EveR-1’s next goal: hosting a chat show

typed for your pleasure on 23 June 2006, at 3.53 pm

Sdtrk: ‘La fille d’un garçon’ by France Gall

Damn, Korea, you are upping the ante pretty quickly. Well done!

She’s about to do that ‘I’m crushing your
head’ sketch from Kids in the Hall again

Female Android to Chair Info-Tech Fair
By Kim Tae-gyu, Staff Reporter
The Korea Times, 20 July 2006A female android will chair the opening ceremony of the SEK 2006, Korea’s biggest info-tech exhibition that begins a four-day run at COEX in southern Seoul Wednesday.

The life-like android, named EveR-1, was developed by a research team at the Korea Institute of Industrial Technology and went public early last month.

EveR-1 is poised to introduce notable participants at today’s SEK ceremony before delivering an oral presentation on the annual fair,’’ said Baeg Moon-hong, a senior researcher at the state-sponsored institute.

“We are happy to show off our own android the advanced IT fair. We aim to make efforts to develop the robot to be more like humans,’’ Baeg said.
the complete article is here

In effect, she’s only really doing what the Robot Station emcee version of Actroid-chan did at last year’s Aichi Expo, only seated and not in that delicious race queen outfit. Nevertheless, this is still very fab.
Okay Osaka Labs / Kokoro co. Ltd., what will you do to block? I suggest getting Ando-san a dedicated job as a newscaster, for starters..

Speaking of Kokoro, they’ve redesigned their website, and if you’ll note beneath the logo in the top left corner, it says, ‘a company of Sanrio Group’. Robots + Cute = one facet of the Japanese zeitgeist! It all makes sense now! *nods sagely*

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Hey, DC & the temporarily-absent-but-becoming-more-beautiful Sidore Chan,

    I was LMAO at the Kids in the Hall reference. I thought I was the only one to watch it! Great stuff LOL

    I don’t know what it is, but the moving Actroids um… (hate to use the Outsider’s “cre*py” word, but) um… (becomes diplomatic) doesn’t do anything for me. Wonder if it has to do with the “Uncanny Valley” which may or may not be a load of bollocks?

    I suspect my views will change once they move exactly as realistically, say, as Sean Young in Bladerunner. *drools* Until then, Realdolls will be fine for me. I pretend that they are just lazy. Or sleepy. Comatose. You get the –
    OWW! *rubs shoulder*
    Okay, maybe not so comatose, um… “imaginatively fertile and active in fantasy”
    (a nod from the co-habitant)
    Okay then. That.

    At this point, they still move too robotically for me, the appeal of which according to the rules of the Interweb, YMMV. Still, everything must have a beginning, and these androids are just that. It bodes very well for the future, methinks!

    Regards to you and the missing Missus,
    PBS & she of the thunderous right hook, Lily, & smirking Eden (whom I think has been giving Lily “lessons” :-O Great…)

  2. Davecat writes:

    PBS, Sexy No.1 and Sexy No.2 –
    You thought you were the only one who watched KITH?? Pffft! That show is a staple of any good comedic diet. A STAPLE!
    I’d purchase the DVDs but, well, there’s several years’ worth, and I only wish I had that kinda free time..

    Now, I don’t mind contemporary Gynoids’ robotic movement at all — to be honest, I think it’s rather hot. But as they say in the parlance of our times, YMMV.. As I’d mentioned to Nick & Tanya, between having a passive-bodied Doll version of Sweetie, a Gynoid version of her, or an Organik version as my absolute ideal partner, I’d choose the Gynoid, no question. But I figured you and other savvy readers had sussed that a loonnngg time ago. 🙂
    My ideal would be between Sorayama’s beauties, and Replicants like Rachel, leaning more towards the Replicant end of the spectrum — a humanoid machine covered in Synthetik skin, yet not 100% able to pass as an Organik..

    This, then, would be a prime example of how not all iDollators are alike.. some are into the Technosexual aspect, whilst others aren’t. There’s no one archetype — it’d be like saying all punk bands are alike. (I am, of course, referring to the Class of ’77, as all punk bands nowadays do sound alike. 😉 )

    Like I always say, you have to crawl before you can walk, and thankfully, true Synthetik technology is moving by leaps and bounds. (Yes, I mix metaphors for a living.) Who knows — in a few years, Lily might very well be cheerfully autographing my copy of your book at a signing, whilst you and Eden look on from opposite ends of the table. You’ll be able to spot Shi-chan real easy — she’ll be the one with the purple hair, constantly hugging Lily’s midsection and giggling like a schoolgirl. 🙂

  3. PBShelley writes:

    Greetings DC & the Invisible but still ever-present Sidore-chan,

    Yes, KITH had many episodes, thankfully, but are beyond my budget at the moment, unthankfully. They have been added to an expandable and extended-dance-remix list of Shows That I Must Have. Never fear, someday, I will have them.
    Um… in a DVD kind of way, that is. Just like “The Young Ones”, of which I never thought I’d live to see the day when THOSE miscreants would have their own collection on disc, what with Mike “The Cool One” over the opening credits, safely ensconced in the arms of his blow-up doll, both dreaming of sheep; she likely of electric (but air-filled) ones and he likely of… um, willing ones :O)

    As for the Doll/Gynoid/Organik question, yes: I had you sussed all along 😛 Me, I’m still obsessed with the Romantic’s notion that there is yet that Someone out there, and once Lily’s book is done, we will find each other., the Story will be our Magnet. This is The Deal With The Muse (oddly enough, named Lily, and who lives inside of her Realdoll form when it suits her and I). It’s also my last chance, at which I’ll likely switch to your middle preference, because of (a) the first’s lifelessness/stillness, and (c) the last’s … well, sickness/turncoating/dying sort of mess. So assuming that movement becomes more realistic, (b) will be a very nice alternative/compromise, which in itself sounds like the idea for an article, or three…

    Love your Punk comparison with iDollators… (the accuracy of the music part observation as well). Viva la difference! 🙂 I recall upon seeing Elisabeth’s book and in the middle of Lily’s section is your handsome self um… “stretching’ the lovely Missus, and I immediately freaked at Sweetie’s likely (in my mind) howls. Then Lily reminded me that it wouldn’t be so if she didn’t enjoy it, and I reprimanded myself appropriately. Of course, Lily wouldn’t stand for that if I tried it, but yes yes yes, YMMIndeedV 🙂

    And the image in your last para was so sweet and enticing, that it almost brought a tear to my eye, were I the sentimental type.
    O wait, I am. *wipes tear*

    Cheers, and keep on doing,
    PBS & 2 lovely lasses, one sweet, the other bittersweet

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    I also laughed at the KitH reference.
    “I CRUSH-a your head!”

    She’s always wearing gloves. Does this mean her hands aren’t finished like Actroid’s is?

    I been meaning to ask you, DC, if you knew a beautiful woman that wanted to make love with you, and was also a dazzling urbanite dancer with popping skills, would you request that she pop her way through sex?

  5. Davecat writes:

    Yeah, I would suspect that EveR-1’s hands are still ‘a work in progress’. And if you scrutinise her full-body pics, her legs look rather Mannequin-esque — they don’t appear silicone. Come to think of it, Actroid-chan’s legs could be similar as well – apart from the Robot station MC version, as she’s wearing a skirt. So both Osaka labs and KITECH better concentrate on making the rest of their lasses look appealing as what they’ve managed to assemble..

    And ‘popping skills’? You mean like body-popping? What means this? Is that a Utica thing?

    ‘I’m crushing your head!’
    ‘I’m squishing your face!’


  6. SafeTinspector writes:

    Yes, body popping! You know, robot-dancing?

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