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typed for your pleasure on 11 March 2005, at 6.04 am

Sdtrk: none right now, but ‘Suffragette city’ by David Bowie is running through my head

What the — it’s snowing again. I thought we were done with this bollock?! At the beginning of the week, temperatures were in the low fifties, and now, we’re told to expect three to four inches of snow. Ugh. Goddamn inconsistent Michigan weather. Mother Nature attends to the rest of the 48 contiguous first, then kicks back with a couple of drops of blotter acid, and then attends to Michigan’s climate. ‘Partly cloudy, with patches of sandpaper, and an intermittent shower of pound cakes by late this afternoon.’ Ugh.

+ the Main Art Theatre in Royal oak will be showing ‘Steamboy‘, Katsuhiro Otomo’s latest long-awaited film, on 18 Mar. I remember reading stuff and seeing pre-production stills for this waaay back in the late Nineties. Even though we’ll be seeing it dubbed, it looks pretty ace
+ the magnificent Dears are opening for The Soundtrack of our lives at the Magic stick on 27 Mar. I’m going for The Dears; hopefully the other group won’t be entirely repellent
+ Tim tells me Bloc party are quite good. Well, they’re playing at the Magic stick 1 Apr, so we’ll see
+ Woo hoo! Adult. comes back home 6 May! Wait, that’s in May, that’s too far away right now to think about. Mark it down anyway, cos they’re a fine band, a fine band

+ The most recent fillum by Takashi Miike, director of the lovely ‘Ichi the killer’, is called ‘Izo‘, and it looks like the most insane thing I’ve seen all week. Links to the trailer are labelled ’56kbps’, ‘500kbps’, and ‘1mbps’; Javascript is foxing me this evening, hence the lack of direct links.. ‘Izo’ is loosely based on a real-life samurai from 19th cen. Japan, who was unjustly sentenced to crucifixion. Now, since it’s Miike, all ties to reality pretty much end at that point, cos Izo’s spirit is so consumed with such a burning need for revenge, that not only is he resurrected, but Time and Space don’t mean a damn thing to him anymore. So he teleports from the feudal era, to WWII era Japan, to the 20th and 21st centuries, cutting up authority figures as well as anyone who opposes him. Thumbs up! Like I said, it’s Miike; expect nothing less than complete and total brain sodomy
+ I broke down and ordered my copy of ‘Weekend’, so I’ll be giggling like a schoolgirl when that arrives
+ Still haven’t bought Devil may cry 3 yet. I came close the last time I was at WorstBuy; I entered the store, and made a beeline for the videogames section, and grabbed a copy. It all started to fall apart when I wandered over to the DVD section to see what was out. Having seemingly found nothing, I was just about to head to the counter, when I saw that volume 2 of Sealab 2021 was out. ‘Holy crap,’ I mentally exclaimed, ‘volume 2 is already out?’ Seeing as that was a little over $20 cheaper, I put DMC3 away, and picked up the Sealab 2021 DVD. Then, I wandered over to the Cd section, which is where I spotted that Three imaginary boys reissue Cd, which was cheaper than the DVD I was gripping. I’m certain you can suss the rest. 😛
Not only that, I’ve been hearing a lot of reports that DMC3 is fecking difficult. I’ll pick it up eventually, but I’d like to believe I’m saving my dosh for Red ninja first, if anything else..

And that’s all I can think of! Wow, look at the time!
My brain is shuting dwn now. I’m goingt o put myslef inna bednow gbye

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