But will she need a TelePrompTer?

typed for your pleasure on 12 June 2005, at 3.18 am

Sdtrk: ‘Changer’ by Stereolab

Another new version of Actroid-chan? Yes? Perhaps?? Probably not, but this version, which they’re referring to as ‘Actroid Repliee’ (which was her development name), is being groomed for a possible career in broadcasting.

Robots in Step

And now the news, with “Actroid Repliee.” Osaka University professor Hiroshi Ishiguro looks after this newscaster robot, which relies on “air servo actuators” to move its arms, head and torso smoothly.

A Gynoid newscaster? That’s an idea so revolutionary, that it revolves.
Little bit of trivia for you: t-dash-san, in that recent Email I’d mentioned, says that ‘Unison‘s President was a employee of KOKORO company which developed Actroid’. Another piece of the Synthetik puzzle falls into place..
More details will be posted here as soon as I hear of them, of course

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2 have spoken to “But will she need a TelePrompTer?”

  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    Can the actroid go walkies? Or is it more of a sitting ‘bot?

  2. Davecat writes:

    As far as I know, she remains seated, much like an Organik news broadcaster.

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