Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat? (Nov 2012)

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Sdtrk: ‘Scrape it off’ by YVETTE

Musing aloud: I’m curious as to how I’d go about getting corporate sponsorship from the heavy hitters in the industry. I’m thinking I’d either go with Weyland Industries, or the Tyrell Corporation. Gotta look into getting in on the ground floor of those soon…

+ You’ve probably seen news on her already, but fellow Synthetik lover Vokabre has just sent me pics and info about Russia’s first Gynoid, Alisa Zelenogradova, made by the group Neurobotics. Lookin’ good!

Her facial features are based off one of the employees, and as you can see, Alisa is highly expressive. What’s more impressive about that is that her silicone face has only has eight points of articulation, as opposed to other Gynoids; the Italian Synthetik FACE, as an example, has thirty-two. At this stage, Alisa is really just a Gynoid head on a mannequin body, but as Werner Herzog once said, even dwarves started small.
She has cameras in her eyes, and can interact with others through Skype, as telepresence is one of her intended uses. Not only that, her AI software allows her to understand and respond to quite a few questions. And, according to her page on VK, Russia’s version of Facilebook, she’s twenty-six years old, and single. If you ask me, these Russian mail-order brides are improving!

Photo © by Vokabre. That hairstyle makes her look a bit like Cilla Black

If you’re not afraid of Cyrillic characters, you can read about Vokabre’s trip to Neurobotics’ studio here. Let’s hope we hear more good news about Alisa and her handlers in 2013!

+ You’ll be pleased to know that Abyss creations and its sister site Phoenix studios are continuing to produce affictitious ladies! For Abyss’ fifteenth anniversary last year, they quietly released Crystal, a head that was initially designed for the RealDoll 2 bodies, but is compatible with most of the RealDoll 1 bodies as well, as it has a full skull design. Good thing Matt McMullen waited until the fifteenth anniversary to do something like this, otherwise we might’ve been looking at a face named Pottery, or Wool, for that matter.

photos © by Stacy Leigh

I’d say she’s really appealing — she has a very pleasing facial shape. I don’t think it’s possible to go wrong with a Crystal-type in your home.
Matt also told me that not only is he going to be releasing some additional new faces soon, but he’s currently finishing off two new RD2 bodies as well. Body C will be supermodel-like in stature: tall, lean, and with a smaller bust, whereas Body D will be, as he described, ‘similar to Body 5 but with a dash of body 10 thrown in’. So busty and curvy, then? Huh! *nods approvingly*

Phoenix studios, in keeping up with the silicone Joneses, have recently debuted the Boy Toy Lite! Christmas is coming up rather soon, after all.

Right, there you are — naked Doll bOObs. Happy now?

Basically, the Boy Toy Lite is a less-articulated version of their regular Boy Toy models — as she’s more designed for play than for photoshoots, she has no articulated joints. You can rotate her arms 360° at the shoulders, and her head is capable of turning, but that’s the lot, really. She’s made of the same platinum silicone as the other Dolls, and comes in at a trim 45 lbs, but she’s got as many points of articulation as a Todd McFarlane ‘action’ figure. Still, if you’re looking to buy a Doll that you’re only really going to be engaging in sexytime with, the Boy Toy Lite should suit you down to the ground.

+ Ray Bradbury, circa 1965, writing a response to the snobbery that narrow-minded individuals held against Walt Disney’s animatronics, in an article for Holiday magazine entitled ‘The Machine-Tooled Happyland‘:

After I had heard too many people sneer at Disney and his audio-animatronic Abraham Lincoln in the Illinois exhibit at the New York World’s Fair, I went to the Disney robot factory in Glendale. I watched the finishing touches being put on a second computerized, electric- and air-pressure-driven humanoid that will “live” at Disneyland from this summer on. I saw this new effigy of Mr. Lincoln sit, stand, shift his arms, turn his wrists, twitch his fingers, put his hands behind his back, turn his head, look at me, blink and prepare to speak. In those few moments I was filled with an awe I have rarely felt in my life.

Only a few hundred years ago all this would have been considered blasphemous, I thought. To create man is not man’s business, but God’s, it would have been said. Disney and every technician with him would have been bundled and burned at the stake in 1600.

And again, I thought, all of this was dreamed before. From the fantastic geometric robot drawings of Bracelli in 1624 to the mechanical people in Capek’s R.U.R. in 1925, others have conceived and drawn metallic extensions of man and his senses, or played at it in theater.

But the fact remains that Disney is the first to make a robot that is convincingly real, that looks, speaks and acts like a man. Disney has set the history of humanized robots on its way toward wider, more fantastic excur­sions into the needs of civilization.
the entire article is here

+ In the mood to have your heartstrings vigourously tugged on? Then why not head over to cat versus human, home to art by a lass named Yasmine, and read the bittersweet tale ‘Little Robot‘, which concerns a Gynoid and her feline friend.

