Synthetiks-related news (Jul 09): Prelude

typed for your pleasure on 13 July 2009, at 12.45 am

Sdtrk: ‘Not that I am’ by Throbbing gristle

Yes, a Prelude. Due to post scheduling, which makes this ramshackle blog sound more sophisticated than it actually is, as well as ridiculous recent events, I’d written a massive article for this month’s ‘Synthetiks-related news’ post, and I wanted to break it up a bit as well. Consider this your apéritif!

+ Despite the fact that this is another example of Hollywood getting its grubby paws all over something and tarnishing it; in this case, making a feature film out of another comic series, ‘Surrogates‘ looks like it might be interesting regardless:

It’s due out in September, apparently. Will I actually see it in the theatres? Who can say?

+ ‘Regarding Jenny’ is a new fillum of the adult variety — it’s billed as an adult sitcom — directed by Marie Madison, and starring Jenny Densuke. As that sort of topic isn’t my forté, no points as to why I’ve included it; Jenny happens to be a lovely blonde RealDoll. *nods approvingly*

Now that’s an acceptable amount of silicone for an adult film star

You can view previews on the official film site here, as well as order the DVD. Not only that, that attractive little lady is also CoverDoll’s Doll of the Month for July. Onward and upward, Jenny!

+ You all know that act05 of ‘Time of Eve‘ came out on 01 July, right? Just making sure. Of course, if you don’t live in Japan or speak Japanese fluently, you can watch it on Crunchyroll, the streaming anime site. That… description sounds kinda gross; let’s not dwell upon that any further.

+ 4woods have done it again! Not only have they upgraded the A.I.Peach body — not that it needed upgrading — but they’re also debuting Akari, their latest head, which will fit the A.I.Peach and NEO-J bodies. Each Doll they create is slightly more gorgeous than the last. How do they do that??

She definitely has the almond-shaped Asian eyes thing going.
Which stands to reason

‘I swear to god, I am sick of losing my contact lenses’

+ Aaand this was brought to my attention by Samantha’s long-suffering husband Euchre: a charming little short film by Giordany Orellana entitled ‘Lovebot’.

From the way that it was spooling out, I was afraid the conclusion would be rubbish, but it turned out quite well! Let’s just say the director didn’t apply the same type of ending that ‘Cherry 2000’ or ‘Lars and the Real Girl’ had. GOOD.

Right; that’ll do you for now. The actual ‘Any Synthetiks-related news?’ post will be up on the 23rd, so stay tuned! Once you figure out how to tune a computer, that is. I suggest fiddling with the rabbit ears

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  1. James writes:

    I thought you had already picked up on lovebot. I need to send you a list of things I’ve found just to make sure your content matches.

    And btw, Throbbing Gristle remains a constant in my play list, along with Einsturzende Neubauten.

  2. Laeder writes:

    Akari is a cutie but Natsuki is still the hottest with quite some competition from Yu-ki.

    Lovebot was interesting. I wish it was longer. Reminded me slightly of Chobits.

    Recoil in my playlist.

  3. Davecat writes:

    James –
    If we were to compare notes, it would undoubtedly take the good part of a day. Not that I’m complaining. 🙂

    And you can’t go wrong with Throbbing gristle! Oddly enough, I’ve only ever heard like one Einsturzende Neubauten Cd, which is something I really need to rectify…

    Laeder –
    I have to agree — Natsuki-chan is my favourite A.I.Doll as well. Although she has some seriously stiff competition in the form of Elina-chan, Akari-chan, and Kaon-chan. Not that the other Dolls are ugly, but damn. How does one choose just one??

    ‘Lovebot’ was pretty fab! It was just long enough I think to get the job done…

    And nice Ikki tousen Gravatar. 🙂

  4. Giordany writes:

    Hey Davecat!

    Awesome blog, and thank you for the video plug! It makes my heart fill with joy when I know people are actually watching my videos. It’s gotten alot of views since your plug and I’m glad you enjoyed. If I ever make any more robot movies (and I probably will) I’ll definately let you know. Thanks again!

  5. Davecat writes:

    Giordany –

    Not at all! This site, and indeed, my very existence, are all about promoting anything positive having to do with artificial humans, and ‘Lovebot’ fit the bill nicely. 🙂
    Please do keep me informed of any new projects that you’ve got lined up, and thanks for stopping round!

  6. annie writes:

    where did you get that cool thing where you click on the girl and throw her about with the bubbles?

  7. Davecat writes:

    What, from this post? That would be from, a site which normally functions, but is not right now, for some bizarre reason. They specialise in doodads and geegaws that you can put on your Myspace page, but you’re well familiar with what I think of Myspace. Ah heh. *cracks knuckles*

    Isn’t it fun, though? I also have a version where the bubbles are substituted with breasts, but this is a family blog. Despite what some puritanical firewalls would have you believe.

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