Ears are bleeding: supplemental

typed for your pleasure on 21 July 2006, at 4.10 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Shaken (Kid 606 refix)’ by Drop the lime

The inevitable conclusion?

SEAN (handing Cd back): ‘Yeah, that was a little too harsh for me, there.’
DAVECAT: ‘Ah ha ha ha ha!’

Obvious result? I would say so, yes..

Burnett-Rae then goes on to briefly discuss [Aleister] Crowley’s poetry and a few other topics. Of interest is when he writes, “I have mentioned that he was unusually temperate in his use of alcohol and that even a slight excess of spirits would cause him to ‘pass out’. The same could not be said of his curries! I was invited to have one of these, prepared by himself, one day just before the war. At the first mouthful I thought I had burned my tongue with caustic acid and reached for the water and thereafter took water with every successive spoonful. Crowley, however, shovelled an enormous plateful away with record speed, fortifying it as he went with chillies and other spices, the sweat pouring down his face, as if he were in a Turkish bath. When he had eaten copiously, he helped himself to more and offered me another plateful but I had had enough, although normally I am fond of curry.”
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As I told him, Noise is really an acquired taste

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    When I was young I used to speculate that “acquired taste” meant that people forced themselves to learn to like something just to prove a point or show off.
    As an adult who drinks coffee and loves spicy foods, I realize that there are rewards to be gained from said acquisitions of flavor.
    I still don’t like beer or country music, and am not much into sports. But I understand that others have “acquired” these tastes and get a lot out of those things.
    I’ve never tried “Noise” or “Power/Noise”, but I’d be willing to have a go at it.

  2. Davecat writes:

    It’s like I told my manager, it actually took me a while to ‘get’ Noise — I bought and sold two Throbbing gristle Cds before I started really liking them (hint: don’t start with releases that have multiple songs listed as one 70 min long track). But at the time I was getting into it, I’d been listening to old-school Industrial (TG, Monte Cazazza, etc) for a few years, and wanted something more challenging/unconventional/flailingly obscure, I guess.
    This sort of thing is a blog post waiting to be written, methinks. 🙂

    Give some Noise a go, and download that compilation! That link will be available for about five more days..

  3. PBShelley writes:

    *likes curry, not too sure about Crowley* 😛

    The Noise sounds intriguing, but I imagine that one must “choose one’s moments” for listening. Probably the closest thing (I imagine) I have might be a bonus CD from The Church issued with their “Hologram of Baal” recording. It’s a 78 minute instrumental jam of them taken from one early-AM rehearsal setting, where the whole piece is divided up into 6 tracks (IIRC). Hard to describe, but very “Noise”-ey indeed!

    PBS et al

  4. Davecat writes:

    PBSBP et al –
    That disk sounds interesting, actually! Although I imagine it’s probably more along the lines of Lou Reed’s infamous ‘Metal machine music’ (which sadly disappointed me when I finally heard it about a decade ago), but nevertheless.. If you were to rip a couple of tracks and Email/YouSendIt to me, I’d be happy to listen to them, though!

    And I’ve no stomach for curry at all. To quote whoever Zip Gun often quotes, chili pepper burns my gut. 🙂

  5. PBShelley writes:

    Greets DC,

    I shall be happy add the selected cuts to a disk and it shall be coming your way soon(er or later). I’m not sure how humongous ten-minute-tracks might be to email LOL

    Oddly enough, this CD is pretty much the only music I was able to listen to while writing Lily’s story, as any other music demands my attention and I become distracted by it (not to mention anything else :-P)

    PBS & Baals-up Lily

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