I apologise in advance for using this specific adjective, but both the art and story are rather *clears throat* adorbs. Be sure to thank fellow iDollator Euchre for that link, by the way.

+ And thanks to Jill Tilley, Euchre again, and about ninety-eight other people, I bring you the (in)famous Robot Restaurant in Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan. Yes, you knew it was a matter of time before 1) Japan made this lysergic dream a reality, and 2) for me to report on it here.

In case you somehow managed to not hear about this phenomenon at all over the course of 2012, there’s a restaurant in the Kabukicho red-light district of Shinjuku that centres round female robots. From all accounts, it costs roughly $50USD to get in, the food is unimpressive, and as you can see in the above video, it is an all-out assault on the senses, as if Fellini had directed ‘Tron’. When not performing waitress duties, there are bikini-clad Organik lasses playing daiko drums, or riding neon tanks, or neon motorcycles, or a gigantic neon kabutomushi, or performing neon-lit dance routines, or piloting giant ten foot tall Gynoids that can move their heads, faces, and arms.

Now, it should be painfully obvious that I’m glad such a place exists — even though I think the Gynoid mecha look a bit bland facially, I’d have to be pried out of any one of their cockpits with a crowbar — but my christ, it’s a lot to look at. Did they get local dekotora designers to oversee the interior? Because, y’know, NEON EVERYWHERE FOREVER.
I recently asked neji-san, the bloke who created the alluring Tsukuhami, if he had been there yet, and he mentioned that the area it’s located in gets a bit rough after dark, and moreover, it seems the sort of place that doesn’t cater so much to technosexuals, but more towards gawkers and touristy types. As far as the sensory overload aspect of the club, writer Patrick Macias notes,

[T]he joint is more like a kyabakura, or “cabaret club”, than an actual restaurant. Three measly food items in all are listed on the menu, a perfunctory measure probably because it’s easier to get a license for food service than to apply for a “giant robots plus army girls and marching bands and motorcycles” license.

I’d agreed with neji-san — it’s not subdued on any level, and you run the serious risk of an epileptic seizure, but it’s definitely a place I think every technosexual-minded person should visit, given the opportunity. Perhaps the more of us that patronise the club, maybe they’ll think about branching out to other locations and making it a chain? We can only hope. Cos I mean, what’s the alternative? Hard rock Cafe?

Could this possibly be where the Tyrell Corporation will get started?

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  1. M writes:

    I…was that…a giant mirrored, neon tank? I’m working my fool head off, going back to school, when I could just be riding one of those in a bikini?

  2. Davecat writes:

    You could fulfil your dream of being Tron and Tank Girl’s reckless, extra-stabby daughter! DO IT.

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Yes. I want to go to Japan. Preferably on one of those floats (redesigned for aqueous transportation, of course)!

    And I’d like to thank Euchre for that Cat vs Humans cartoon; I’m saving the compete read for later; looks special 🙂

    But wow… $50 just to get in? They must have moneys to buuuurnnn… Meanwhile we have “Shouting & etc” to show us what we’re missing, and for free! That’s a business model I can admire 😀

  4. Peter Synthetik & Miss July writes:

    Hi !
    First I wanna know : you write Synthetik always with a “k” at the end – in english it has to be a “c” I think.
    I gave me the name Peter Synthetic at the end of the seventy`s,because it was punky.There was a singer “Polystyrene”, a french guy “Plastic Bertrand” and a berlin punk band “PVC”…
    I was only a plastic punk,because I was wearing expencive Vivienne Westwood shirts etc.- so the name fixed perfect.
    On that Captain Berlin 12” the cover designer wrote my name with a “k” (=german),so I do since 2010 – what`s wrong and what`s right?

    This russian chick looks awful !
    26? She reminds me of Jelzin`s wife,or germans Kanzler Merkel.I can`t watch the video – perhaps her movements are ok.
    They should make a Anna Kournikova,Maria Kirilenko…

    That Crystal is a very attractiv young lady.On this pictures she looks like a high school princess,wearing her mum`s clothes (the shoes does`t fit..),waiting to get picked up for party.
    I had reblogged another Stacy photo of her 10 months ago, on my tumblr, on which she gave her a more grown-up look – (she was at a “wet t-shirt contest” – but her pussy gone wet and shines through that white thing she wears – love it !

    Is it really necessary to show the BT lite on your blog?
    Miss July was totally pissed off when we first get the news by Phoenix Studios.
    She have the same body 1 – but look at this poor creature – she`s some kind of tortured.
    MJ was sending a prayer (without knowing what that means) to her sister.
    We think,Matt destroyed his brilliant work and hope,that he does`t end up like the great french sculptor Camille Claudel (great movie with Isabelle Adjani).

