My class, my monetary black hole

typed for your pleasure on 14 September 2005, at 11.12 am

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On Mon eve, I attended my first official class regarding my court reporting studies, Machine shorthand. Originally I was hoping it would be a course to teach me how to better speak to and understand machines, but alas. It’s a class of about 15 to 18 students, and I’m one of two blokes there, not counting the teacher. It’ll be interesting, no doubt, but sweet baby James, I had no idea that it would be as expensive as it would be.

This is a Stentura, a typical stenographer’s typewriter by Stenograph. (No, the keys aren’t marked. I’m sure we’ll learn more about that at a later date.) The average price for a used one runs between $400 – $800. New, depending on the model, they’re either $1100 or $1400. Then there are the books, which I’ve not even looked at yet, the paper which loads in the back (not pictured), and the transcription software, which normally costs about $1000, but I can get a really good deal on.
Sure, once I’ve graduated, something like $800 will be a drop in the bucket, but for fuck’s sake.. I had to go and choose an expensive career path, didn’t I? Had I known it would be this pricey, I would’ve held my old telemarketing boss up at gunpoint. Which, arguably, is something I’d still like to do, but mainly because he’s a shitty human being, but that’s neither here nor there right now.

Further notes on the first session: Mr Floury, our teacher — who somewhat resembles the bloke that played Otter from ‘Animal house’, only shorter — was explaining that he’s a freelance deposition person (‘depositionist’? ‘depositionaire’?), and he works mostly from home, doing as much or as little work as he wants, according to whatever hours he wishes to work. He said in no uncertain terms that he’s teaching this class cos he wants to give back to the community — he’d graduated from OCC about seven years ago, if I’m not mistaken — and he’s not doing it for the money, cos with the depositions, he makes about five times as much with that as he does teaching. Apart from having to supply your own medical insurance and bollock like that (which should hopefully be less of a problem when I move Northward), it’s a career that’s completely flexible and lucrative. Hearing Mr Floury speak in extant about what he does and what court reporters/broadcast transcriptionists do in general was quite encouraging, and actually made me feel good about my decision to pursue this.

So what was I saying? O, right! Feck, those supplies are expensive

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  1. SafeTinspector writes:

    Kinda surprised anyone uses the paper steno thingie anymore. You’d figure it would be hooked up to a PC by now.

  2. Davecat writes:

    Well, they are. Keep in mind when a stenographer records everything, it’s all in shorthand (apparently called a ‘theory’). Later, it’s hooked up to a PC, which has translation software to Magickally transform it into English. Paper isn’t exclusively used — I suppose it’s for hard copy purposes, more than anything else — but the transcription’s sent to your compuper and translated forthwith.

    Your question was one of the ones asked at the session Monday aft, incidentally.

  3. PBShelley writes:

    I worked for the Courts for a number of years (hated it; well the supervisory personnel anyway), and the side work you can do (depositions etc) may be enough of an income that you won’t need to go into the Courtroom.

    One thing… the court reporters we had were 90% of them, knockouts! So, you may be in good company, although they do tend to be on the conservative side…

    But if you’re looking for a good way to become solvent (what does that MEAN, anyway?), this may be the thing that gets Sidore-chan a sister or three!

    Lily and I wish you all the best in your current endeavour 😉
    Beats the hell out of driving shite-mobiles around Detroit at rush hour LOL…

    PBS & Lily

  4. SafeTinspector writes:

    “But if you’re looking for a good way to become solvent ”
    I choose paint thinner, myself. I think my wife would go for the citris kind, but I want mine to be REALLY flammable once my transmogrification thingy is all done.

  5. Davecat writes:

    PBS and cloudbusting Lily –

    Yeah, I’d love to concentrate purely on depositions — I don’t want to have to set foot in a courtroom unless it can’t be helped. ‘Conservative dress code’? Bollocks to that!

    And regarding getting some playmates for the Missus, you’ve obviously read my mind! That was pretty much what occurred to me when I first learned of the profession: ‘I can afford Toronto’s crazy high cost of living and be up to my neck in artificial companions?? Sign me up!!’ 🙂
    It’s all about setting goals, really. 😉

  6. SafeTinspector writes:

    Do they need steno’s in Toronto? You’ll probably need to know how to shorthand with a canadian accent…

  7. Refridgerator Raider writes:

    Oh, I’m certain you’d LOVE to spend almost $5,000 on one of these! Imagine how easy this would make your job.

    Steno Machine

  8. Davecat writes:

    Once I get to the point where I I’m pullin’ in $65k a year, it won’t be as big of a deal, but right now, I can think of better things to spend $5k on..

    I like how they use the ‘ƒ’ character in ‘ƒusion’. Kinda like how I’d spell my name Daveca† all the time, if I could get away with it.

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