Dual Doll upDate

typed for your pleasure on 4 December 2005, at 1.13 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Eleanor put your boots on’ by Franz Ferdinand

Yes, the title’s a pathetic grasp at something or other, you’ll have to excuse me.

Remember my mention of 4woods’ new A.I.NEO series? Well, the esteemed Ta-bo-san of ‘Ta-bo’s Kisekae dataroom’ has a new report up. Actually he’s got several reports on her up. The man certainly goes the distance. 🙂
Remember; if you can’t read Japanese, break out that Babelfish, and savvy Firefox users will already know about the lovely Translation panel extension..

And as I’ve just now sussed how to effectively use YouSendIt to my own twisted ends, I now present to you a brief .avi file of the Robot station MC version of Actroid-chan waving to her adoring crowds. The file will be up for seven days, so grab it immediatement. Hooray for YouSendIt!
DOWNLOAD: Actroid-chan waving (link has expired)

And on a completely unrelated note, I bought new pillows last night. It’s amazing what wonders the humble pillow can do for one’s sleeping

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2 have spoken to “Dual Doll upDate”

  1. PBShelley writes:

    That was an amazing little clip! She stands on her own??? :-O

    Lovely critter, but what are thos bulges between her wrists and elbow? They look like tumors or something *shudders*

    Yousendit IS a good thing, innit? 😉

    PBS & lying-down Lily

  2. Davecat writes:

    Hey you two wacky crazy kids with the wacky and the crazy –
    Yep, that variant of Actroid-san stands on her own, but unfortunately she can’t sit. Conversely, the Ando-san version is seated, yet cannot stand. So basically, one is built with a lap, and the other version isn’t. 😉

    And those bulges? Those are pop-out gatling guns. heh heh. 🙂

    YouSendIt is fine and dandy! In fact, I might try to work on a surprise for loyal readers involving its use sometime before the end of the year. Hint hint!

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