A signal from a flare gun

typed for your pleasure on 10 June 2011, at 2.09 am

Sdtrk: ‘Burning car’ by John Foxx

So I wanted to get this bit in before the week-end, as it’ll be a mildly eventful one (I’ll get to that), as well as the fact that I’ve been horribly neglectful of my writerin’ duties. I’m sure none of you have noticed! With all this time on my hands as of late, I honestly should be ashamed of myself. Actually, I am hanging my head in shame as I type this, which works out rather well, as I tend to look at my fingers when I type. So no shame, no gain, then! Errm.

What’s been percolating at Deafening silence Plus? Well, I’d refused an interview with MTV Brasil last month, as I honestly didn’t think it’d do anyone any good; the brief exchange of Emails we’d had back and forth isn’t even worth discussing, frankly. However, Sidore has successfully gotten me to do new photoshoots of her! At least until it started getting hot out. But three shoots in May, totalling over 170 pics? That’s something to be proud of, I’d say.

Also, you’ll find a new link in das Seidenbär, under the ‘Synthetik friends & friends of Synthetiks’ header, for a relatively new website called Future of Sex. It’s a (mostly) Safe For Work site that ‘provides insights into the fascinating topic of the future of human sex and sexuality. It looks at how communication, interface, biological and other technologies are enabling new expressions of human sexuality, and the individual and societal responses to these significant shifts.’ It’s topical, and definitely worth looking at!

Lastly, the other bit I was supposed to tell you about? The Missus and I will be on TLC’s ‘My Strange Addiction’ again this coming Sunday the 12th, at 9pm EST. It’s a follow-up episode; they’d stopped round with the intention of seeing how the Missus and I were getting on with her girlfriend/my second Doll, but then the bottom fell out of my personal economy, so instead you get to watch me trying my damnedest not to be bitterer than usual, as well as Other Stuff. They filmed for two days, but our segment should be probably less than ten minutes long, so Shi-chan and I will be as surprised as you lot as to what made the final cut. As we usually are in these cases

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  1. Adrian writes:

    As a student of German, I feel compelled to point out that (while I recognize that “das Seidenbär” was intended to be humorous) “Seidenbär” actually means “silk bear” (which is arguably funnier. To me, at least).

  2. Davecat writes:

    Ha! That’s actually pretty awesome. Arguably the best unintentional collision of two languages we’ll see all day! 🙂

    The silk bear is, despite his name, not made of silk; instead, he is an ursine with a highly-developed appreciation for soft fabrics. Wool will not do for him, nor will the blandness of muslin suit his tastes. Silk, and only silk, is what he requires.
    Also, he is from Germany.

  3. LunaLoLo writes:

    You and your beautiful wife are amazing! I have seen y’all on TV a couple of times and the love you feel for each other is inspiring. Thank you both for sharing your story!

  4. George Bush writes:

    What if Sidore and the second doll fall in love and elope together, leaving you behind? Or, if they stay, will you end up like Mike from Guys and Dolls and have 8 dolls?

  5. Davecat writes:

    LunaLoLo —
    Thanks for the compliments, there! Sidore-chan and I are just trying to show that Dolls, and Synthetiks in general, are valid partner choices, too. We’re doing our best, and whenever we get comments like yours, it lets us know we’re reaching someone. 🙂

    George Bush *raises eyebrow*
    Well, multiple Dolls has always been my goal; ideally, I’d want at least one Doll from each manufacturer, so I could compare and review them on this very blog you are staring at right now. It wouldn’t be like Mike Kelly, cos it should be apparent to anyone who’s seen ‘Guys and Dolls’ that Mike didn’t just regard them as sex toys, but treated them extremely poorly as well. I’ve… got nothing really positive to say about that person, so we’ll just draw a line under it here.

    And I highly doubt that Sidore and Elena would elope, steal my car, and have ‘Thelma and Louise’-style adventures; the Missus and I have a loving relationship that rivals the solidity of the Rock of Gibraltar. (How’s that for an analogy?) Although — being honest here — our bed is a full, and can really only accomodate two people comfortably. I fear there might be occasions where I’ll be the one sleeping on the loveseat…

  6. George Bush writes:

    Yeah, Mike was an interesting breed. I liked him and Gordon the least out of everyone in G&D. You and Evernard were the best. Mike had the air of a serial killer, which reminded me of a few of my colleagues from my White House days.

    You can always upgrade to a California King sized bed!

  7. George Bush writes:

    That last George Bush was an imposter! I’m the real one from the original comment….

  8. Davecat writes:

    See what kind of damage you Bushes have wrought??

    George Bush 12.55am —
    Ehh, Gordon’s not a bad bloke one you get to know him. We’ve fired Emails at each other over the years, and he’s pretty sincere; he’s just got a more visceral way of expressing himself. He loves Ginger and Kelly about as much as I love Sidore, if not more so on some levels. He’s good people.
    Same with Everhard; he’s a stand-up bloke with a wry sense of humour, and he genuinely cares for all his lasses. Salt of the earth, backbone of England, wouldn’t hear a word against him.

    Mike Kelly… I daresay I’d rather have my back turned to ol’ Hair-trigger Cheney than I would with him. One of them is much better at covering up their lies.

    And the only drawback to your bed super-sizing plan is best viewed through basic mathematics. The more Synthetik partners the Missus and I add to our bed, the less likely I am to leave it, and eventually I’d die! Exhausted and with a broad grin on my face, but nevertheless!

    George Bush 7.52pm —
    I’d suggest fighting your twin, but you’ve done more than enough of that during your reign. Perhaps a dance-off will solve everything. They usually do!

  9. veach writes:

    Saw the MSA follow-up. Learned the new info about you and your potential new (Russian, former eastern bloc?) partner. TLC seemed unbiased and fair.

    However (I know you don’t have cable, so this may be news) you received a 30 second “bit” on The Soup (on the “E” entertainment channel) and it was the opposite of TLC. I realize it’s supposed to be funny (riffing on the Kardashians and such) but it was unfunny, crass and ugly-bordering-on-mean.

    Remove Joel McHale from your Xmas card list.

  10. Davecat writes:

    After viewing the recent TLC segment, I’d say I like it more than the previous one we did for them! Mainly due to the fact that it was shorter, so there was less opportunity for fuck-ups. However, its brevity left out two facts that I had to explain to roughly a willion people on my Twitter feed:
    1. Elena’s delay isn’t so much production-based, it’s based on the fact that I was fired from my job about a fortnight before I was to send the order off for her, and
    2. As TLC were really pushing for the ‘multiple Dolls’ angle, I’d asked if Hans (not his real name) could stop round to ours with his wife Bee (not her real name), to satiate the ravening telly production crew horde. As Hans didn’t want to appear on camera, he was barely mentioned, so a lot of viewers not paying close attention thought Bee was my second Doll.

    And a cluster of other Twitterers have mentioned our footage being on ‘The Soup’ as well. McHale doesn’t exactly traffic in the most top-notch sort of humour, does he? It’s like a couple of steps below a ninth grader. As much material as Shi-chan and I seem to be providing him, he should be paying us…

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