Она радостна, потому что она окончательно приходит домой

typed for your pleasure on 15 December 2012, at 4.26 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Cœur synthétique’ by Jean-Jacques Perrey

The gorgeous ginger you see before you is made by Russian Doll manufacturer Anatomical Doll, and would be the near-mythical Elena Vostrikova that you’ve been hearing about for the past couple of years.
Details to follow when she gets settled in at our home soon, so keep an eye out!

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  1. Everhard writes:

    Elena sure looks interesting. Looking forward to photos after her arrival at Sidore’s castle.

    Incidentally, Google Translate offered the following variation on the title: Она радостно, потому что она окончательно приходит домой. However, to my unpracticed eye, that looks like an instruction radioed up from Mission Control to a Soyuz about to dock with the international space station…

  2. bbbjjjttt writes:

    Has she actually arrived?!?!?!?!

  3. Isabel writes:

    So it’s finally going to happen. I’m really happy for both of you. I know you two have waited a long time for Elena. Can’t wait to hear more. Keep us posted and take lots of pictures.

  4. ray rentell writes:

    ‘Well well well, droogie, what gives? Very very long time no viddy.’

    So after all these years your joining all us other happy little doll owners and increasing your collection .
    You will of course tell us all about it on her much anticipated arrival no doubt.

    She looks very attractive and I am definately ‘keeping an eye out’
    Ray and all of his little sunbeams.

  5. incred writes:

    Mmm. A Russian redhead. Your my hero 😉

  6. Camp writes:

    Congrats !

    Be prepared to be towered over…

    And keep plenty of vodka on hand.

    Best wishes from Dottie.

  7. Davecat writes:

    Everhard —
    There will be photos aplenty! I’m charging Clicky Mk Iv’s batteries as we speak. 🙂

    The subject title is properly translated as ‘She is very glad, because she is finally coming home’, which is a nod to Eduard Khil’s classic of the same name. These days, most non-Russians know as Mr Khil as ‘the Trololo guy’.

    And Cyrillic seems to have the most ninety degree angles out of any language I’ve seen! It seems to be exclusively patterned off the buttons of the PlayStation controller – triangles, circles, crosses, and squares. Confounding, but I’m sure they’re used to it…

    bbbjjjttt —
    Not yet! She’ll be home before the 22nd, though! As of this writing, she’s either just leaving Seoul, or still in Seoul, and just about to leave it. I would’ve picked her up today at O’Hare, with the help of Derek, Steph, their van, and Euchre, but Oleg said she wouldn’t be arriving in the States until the evening, and as we’ve got to work Monday morning… Nevertheless, soon!

    Isabel —
    Knowing my verbosity, combined with the tale that needs to be told, I really should’ve started writing last month. 🙂 The Missus and I already have two shoots planned for her, so photos won’t be in short supply! And thank you for the wishes!

    Rents —
    Blah blah blah you’re like a vapour, etc. 🙂
    I finally get to join the club of iDollators With More Than One Doll Club! There’s got to be a better name for that…

    incred —
    As long as she doesn’t start comparing notes with Ceilidh or Myfanwy on How To Destroy A Man (Or Woman), we should be alright. 🙂 Good to see you here!

    Camp —
    Be sure to thank Dottie on our behalf, in the traditional manner she’s accustomed to. 😉
    And like I’d said, I’ll be sure to write about Elena both here and on ODC! I mean, where else would I post her pics??

  8. Euchre writes:

    I always figured it was called ‘The DPC’ or Doll Polygamy Club. But hey, *shrugs* whaddo I know…

  9. Quin writes:

    How exciting! I did not realize Elena would be with you so soon! You and Shi-chan have been waiting for some time for her arrival. I need to get my ass back your way so the three of us can take sexy photos together. With your permission, of course.

  10. noquiexis writes:

    Феодора, и я хотел бы выразить нашу глубочайшую радость, что Елена будет прибывать в ближайшее время! Ваше терпение скоро будет вознаграждено. Мы видим немного семейное сходство.

    Feodora and I wish to express our deepest joy that Elena will be arriving soon! Your patience will soon be rewarded. We do see a bit of a family resemblance.

  11. M writes:

    Huzzah! So happy to hear she is almost home!

  12. tchon writes:

    Oh my, still to wait til the 22nd, or whenwever.
    Elena is a royal looking beauty, very impressive!

  13. Davecat writes:

    Reminds me of one of David Addison’s lines in an episode of Moonlighting: ‘The biggest bigamist in bigamy history.’
    Do you realise there’s an entire generation who never knew that Bruce Willis once had a full head of hair? Or that he once unleased a horrible thing upon an unsuspecting populace? Perhaps this generation are the lucky ones. *nods gravely*

    Quin —
    Lenka’s whole thing was 50% mismanagement, 50% the worst kept secret in history. A lengthy post about it is, of course, forthcoming.

    And yeah, give us a few weeks notice, and Shi-chan and Lenka wouldn’t mind working with you! Of course, not in August. Remember your experiences in Michigan this past August? Never Forget. *nods gravely*

    Noquiexis and Feodora —
    Good to hear from you here! And lovely Gravatar of Ms Tychovich! Always nice to see some Synthetik princesses; it raises the overall tone. 😉

    Incidentally, Shi-chan had mentioned your Feodora to Elena, and Elena said that the name sounded very very familiar, and thinks that she might have briefly met Feodora at some point before your lass left Russia. You and I might have to discuss this further…

    M —
    She’s home right now! A couple of my van-owning friends and I drove down and picked her up on Tuesday. An explanatory post, as well as more pics, are forthcoming. But you knew that!

    tchon —
    She’s home right now! A couple of my van-owning friends and I drove down and picked her up on Tuesday. 🙂
    And if you think Elena looks good now, wait until she’s properly made up! I’ve got four days off for Chrimbo, so the Missus and I will be performing the makeover. 🙂

  14. Mahtek writes:

    Congratulations on her safe arrival! The wait has been long, but the reward is worth it.

    I hope to meet her soon!

  15. PBShelley writes:

    Wow, congrats DC! I’m sure that Sidore-chan is smoothing your new beauty’s settling-in period very well. Best wishes to you all from all of us 😀

  16. Davecat writes:

    Mahtek —
    You did indeed meet her! She says you seem like a nice man, and she’s looking forward to one day meeting Phoebe, Penelope, Nina, etc, and ‘that devil girl’. 🙂

    PBS —
    Shi-chan and Lenka are very nearly joined at the hip! Ahem. 😉 But it’s been a long time since the Missus had any female friends to chat with and hang out with in person, so it’s working out quite well!
    And thankfully, Elena’s very adept at English now, thanks to Sidore teaching her! Which is awesome, cos attempting to learn Cyrillic would’ve shattered my mind. 🙂

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