Carry on Phoning / Like bladder, like brain

typed for your pleasure on 16 July 2007, at 8.06 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Mass riff’ by Stereolab

Finally: a name worthy of a Benny Hill character.

*chortle chortle*
She didn’t pick up. Which was disappointing, as I’d really wanted to reply to any and all statements she made with a saucy ‘Ooh matron!’
And another heartwarming scene from my workplace…

ME: Hi, I’m Dave [horrid last name], calling from [Blazing Shithole Industries]. How are ya this afternoon?
AGEING TOSSER: I just got back from the doctor.
ME: Heh, is that Good or Bad?
AGEING TOSSER: Good and bad.
ME: A little bit of both, eh?
AGEING TOSSER: I have to go change my clothes; I just peed my pants.
ME: Aaah… *hangs up quickly*

Brilliant. Yet another reason to not get old

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  1. ZipGun writes:

    Actually, that spelling of Carroll can also be a dude’s name, a la Carroll O’Connor of Archie Bunker fame.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Bu… but if that were a bloke that picked up, I wouldn’t be able to reply to any and all statements he made with a saucy ‘Ooh matron!’, cos that’d be weird!…

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