twisted purposes, but I think that would be the rare exception.

    As for it being slavery, if it’s not sentient, it’s in no more need of emancipation than my coffee pot.

  12. Kat writes:

    Totally agree with what you said. I do think that because there is a decent amunt of us that are media phobic, it looks like we are trying to hide something and that is just as bad as the “freak shooting off at the mouth to any old media piece” thing that these people actually fear. Balance has been my path in alot of things.

    I would be interested in what HLS has to say. Although I dont know if Im the best person to talk to but my mind is open.

  13. SafeTinspector writes:

    I dunno. I think I’d spring for a pedonoid for the neighborhood sicko if the alternative is an increased likelihood of such a person attempting to victimize real children… such as my own. Not necessarily a negative in my mind.

  14. Wanda writes:

    “They seem to think that it’s an objectification of women when really it’s a personification of objects.”
    Brilliant…just brilliant!

    But…the whole concept of “cheating” with an escort makes no sense to me at all. Cheating is emotional involvement, not physical.

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