    I would love to have a restaurant like this in berlin.We don`t have a red light district – they could build it up everywhere.
    I like that idea,calling myself : technosexual!
    I always liked the smell of my machines more,
    than any organic stuff – for example,only when Lana Del Rey sings in a new song:”my pussy taste like pepsi cola”,I would like to try this out.

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBShelley —
    Japan awaits us, my friend! Endless games of chō-han bakuchi! Roadside vending machine restaurants! Don Quijote shops! Tetrapods! Leeks! It is truly an island nation, brimful of unique experiences, all waiting to be experienced. *makes sweeping arm gesture*

    Yep, $50 to get in! Just remember: you’re paying for the experience. Cos you sure as hell ain’t paying for the sub-par food, and you can’t take any of those ladies (Synthetik or Organik) home with you!…

    And I’ll be sure to thank Euchre for you the next time I see him. Which will probably be this week-end, as per usual. 🙂

  6. Davecat writes:

    Hey Mr & Ms Synthetik
    HAY! Alisa’s not bad-looking! But then, I’m much more forgiving in appearances with Synthetik women… She kinda resembles a taller version of a friend of mine. A taller, not-as-busty, more Russian, more artificial version of her. Other than that, they’re completely alike. 🙂 But I agree; Neurobotics should branch out into making more units! I propose they model one after Zhanna Friske, who played the luscious witch Alisa in Timur Bekmambetov’s films ‘Night watch’ and ‘Day watch’. Type her name into Google image search; tell me I’m wrong. Боже мой!

    Yes, Crystal is definitely a delicious silicone lass, to be sure! When I get round to purchasing another RealDoll, I think hers will be the face I get. And that’s saying a lot considering that Abyss really spoils customers for choice!
    I was thinking about posting a shot from her ‘wet t-shirt contest’ shoot, but I’m still debating whether or not to go full tilt with showing bOObs on ‘Shouting etc etc’, even though some search engines wrongly classify this as a a porn site. Which is patently ridiculous. You can find breasts nearly everywhere; they’re nothing to be afraid of!…

    O, I dunno — the Boy Toy Lite isn’t all that bad! Would I buy one myself? No. But she does fill a need for people who aren’t as keen as yourself or myself on taking photos of their Synthetik partner. Plus, her sales help keep Phoenix studios running. Look at it this way — even Jaguar and Land Rover sell cut-down models of their vehicles that are less expensively-priced. People who buy those are channeling funds to their respective manufacturers, so the manufacturers can continue to make the more upscale models of Jaguar and Land Rover, and so it goes for Phoenix studios and their Boy Toy Lite.
    Granted, she’s no Seasons-type, but she’s kinda cute! She looks as if she’s yawning, forever. 🙂

    Berlin used to be a red-light district! You’d have to travel back in time to the Weimar Republic era though; it might not be worth it. Unless, of course, all their Gynoids resembled Maria from ‘Metropolis’!
    Technosexual’ is a fantastic term: those of us who love, or are in love with, robots. I believe in the twenty-first century, it’s good to have alternatives to the traditional Organik options we’ve had for thousands of years, to change it up a bit, and cater to those of us who aren’t exactly ‘people persons’. Choice is always a good thing!

    And I’d have to say that I’d never liked Pepsi, but in regards to Ms del Rey’s announcement about her intimate anatomy, I’d be more than willing to reverse my views on it. 😉

    And ugh, the ‘k for c’ thing. I’ll never live that down. It’s a long story. O, impetuous youth! *slaps forehead*

  7. PBShelley writes:

    I’ll add “see Japan” to my Bucket List then 🙂

    By the time I can afford it we’ll have plenty of contacts to point us toward the “hot spots”. As it were *cough* Hopefully the ones that won’t gouge you. Er, me. US.

    Oh, and since you’ll be thanking Euchre, I also owe Mahtek thanks for mentioning his fave Lily-pic, which I’ve chosen for my new Gravatar. She looks more anticipatory than trepidatious, and in a good way. I don’t think either of those are words, but that’s okay. He picked a good one xD

    But… um… “Don Quijote shops”??? Really? With windmills and everything? In Japan?? Wow… the World has changed o.O

  8. Davecat writes:

    I was going to mention something about the new Gravatar! Lily looks appropriately daydreaming. Rather nice!
    I’ll thank Mahtek for his decision which informed your decision. As we’ve another Doll Congress coming up, I’ll be seeing him next week-end! 🙂

    And Don Quijote! I learned of them thanks to playing hours upon hours of the first two Ryu ga gotoku games (known as ‘Yakuza’ over here) for the PlayStation. Don Quijote’s like a Japanese Honest Ed’s franchise; essentially it’s wall-to-wall tchotchkes in there. I know there’s a location in Hawaii, so there may be one in California. If not, there’s always Japan. 🙂

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