typed for your pleasure on 15 July 2005, at 1.16 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Pull out’ by Death from above 1979

Just so you know, I’ve not deleted all the comments made on ‘Shouting etc etc’; HaloScan appears to be having a midlife crisis right now. The comments are still there, you just have to open them in a new tab to view them. Well, I have to, anyway.

Better post soon. I actually managed to take critical notes on a dream I had!

UPDATE (1.18pm): Well, HaloScan has addressed half of their problem whilst I was writing this, but you still have to open the comments in a new tab. Unless they fix that while I’m typing this hint hint

UPDATE (3.22pm): Nope, the numbers are zeroed out again. Goooo HaloScan! 😛 At this point, I’m ready to go back to Blogger’s comments hosting, but if I were to switch now, I’d lose all of my existing comments. Get back to fucking work, you HaloScan shits

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