the Wednesday Recommendation 01: Shaun of the Dead

typed for your pleasure on 23 September 2004, at 2.17 am

Originally the plan for the first Sexy Action Installment ov ‘the Wednesday Recommendation’ was for me to go on about my brand spank-me new copy ov Katamari damacy, but the GameStop where I’d reserved my copy hadn’t gotten the shipment in yet, the cakefuckers. Grrr. Perhaps I’ll do my frothing recommendation ov that next week..
So without further ado, here’s this thing..

WHAT D’YE CALL IT? Shaun of the Dead

WHAT IS IT? a feature film

WHY ARE YOU RECOMMENDING THIS TO ME, THE HIP AND SAVVY READER OF ‘SHOUTING TO HEAR THE ECHOES’? Cos any film, zombie-related or otherwise, that has people whacking the bollocks out ov a zombie in time to the rhythm ov Queen’s ‘Don’t stop me now’ deserves to be seen by everyone.
Jeff & I caught this at the Main art theatre last Friday, as he had managed to score a pair ov free passes. We’d seen the trailer a couple ov weeks previously, and were pretty impressed, and I can honestly say the film itself was better than the trailer (which is an increasingly rare statement these days). Shaun, a late-twentynothing slacker, is stuck in a dead-end job, has a flailing relationship with his long-suffering girlfriend Liz, and lives with Ed, who is even more ov a slacker than he is. The normal routine ov spending the eve down the pub for the billionth time gets a bit shaken up when zombies begin to overrun the city. Can Shaun rescue his mum and reconcile with Liz? Moreover, can he do these things before they call time down at the local pub?

WHAT WOULD BE YOUR FAVOURITE BIT(S)? The homage to ‘Reservoir dogs’ scene, and the surprise guest appearances by someone from ‘The Office’ and someone from ‘The League of Gentlemen’


So how was that?
NEXT WEEK: More ov the same

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