Happy Friday the 13th!

typed for your pleasure on 13 August 2004, at 2.00 pm

Just so you know, I will be working on the rest ov ‘I am not making this up‘, but as I have to do a bit ov cross-checking — I have to scan thru Emails & ICQ logs and whatnot, cos believe me, my time with that hateful individual was one big messy fucking blur — that’s kinda on hold, cos at this moment, I’m literally racing against the clock to get into courses for this Fall, and describing what I have to do for that is far too involved for me to get into right now. I’m remaining hopeful, but I’m sure I know what the outcome will be. :-\ But I’ll be getting onto the rest ov that saga soon, as I’m sure that’s the only thing that’s drawn a lot ov people to this blog in the first place..

In the meantime, let me throw some links at you, in lieu ov actually writing something. Here’s the Gynoid cutie known as Actroid, from Kokoro co., Ltd ov Japan: Link one, her movie at Link two, more at Link three, which features additional movies, and a direct link to another movie at Link four

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