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typed for your pleasure on 13 November 2005, at 2.28 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Pretty girls make graves’ by the Smiths

So I was musing to myself a couple of days ago — what bands have I seen perform live? Hrrm.. *strokes chin in thought*

+ GLOD (four times — I miss them)
+ Batterie acid (twice — I miss them as well)
+ Silver apples (before Simeon and Danny Thomas got back in touch with each other, but a good show anyway)
+ Princess Dragon-mom (at least five times)
+ Mystic Moog Orchestra (twice)
+ Crash worship (a very Bacchanalian show)
+ Medicine (twice)
+ Lush (twice; the second time round, it was so hot at the concert venue that Miki’s hairdye began running down her face)
+ Mojave 3 (so boring, I actually fell asleep)
+ Shonen knife
+ Tasty bush (twice; a rather underrated band)
+ Laibach (unfortunately, it wasn’t during their heyday, it was when they toured for ‘Jesus christ Superstars’, their worst album ever)
+ Combustible Edison
+ Broadcast (three times)
+ Stereolab (five times I think, I can’t remember)
+ My bloody valentine (fucking ace show)
+ NON / Death in June / Scorpion wind / Strength through Joy (also, filed under ‘fucking ace show’)
+ Merzbow / Masonna (a pair of fantastic performances, only marred by the fact that Psywarfare opened for them)
+ Death from above 1979
+ Interpol
+ the faint
+ Adult. (three times)
+ Add N to (X) (twice)
+ Subliminal self (I know one of them!)
+ New order / The sugarcubes / PiL (the others weren’t bad, but I was there for New order)
+ Morrissey (the ‘Kill Uncle’ tour… largely meh, but nevertheless — it’s Morrissey)
+ The Dears (four times)
+ The Divine comedy (an ‘intimate evening’)
+ Destroy all monsters ‘reunion’ show (eh)
+ Social outcast (twice)
+ Bloc party (hooray for free tickets!)
+ Labradford (opened for Stereolab once)

I’ve actually restricted this list to the good, or at least memorable, performances; other bands I’ve seen would predominantly be hateful and/or boring opening acts for the shows mentioned above. Also, I’m sure I’m forgetting a couple; if I remember them, I will be sure to surreptitiously insert them into the list and pretend they were there in the first place, heh heh.

Unrelated! I may have a cunning plan as far as displaying Sidore-chan’s pics in the interim between now and ‘Kitten with a Whip!’ going back up. Details are, of course, forthcoming

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Silver Apples? SILVER APPLES?? How could you have even known about Silver Apples when you likely weren’t even born yet when I bought their first record! The um, silver one LOL
    You mean they are still alive? Jeez they must be older than *I* am! Yet you managed to catch them; I say BRAVO!

    Damn, now I am bummed… I just went and looked for it and can’t find it!!! Between Klaus Schulze and Stockhausen… NOTHING! I can see the album clearly; it even came with a two page foldout showing their fab collection of sunths moogs and theramins. And drums too, I think. I can’t believe that I’d have gotten rid of it… I’ll have to check my inventory tomorrow (2,150 or so albums = too many to check through tonight lol)

    Nice list, by the way!

    PBS & Lily

  2. Davecat writes:

    Yeah, Silver apples! Although, I was sad to see that Danny Taylor passed away back in March. 🙁
    I first heard of them years ago, after picking up one of the ‘Incredibly strange Music’ volumes by RE/Search, and they were described as being DiY psychedelic punk. Simeon and his salvaged bank of oscillators, and The Taylor Drums, which was that huge feckin’ drum kit. I picked up the bootleg reissue of their first two albums — the one with the apples on it, and ‘Contact’ — and I was hooked. Simeon even autographed the bootleg’s insert at the show! And I still believe that Danny Taylor is one of the best fucking drummers ever.
    More on Silver apples on Wiki, of course..

    I’ve always wanted to hear more Stockhausen! And more Motorik, for that matter. That incestuous cluster (ho ho) of groups like Moebius/Rodelius, Neu!, Can, and early Kraftwerk. And of course, Magma.

    Too much music, not enough time. 🙂

  3. Jeff "Wolfgang" Lilly writes:

    Don’t forget the Charles Gayle show we saw together… though, technically, that was also a Princess Dragon Mom show, since PDM opened for Mr. Gayle. Cinder-block walls, Mr. Gayle improvising on bass clarinet, blowing as hard as he could, backup band trying to keep up with him… I used to play, and I think I would have blown my esophagus out across the room after about ten seconds of what he did… and he kept it up for a solid hour. That was a good show. Of course, PDM was pretty cool, too. I think that was also the night I met Warren Defever and he told me my comic book sucked. Bastard.

  4. Davecat writes:

    You’re right, WG; I forgot all about that show! That was.. that was a long time ago, back when 1515 Broadway was still open, I believe.. Quite a show!

    And Warren Defever is some sort of Amish-hippy nutjob. You should’ve slapped him smartly across the face with a pair of white silk gloves and challenged him to pistols at twenty paces. I would’ve been your second, so no worries there.

  5. SafeTinspector writes:

    I choose as my second…..that kevlar vest over there.
    What? That’s against the rules?

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