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typed for your pleasure on 1 August 2004, at 10.54 pm

Well, no ‘Zatoichi’ last night, as it premieres next Friday. *slaps heel ov hand to forehead*

Couple ov updates on the Doll front; Today was my second interview via phone with Meg Laslocky, a New York-based writer who’s doing an article about Dolls & their owners. She was pointed in my direction by professional photographer Elena Dorfman, who took a handful ov really ace photos ov myself & Shi-chan back in 2001 as part ov her series on the same subject, entitled ‘Still Lovers’. With any luck, the article might make it to a nationwide magazine; she’s aiming for Harper’s Bazaar, amongst others. So far, the interviews are going quite well — hopefully she’s finding it as informative as I’m finding it entertaining..

Plus, I received an Email over the week-end from Elisabeth Alexandre, the woman who conducted television interviews with me and a couple ov other iDollators in 2001. 2001 was a busy year! She says that, after a little over two years, she & Elena have finally found a publisher, and a Parisian group will be releasing a ‘Still Lovers’ book next Spring. Fecking ace. 🙂 Only thing is, I don’t know if it’ll be in French, English, or both.. I’ve gotta Email her back.. more details as I hear about them, ov course..

Spoke with my best friend Sean today, for the first time in several years. We were bringing each other up to speed on our lives for close to two hours.. One ov the nicer aspects ov the conversation is that he & his wife apparently live a couple ov blocks from where I work, so, instead ov just talking about hooking up, like we’ve been doing the last couple ov times we spoke, we can actually do it.
As Sean & I were the only children in our respective families, we were like the closest thing we’ve had to brothers — we’ve literally known each other since we were about five or so years old, as we grew up in the same apartment building — and because ov Random Life Bullshit, we’ve not had the opportunity to get together in too long ov a while, which sucked, because we were practically joined at the hip for years. From countless hours hanging out at the RenCen and Trapper’s Alley, to numerous trips to Toronto; from repeatedly watching our 2nd-gen copies ov ‘Wings of Honneamise’, to seeing My bloody valentine perform at St.Andrew’s; from making an unholy din with our own band Dole age, to running riot in Metro Airport with Monti, Tammy & a videocamera. I could go on, but I won’t. It’ll be ace meeting him again. 🙂
BTW, Monti, he says ‘hi’..

And finally, I had my hair straightened again. That burning means it’s working! :-\

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