Affictitious souls

typed for your pleasure on 26 November 2009, at 9.43 pm

Sdtrk: ‘R.I.P. KISN’ by US girls

Think of this as kind of a prelude to next month’s ‘Any Synthetiks-related news…?’ post, which I am working on right this very minute! You may be asking yourself, ‘but how can he be writing two posts simultaneously??’ Well, it’s simple. Not only did I buy a second laptop, but I’ve cloned myself. When Davecat β is finished writing the other post, I will bludgeon him to death with the computer, thereby tying up any and all loose ends. Hey, if they can kill off clones with gleeful abandon in Æon Flux and The Venture brothers, who am I to be critical?

Anyway! In checking the website of 4woods‘ European distributor (and KnightHorse‘s soon-to-be distributors), Doll Story, they had this linked in their News section: someone had done a brief but moving series of photos featuring one of 4woods’ beautiful Elina models.

You can view the rest on the Emotein website here.

And speaking of artificial women and the photos they often appear in, remember how Sidore-chan and I were in a photoshoot ourselves towards the beginning of the year? Thanks to a tip from equally-rabid iDollator Mrs ARDO, it seems they’re out!

photo © by Stephan Gladieu

They look and act like the guy next door, but they live with life-size silicone dolls: flawless, Barbie-like, and pricey at USD $7,000 apiece. Called iDollators, these men, usually in their mid-forties and often shy, prefer their perfect-looking dolls to real women. In a society where being married with two kids is still the social norm, they are a bit ashamed of it. Blame it on their lack of social skills, or call them weirdos. Listen to them, however, and they will convince you that their silent companions, dubbed Real Dolls for their lifelike appearance and anatomical correctness, play a much bigger role in their lives than your average sex toy. The emotional bond is so strong that some dare to call it love.
the rest of the article is here

Showcasing colleagues CJD, Mahtek, Euchre, Slade, and with shots of Abyss creations’ studio, ‘Real Dolls and iDollators’ is the title of the photo-essay by Anne Vial and Stephan Gladieu, and overall it’s pretty nifty. Although I don’t really recall saying what I’d said — you’ll understand when you read my bit — it still manages to hold up. See, journalists? This is what you should strive for in any story, especially ones having to do with the iDollator community — being objective. It’ll work out quite well for you; trust me on this one.

So there you have it! Like I’d said, next month will have 2009’s last ‘Any Synthetiks-related news, Davecat?’ post, which will be staggering in length, width, and girth, so keep an eye out for that…
Err, it looks like I’ve completed my post before my Doppelgänger’s completed his, which unfortunately means that he gets to brain me with my laptop. Hrrm. This… probably won’t end well

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11 have spoken to “Affictitious souls”

  1. Mrs. ARDO writes:

    very well written dear sir…

    DUCK! I see a computer aimed at your…oh no! LOL

  2. MontiLee writes:

    Amazing photos!

  3. SafeTinspector writes:

    The photos were very tasteful, although the shot of you reading the book next to the missus reminds me of an anti-Rockwell “painting” I saw once where two shirtless virgins sit in a bed while one of them pores over a new copy of “Joy Of Sex.” If only Rockwell knew…

    So Sidore prefers no night-shirt, eh?

  4. Miss Hyde writes:

    Well, that realdoll, the one who is crying, looks amazingly real. She’s also totally stunning, I’m thinking she would be a nice christmas present for Sidore(!)

    Liking the pictures by the way 🙂


  5. Cathy N’ Angel writes:

    Those photos are ammazing ! Your kitchen is really nifty too. When is someone going to take photos of a doll wife ? heheeh. Guess I’m still the only one ? I’m also the only one in the strangest love triangle there ever was..

  6. Davecat writes:

    Mrs ARDO –
    Thanks very much! And thanks again for bringing Stephan’s photos to my attention, as I strangely haven’t heard from either of them in months…

    Also, thanks for the heads-up about, err, my head! He put up a pretty impressive struggle, but fortunately, I won out in the end. Which naturally begs the question — am I Davecat, or am I the clone??
    *dramatic music swells*

    I would agree — both the ones by Mr Gladieu and the ones on Emotein are really striking. Wish there were more of either set, though…

    Personally, I’d be impressed if David Levy knew! 🙂

    And usually the Missus wears a sports bra to protect her perky bosoms, but she elected to go without for the shot. Which works out, as they’re more appealing to look at than I am by far! 😐

    Miss Hyde –
    Actually, she’s not a RealDoll; she’s an Elina-type A.I.Doll by 4woods. But you’re right, she’d make a cracking prezzie for Shi-chan! And then next Xmas, Shi-chan could get a Doll for her Elina-type, and the Xmas after that, the Elina-type could get a Doll for her Doll, and soon, I’d never have a reason to leave our apartment ever again. 😉

    Glad you dug the pics!

    Cathy and Angel –
    We love our kitchenette! It’s just enough kitchen for our needs! I don’t cook, and she eats considerably less than I do!

    When will someone take photos of a Doll wife? When someone steps up to the plate, hint hint! Hint, hint. 😉

  7. Lauren writes:

    The pictures are really great, nicely saturated with color.

    I am super jealous of that 60’s mod print going on in the kitchen.

    We’ll have to chat when I have more time. Possibly redundant considering who I’m giving information to, but have you seen the work of Beatrice Morabito? Her website is kinda confusing, but:

  8. Cathy N’ Angel writes:

    Ohh I want to, but I’m soo shy 😉

  9. Davecat writes:

    Lauren –
    I was wondering where you’d gone! Don’t worry; I disappear quite often as well!… Yes, we’ll have to get back to it soon, before my brain leaks out of my ears. it could happen!

    That Mod print is actually a bedsheet made in 1967! I found it years ago (not in 1967, unfortunately, but still) at a second-hand place about an hour away from here. When I first saw it, it was under black light, so you can imagine how much cooler it looked then. I skipped class the very next day, so I could drive out to buy it. Love that bedsheet. 🙂

    And thanks for the link to Ms Morabito! I’ve never encountered her or her work before, as I mainly traffic in life-sized Dolls, but she seems to be going for a similar personalisation of her dolls as well. As I know a few people, both iDollator and non-iDollator, that are into smaller dolls, I’ll definitely clue them into her. Thanks!

    Cathy N’ Angel –
    ‘Shyness is nice, but / Shyness can stop you / From doing all the things in life you’d like to’
    — The Smiths, ‘Ask’

  10. Mahtek writes:

    But did anyone read the fine print?

    50+ photos in the full set, available on request!

    It couldn’t be much more expensive than a wedding album, and one would look at it more than once a year!

  11. Davecat writes:

    If they have that many photos in the series, they should’ve aimed for making a monograph or a coffee table book. They kinda missed a trick, there…

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