An alphabetical multitude, or, The plugin that dropped out

typed for your pleasure on 26 May 2008, at 3.57 pm

Sdtrk: ‘Separate and ever deadly’ by The Last shadow puppets

Hah! You may recall how when I transfered ‘Shouting etc etc’ from its modest origins on Blogger over to the acclaimed WordPress, how there were difficulties importing my multitude of HaloScan comments from There to Here? I mean, this was way back in 2006. There was a plugin that was supposed to be able to handle that exact sort of scenario, but try as I might, I simply could not get it to work. So guess what? I’m transferring all of those feckers by hand. That’s right. All 1,440 comments; copied, pasted, redated, etc. See how much I love you, where I’m willing to do this??
Frankly, the whole process makes me feel as if I’m losing my mind, but thankfully (?) my OCD tendencies keep me from saying bollocks to it, and deleting the lot, which I honestly wouldn’t do anyway, cos there are quite a few gems amongst them. This is obviously going to take a while, but when I’m finished*, I’ll let you know. So there you have it!

While we’re talking back end stuffs, I’d like to formally introduce you to a couple of new bloggin’ pals. There’s Intentionally Mispelled, which is intentionally misspelled. It’s a rather meta pun. Also, there’s If I Was A Rich Girl…, which is by a girl who, to my knowledge, is not rich. It’s a rather ironic pun. And lest we forget, there’s Princessrachel’s Extrawhoredinary, which is about whores celebrities. It’s a rather factual pun.

Okay, better post to come soon! Theoretically speaking, of course. So here’s a picture of one of the lovely lasses by 4woods in the interim! Standards round here have to be maintained, y’know

Oi! No lying down! These comments aren’t going to transfer themselves!

*estimated completion date is early Autumn of 2745

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9 have spoken to “An alphabetical multitude, or, The plugin that dropped out”

  1. Laura writes:

    Mucho gracias for the mention 🙂
    You’re too kind, Mr.Cat

  2. Miss Hyde writes:

    As much as I love Shi-Chan.. I think she she should really help with the comment-ing!

    Hyde xxx

  3. Wanda writes:

    Hi, DaveCat,
    Nice to see the blog is still going strong!
    Umm…lost your e-mail, otherwise I would have dropped you a line, but…a bit of news that I thought you might get a kick out of: I just did a full body cast for a Chinese company that is going to start manufacturing la poupée moulée, haha! So in the not too distant future a zillion Chinamen will be furiously CENSORED replicas of moi—the thought totally cracks me up!


  4. Laura or Bear-Chan ;) writes:

    And I’m not a rich girl by any means. But the plan is to whore myself on reality tv. 😛

  5. Davecat writes:

    Hyde-chan –
    O, I keep asking if the Missus would like to help out more with ‘Shouting etc etc’, but she never gives me a straight answer. To be honest, I think it’s due to the fact that I still haven’t gotten her site back online yet, and she’s a wee bit cranky. Which is understandable, really…

    Okay, now that is some amazing news. 🙂 What company is that, or are you allowed to say? Hit me up at pulsedemon [at] gmail [dot] com, cos I’ve kinda lost your Eddress, too…

    Give Roxanne a kiss from the pair of us! And you know, one zillion Chinamen can’t be wrong. 😉

    Bear-chan –
    Reality television? O boy. 😐 Surely there are other, less morally fluid, ways of gaining wealth than that? Like robbing a bank?

    ‘Be careful when you fight the monsters, lest you become one’
    — Friedrich Nietzsche

  6. Everhard writes:

    A Wanda doll? I want one! (Even though I won’t be able to chat her up in French. Or in English, for that matter. I speak English, of course, but ‘chatting up’ is outside my ability. Unless it is a conversation about lift-to-drag ratios, environmental lapse rates (i.e., hang gliding) or the evolutionary origins of consciousness… I digress…)

  7. SafeTinspector writes:

    You manually copied and pasted and attributed every single comment?
    I hope it you were able to do it whilst consuming other media,
    or else an anti-OCD intervention might be in order.

  8. Davecat writes:

    Everhard –
    Hell, who wouldn’t want a Wanda Doll? Or a Stacy Leigh Doll, for that matter?
    Now that is what Abyss should work on — Doll versions of the lasses from the Forum. Although that has the potential to get weird.

    And who doesn’t love a good chat about lift-to-drag ratios now and again? Lifting! Dragging! Etc

    Yes. Yes, I’m manually copying and pasting and attributing every single comment. If that godforsaken plugin worked like it was supposed to, I wouldn’t be vibrating and frothing at the mouth when attending to them. 1,220 to go! 😐

    And I’m sorting through various downloaded Cds while I do so — right now, I’m going through OMD’s backcatalogue. Does that count?

  9. daprincess writes:

    oh spank you for the linky love. 😉 *bows graciously*

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