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Me and my wacky, roundabout posting. Here, I will describe the Interpol concert that Le Jeff & I attended on the 15th ov this month. I’d like to say I’ve been busy, but I’m just lazy and procrastinative. But hey, it’s my Blog, and it’s not like you can demand a refund, so bollocks to ya. 😉

We reached the State theatre after grabbing some fine sandwiches at a Quizno’s, and parked in a Secret Location a couple ov blocks away from the building. It’s a secret cos you don’t have to pay anything for parking, which is a rarity, especially in that whole CoPa/Ford Field/Theatre district part ov downtown.
Now, remember how I’d said that there was a long queue for the faint? Well, this one was maybe half a block longer when we arrived. As bouncers went up & down the line, shouting out a list ov prohibited items (no cameras, no weapons, etc), one ov them mentioned that I had to remove the chain from my leather jacket and leave it in the car. Ergh. Jeff passed me his Swiss Army knife to drop off as well, and I made my way back to the car. Upon returning minutes later, I’d noticed that the back half ov the line was standing in the street next to the sidewalk, instead ov on the sidewalk proper. Jeff informed me that someone had pitched a couple ov Faygo bottles filled with some mystery liquid from one ov the upper floors in the building the line was next to. Huh. Welcome to Downtown Detriot..

So, after a thirty minute wait, and a frisking, we managed to make it inside. Neither one ov us had been to the State before, and were kinda impressed. Although the amount ov security was a bit off-putting. I guess if you’re playing the State, you’re playing a real venue, which would require the presence ov said bouncers and etc. I don’t think I’ve seen as many security heavies at any show since I saw New order & PiL back in 1989, so it was a little odd.
We wandered down the front ov the stage, decided it was gonna be too crowded, then attempted to get seats up in the mezzanine, where we were told that the area was for people with ‘mezzanine seating only’, which wasn’t a ticket-purchasing option we were aware ov. So, by the time we got back downstairs (and after I bought some Interpol buttons & stickers), most ov the seats by the bar with a decent view ov the stage were already taken. Ergh. O well, we’d be standing when Interpol was playing, anyway..

First act was.. well, I can’t remember. Before the tour hit Detriot, I’d read that the opening acts were to be On! Air! Library! and The Secret Machines, but apparently, it wasn’t On! Air! Library! at all. Jeff, you’re gonna have to help me out, here.. Whoever they were, they were almost entirely unmemorable. It didn’t help that we were about eight miles away from the stage, but this band was like a really watered-down Wire, and that’s going from what little I remember ov them. They were humans on stage, playing instruments; this much I am sure. Well, I think they were human; I did say we were quite a ways from the stage..

Next up was The Secret Machines. I’d read that they were supposed to be kinda like Joy-division-meets-Led-zeppelin, so I had no idea what to expect. My assessment? They were boring, and they went on too long. Jeff & I ended up wandering around the theatre during their set. We visited the little concession area, where he purchased some onion rings, and I bought an overpriced bottled water. And The Secret Machines effectively became nothing more than loud background noise. I have to admit, they would every so often veer towards shoegazerdom, but not enough to grab my attention. Better than the previous act, but not as good as, say, eating onion rings and drinking bottled water in silence. Sorry lads, try again next time! Actually, upon reflection, don’t.

Then, after a suitable lengthy soundcheck, Interpol hit the stage. Let me go on record here as saying that I love ‘Turn on the bright lights’ as if it was the bastard lovechild ov Joy division and the Cure, but ‘Antics’ just doesn’t do it for me — it’s a less ominous and introverted release, and those are the qualities I enjoy the most from their first Cd. Even though this tour was the ‘Antics’ tour, I’d have been a fool not to see them. So obviously the majority ov the set was material from ‘Antics’, with about four songs from ‘Turn on..’ played as well. I have to say that I liked how they really don’t stand still, for the most part. Look, Daniel’s wandered over to Carlos’ side ov the stage! Now Carlos can be found over there, behind Paul! Paul’s.. pretty much stuck where he is, as he’s playing guitar, and therefore can’t grab his microphone and move about. You stay there, Paul. A very enjoyable show from a very good band, no question.
A couple ov weeks before the show, I’d seen an article in Spin, stating that apparently bassist/Goth/party animal Carlos D’s New Thing is to wear a holster, and sure enough, he was up there, all beholstered and stuff. It took me almost the entire show to realise that he was indeed wearing one, as it was black against his black shirt, and the band’s idea ov lighting, like Jeff mentioned, was to place the lights behind them, directed at the audience. Clever clever. :-\ But like I said, it was a pretty ace show, played to a really packed house — we even saw Nicola and Adam from Adult. on our way out, which makes sense, cos they live in Detriot, anyway..

So yeah, not bad! What have we learned here? Ties are ace, a tie with a holster is even more ace, and The Secret Machines aren’t secret enough

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