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typed for your pleasure on 7 August 2004, at 5.30 am

Sorry I’ve not written in a while; I’ve not had a whole lot to say lately. Or rather, I’ve had plenty to say, but I’ve not been in a ‘proactive writing mood’, I guess. My apologies to my consistent readers — all six ov you..

Apparently this week was Stuff Week for me; or, as they call it in Germany, Stüfwoch. I’ve received:
+ my McFarlane-sculpted Vlad the Impaler Inaction Figure. Highly detailed, and sports about two to four points ov articulation
+ the Soft cell ‘Non-stop exotic video show’ DVD, which compiles all the videos made for their first album. Might I add that Marc Almond is camp as tits with pasties
+ the Thunderbirds International Rescue edition DVD set — includes both feature-length films ‘Thunderbirds 6’ and ‘Thunderbirds are Go’, and some stickers and magnets and perforated punchouts and trailers and interviews and quizzes and Easter eggs & other effluvium. F.A.B!
+ the Meat Cake Compilation, by the esteemed Dame Darcy. It’s a hardcover, and the silver-gilt page edges are a nice touch
+ the Ultra-gash Inferno trade paperback by Suehiro Maruo. IT’S. MESSED. UP. It answers the question, ‘What if Coil & Takashi Miike made a manga?’ Again, IT’S. MESSED. UP. I cannot stress this enough
+ my brand spank-me new CH-DVD-500 DVD player. Back in the saddle!

Managed to pull some strings (well, maybe a string, and it wasn’t connected to anything) and left work half an hour early, in order to catch Subliminal self play at Paycheck’s lounge Fri eve. I showed up just in time; they were the second act, and midway thru their second song when I entered. There was a small group ov people there, but I unfortunately get the impression that they were there for the other groups, so I’m glad I could show my support. Genevieve surprised me when I sat down, as I didn’t expect her to be there; Patrick had Emailed me a day earlier, saying it would just be him driving up, but Gen thought it’d be better if she came along, rather than staying at home alone with Oliver, their insane cat. And with good reason.*
Greyson’s voice kinda reminds me ov Brendan Perry ov Dead can dance, except for one song, where he sounded like one ov the Navin brothers from The Aluminum group; which is to say, a bit crooner-ish. Which is good, cos I like The Aluminum group. And Patrick really seemed to enjoy playing his synth, although I say he should start using a Moog Liberation, so he can be as cool as this guy. 🙂
After the show, we played catch-up briefly for about an hour — they had leave early, in order to make the thousand-year voyage back to Cleveland — but it was ace seeing them, even if for such a short period ov time. When Autumn rolls round, I’ve promised that I’ll visit, as I’ve not seen them since I was the best man at their wedding four years ago..

*No seriously, Oliver is ca-razay. The day ov the wedding, I crashed at Pats & Gen’s place for a few hours after the proceedings, whilst the Happy Couple was off honeymooning. Oliver, obviously threatened by this giant, bipedal cat named Dave, prceeded to incessanlty hiss & growl at me. Eventually, he had me cornered in their studio, where I locked the door, and remained there for roughly an hour. I made my escape when he finally fell asleep. It was a Day ov Marriage and Cat-induced Terror. This, then, is the Legacy ov Cleveland

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