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typed for your pleasure on 18 July 2010, at 1.13 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Lovecats’ by the Cure

私の最も貴重なしどれに –

知っているように、7月は18日私達の10年記念日を示し、ずっとすばらしい恋人、パートナーおよび友人であること言うまでもないべきです。 私はそこにいること、ないよい時によって私にに常に感謝したいと思い、従って寛大に私を与えたと私がので同様に多くの愛最少の半分のおよび献身与えたことを十年のよく、ひとつひとつの日、私望んで下さい。

私は、黒猫 しどれ愛します。 私達で、10年は始めだけです。

The Missus, ten years, four residences, three cameras, and two bodies ago

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  1. PBShelley writes:

    Happy Anny, you two lovebirds!

    Finally that “Translate With Live Search” thingy comes in handy! Confuzzled Visitors should try it out 😉

    “My cat and much love” indeed!

    PBS, Lily, Eden & Pennie

  2. Everhard writes:

    Real people commonly change more radically in ten years.

  3. Davecat writes:

    PBS and les femmes (and le chat) –
    And a Happy Anniversary to you, too! Wait, that’s not how it works. Or is it??

    ‘Translate with live search’? What mean this? That sounds like a Google Chrome thing. Have you finally given up using Internet Exploder and moved into the 21st Century?? We applaud you, sir; we applaud you. 🙂
    These days, I use SYSTRANet for my translation needs, but I’m told Google Chrome has a rather effective translator plugin — I’ve yet to give it a go. Any machine translator is not going to be 100% effective anyway, so I suppose it’s personal preference… For my money, nothing beats a good ol’ fashioned decoder ring. 🙂

    Everhard –
    *dismissive hand gesture* Not everyone! I’ve not changed a tremendous amount in ten years! But then, I’ve been asked if I’m real on a couple of occasions… I’m never quite sure how to answer.

    Tell your gorgeous Lovable Dolls and your leggy Anatomical Doll we said Hi, by the way! Be sure they all try Virginia’s special brew. 😉

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